Who is the racist, Obama or Murdoch?

November 12, 2009

So is U.S. President Barack Obama a racist? Or is Rupert Murdoch?

Well the Australian media mogul appears to think that the president made a “very racist comment” and agrees that he hates white people.MILKEN/

But that apparently doesn’t make him a racist.

Confused? Me too.

The News Corporation chairman, one of the most controversial figures in the media world, has never minded hitting the headlines in his own right and this week was no exception.

First, in an interview with Sky News in Australia, he chose to back conservative Fox News commentator Glenn Beck.

Remember that back in July, Beck boosted his ratings dramatically when he accused Obama of having “a deep seated hatred for white people and white culture.”

Murdoch’s reaction is worth printing in full:

“He did make a very racist comment about blacks and whites and so on, which he said in his campaign he would be completely above,” Murdoch said of Obama.

And of Beck’s remarks: “That was something which perhaps should not have been said about the president but if you actually look at what he was talking about, he was right.”

Ah, but hang on a minute. A quick backtrack soon followed.

Murdoch “does not at all, for a minute, think the president is a racist”, a News Corp. spokesman then told Politico.com.

Beck’s original comments came in the midst of the row about the arrest of African-American Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. for breaking into his own home.

At the time Obama admitted he did not know all the facts of the case but it was nevertheless clear the white policeman had acted stupidly. He later apologized.

So who is the racist here, Obama or Murdoch?USA/

A petition launched by colorofchange.org mentioned on The Huffington Post web site demands Murdoch put an end to Fox’s race-baiting or openly declare he supports it. “Mr. Murdoch, more and more it appears that Fox’s problems with race starts at the top, with you,” it writes.

The election of America’s first black president was certainly a massive step forward, but perhaps loftier dreams of a new post-racial era might have been a little overblown.

CORRECTS: makes clear colorofchange.org launched petition.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Fred Prouser (Murdoch), Reuters/Jim Young (Obama)


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I happen to believe Obama is a racist .as is Eric Holder. That make ME a racist?? In their minds it does.

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The president was raised by a white mother and white grandparents. To suggest he is racist is stupid. People need to look up the word “racist” before opening their mouth and saying something dumb. As for Murdoch, has he watched is own network lately? The hate that spews from the mouths of the folks on his network says it all.

Posted by BB | Report as abusive

Beck is an entertainer making what how many millions a year? Lives of young men and women do not depend on his orders and the direction of the country are affected by Beck’s national policy ideas. Beck is paid to be controversial for the pleasure of hie sponsors, his boss, and his audience who did not elect him to anything. Obama was elected by a substantial majority of the American people to be responsible for the lives of young men and women in our nation’s uniform. He was elected to promote his national policy ideas for the benefit of all American not just the people who like him. And for all that Obama is being paid maybe 300 thousand dollars a year. By that standard Beck is being paid a fortune by his audience and sponsors to be a irresponsible clown.

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First, Obama threw both grandma and momma under the bus awhile ago, so blood has nothing to do with this.

Obama is an “opportunist race-bater” much like Jesse and Al. Wouldn’t surprise me if his kids are next.

Hey, kids, watch out for that bus!”

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I can’t even watch Obama on TV…

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

Obama’s election never did signify a post-racial era in America. It signified a fundamental shift in the voting public away from Bush-Era politics, a general anger with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, an economic downturn, and a weak Republican candidate.It didn’t matter who the Democrats put there, they would have won.

What it did show was that there were white people willing to vote for a black man. And you know what, the fact that that is so surprising is really the true shame of it all. Racists, both black and white, are a vocal and unfortunate minority that have stained American politics. While they may never go away, it is important that we all realize they remain a minority and should not classify each election or success of a minority or white person as either the final nail in the coffin of racism or the product of a racist system, respectively.

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Obama’s can’t be a racist. He has white friends.

Posted by cheese | Report as abusive

I think the whole US is racist. The skin color should not matter, and yet it is constantly a topic of conversation. What does it mean that Obama is the first Black US president? Is that even accurate, or perhaps even that statement is rasist too? He’s half white, half black, had his skin tone been lighter – would he then be just another white US president? Martin Luther King would be appaled if he saw just how racial equality has become a tool of political warfare, and how many people can’t see past the skin color. It truly is sad.

Posted by Erik | Report as abusive

Yes, the president was raised by a white mother and white grandparents. So then why is he billed as “The first Black President”? He is indeed HALF BLACK and HALF WHITE. The correct term for that is mulatto. he is the first mulatto president then isn’t he? To say he is the first black president, would be rascist in and of itself, because it totally discounts his white half. BB, to suggest he is rascist is not stupid, it is obvious.

Posted by MG | Report as abusive

People who look at individuals and life through the lens of social statistics (socialists = liberal democrats) always bring race to the forefront of political discussions. Since x number of blacks have x number of dollars compared to y number of whites with y number of dollars, there minds see only racism. Never mind the x number of other factors and variables that a social scientist would consider. Murdoch needs to hit harder at Obama and call him a socialist who lacks a respect for individuality.

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Rupert Murdoch is digging his grave, well i mean he’s half in it anyway… Australia isn’t going to want to seem racist after all their mistreatment of the aboriginals. Its funny that so many christians here in America support the Fox network, the original sleazy network. how ironic.

Posted by James hendry | Report as abusive

Let us focus on matters that are above our skin color. How can we preach to other countries when we cannot even get over the race nonsense. We all need to grow up.

Posted by Geoff | Report as abusive

unfortunatelly, race is still a problem in this world. not just in the U.S but thru out the western “civilized” world. during the most recent U.S presidential campaign, we say just how vile and nasty some of the comments being made about obama were.some of the signs that were held up and some of the accusations of obama being an arab or a muslim or just even black brought back the days of the 60s and 70s when race dominated american culture and society. even though americans like to pat themselves on the back for “moving on and progressing”, it just seems that they just brushed it under the rug and brought it out when they deemed it was necessary. Europeans who also like to see themselves as well mannered and liberal still cannot even dream of a person of colored skin ever becoming the prime minister or president of any of their countries. although they “love and admire” they could never even attempt to even take some of his background seriously. Both americans and europeans racist mentality is not only a an issue of whites vs black but also white vs arabs, white vs muslims, white vs south asians, white vs chinese, etc. although many people may not like this statement being put out there like this, one cannot deny that this is the truth. If you think this is an absurd statement then take a look at the world today and look where majority of the conflicts and poverty lie and the policies undertaken in those regions.

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i think the president’s attempts to side with both of his ethnic parts (black and white) is being miscontrued as racist. He was raised by the white side of his family and was closer to it than the black side of his family, so saying he is racist toward white people really doesn’t make that much sense…

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The Huffington Post did not launch the petition. The link above (if you didn’t already click it) comes from ColorofChange.org, and it was reported by Huffington Post. They’re two different things, and even the Reuters blog should know that.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

MG I believe the correct term is biracial. Mulatto is really a very inappropriate term to describe someone when you look at the historical context in which that term was used. To suggest that someone who was raised by white family and is half white himself is racist towards white people is stupid. Look up the definition of what it means to be racist.

Posted by BB | Report as abusive

the rascist card is used for self gain or power over others, everyone is rascist.

Posted by braveheart | Report as abusive

How pathetic that in the year 2009 we are having this discussion. Have we not moved on as a human race? As an Australian living in the US for 10 years, I am totally embarrassed and ashamed of Murdock, his papers and his TV staff. They are spewing out nothing but b/s to people too blind to go and find out the facts before taking it as gospel. They are helping saw seeds of hate. Murdock no doubt is having the last laugh. All he gives a rats about is rating and $$$. Too bad if some wacko goes and hurts the president, more ratings.

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We don’t know either of them, we don’t know if either are racist. Me personally i doubt it.

They’re just both gaining fame and fortune at the expense of Americans. Murdoch does it by spreading lies all over the world through his network, Obama did it by spreading lies all over the campaign trail to get himself elected.

Democrats pull the race card to gain favor blacks cuz they vote democrat.

Republicans pull the race card whenever anyone questions anything about Israel cuz Israel loves republicans.

Makes me more and more thankful everyday to have never been sucked in to joining either of these monstrous parties.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

President Obama’s genetics seem to be comparable to those of a great many American “blacks.” He was in a church of such people, and he married one. The fact is that in this country, if you’re more than a teensy bit black, you’re black. And your heart needs friends. Yes, his white mother was one of various influences. He and his wife were also very high achievers in mainstream society before he entered politics.

I’m glad nobody has said “reverse racism” yet. Maybe we’re getting that clear. There’s no forward and reverse; all racism is racism.

I’m white (well, pink, literally). I’m also racist. Unless I’m much mistaken, everyone is. Finding, examining and rejecting one’s racism is an area of self-care. I don’t think one is ever done. And that is what I might say to President Obama (and Rupert Murdoch, if he seemed to be listening).

Posted by Pete Cann | Report as abusive

Let’s face facts that a lot of Black people came out to vote who probably had not voted in some time. They voted primarily for Obama because he was Black. Not to say that his promises in his campaign did not also sway Black voter’s. But let’s be honest with ourselves as a country.
Black people voted a Black president into office. Now we see the division going on in this country over it. Yes, its been swept under the rug because of the economy. But you know their is a coalition in this country who does not like the fact we have a Black president. I myself think its great and not because he is Black but he presented himself as the best candidate. At least I hope we voted him into office for that? Sometimes I wonder if we get bad people in office because we vote them in for the wrong reasons? As we have seen in countless polls. People hate Congress and the Presidents numbers are slipping too. So are we asking too much? Or are we voting in the wrong people?

Posted by John S | Report as abusive

That’s an easy question of course Obama is the racist.

Posted by joejohnson | Report as abusive

John S,
Lets face one fact America. We do not have a Black President because of the enrtia of the Black vote. The difference between the Black vote in 2004 and 2008 is not as much as most people think. There are about 30 million African Americans in this country. When you take away those underneath the voting age and those who are incarcerated, as well as those who just did not vote that number is nearly cut in half. The number of African American voters left could not have put President Obama in office over the rest of the country’s population of some 250 milllion people. White people voted Obama in.

Posted by Rich M | Report as abusive

What a really stupid question and a waste of time. Does anyone really think either of these men are racist? Articles like this are a prime example of how the press no longer reports the new, they try to make he news.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

President Obama SAID he did not have all the facts, and he did state the obvious, a WHITE policeman forced the issue and got what he deserved. He did act unprofessional AND stupidly.
As for Mr Murdoch I think you would be able to find many many instances in Australia where he has been even more precise regarding his bigotry. This guy plundered what he wanted in Australia a long time ago and he has trampled many a good natured trusting soul. The only thing bad about being at the top is the LONG HARD FALL DOWN.
I haven’t watched FAKE NEWS “fair and balanced” since the hatchet jobs done on Democratic candidates when Bush stole the election from Al Gore. Wherever I go and Fake news is on their TV I ask it to be changed, If they refuse I leave and take my business elseware. Plain and simple I will not facilitate their lies in any way.

Posted by ray4a | Report as abusive

Here we go again,the attack on Fox din,t work they think if they direct their anger against the owner Murdoch he might back down.It won,t work the socialist government tried to the same thing in England when he supported Thatcher.This guy “is not for turning”like Cheney it will just bounce of him,and come back at them!

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Racism is a fact in this world. For millennia, cultures have oppressed and enslaved each other along racial lines, and the legacies of America’s, Europe’s, and Australia’s racism haunts us to this day. We all grow up experiencing it, and as we become more educated and sophisticated people, work to rise above it. Some people are able to rise further than others.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

thanks for your enlightenment getplaning, true to form with the intellectual standards you progressive liberals have achieved rising above injustice and racism.”Surely man is master of his own destiny”as you guy reach for heavens and beyond!.But what the venom against Sarah?do you need to try harder with the yoga?or is it to much latte?

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Getplaning (what does that mean?) your message was very intelligent and non partisan. Brian Lee is obviously very frustrated at the constant schooling he and T C are recieving from you on this forum. Why else make such a rambling, partisan response? Racism is indeed a part of everyday life but I don’t believe Obama or Murdoch are outwardly racist. They are both politicians with their own agendas which are easily tagged as racist by their critics.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Steve. I stand by everything I have said because it has come true. getplaning is a wannbe and you are a lemming.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Now the left is going after Murdoch. They keep trying, but they keep failing. The most watched, by far, news network of them all keeps growing in viewership. No one listens to the love fests on the other networks. As in all thing liberal, try to destroy anything that gets in your way. No one listens to Olberman, Matthews, Couric, Gibson and all the other “news” (ha…) anchors on the lesser networks.

The majority of Americans want nothing to do with the bunch in power and the bunch in power knows it. That bunch can’t win the hearts and souls of Americans with their “ideology”, so they are left with the typical destroy, destroy, destroy with anything but the truth.

Reminds me of a few left wing nuts on here who can’t win with the truth, so they attempt to twist the facts with half truths and lies.

it is quite comforting to know they are on a sinking ship…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Well, well, if it isn’t “I’m done with his personal attacks” TC.

Hello, TC, did you ever find those links I asked you for?

Thanks for your comment, Steve, not everything has to be a partisan fight, at least for most of us. Some people are so caught up in their little war on everything, they just can’t help themselves.

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