Obama bow “sign of respect” for Japan Emperor

November 16, 2009

President Obama has bowed his way into controversy yet again.

Pictures of the U.S. president bowing deeply to Japanese Emperor Akihito during a state visit to Japan have incensed some commentators, who say the U.S. head of state should not lower his head before foreign crowned heads. OBAMA-JAPAN/

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly, hit with questions about the bow at a regular news briefing, appeared stumped.

“I saw I’m sure for what it was intended, which is a sign of respect to the emperor. But I don’t have anything from the State Department on it,” Kelly told a news briefing.

Kelly dismissed reports that some critics have gone so far as to call the bow a sign of treason as “a bit extreme,” but said he would check into exactly what sort of protocol briefing the president gets before meeting foreign leaders overseas.

Obama has sparked critical comment with a bow before — there was some harrumphing after Obama lowered his head before Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah at a G20 meeting in April.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama greeted by Japan’s Emperor Akihito at Imperial Palace)


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Posted by obamniac | Report as abusive

You can respect the emperor without bowing to him. I don’t care who the president is, it sends the wrong message to those who will do us harm around the world (I am talking about the rest of the world, not the emperor).

I really don’t understand this president, he bows before the Saudi king and the Emperor of Japan, but he didn’t bow to the Queen of England. He is so inconsistent. Not only that, Michelle gave a back pat to the Queen. Most people know (but apparently not the president or his wife) that it is against protocol and tradition to touch the Queen, much less giving her a pat on the back.

I am sure the Obama supporters are okay with this show of weakness…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

I don’t see how a gesture of bowing “sends the wrong message” to anyone. The only message I see it sending is respect and humility.

Posted by AN | Report as abusive

Obama is a total boob and only showing the world he is an ignoramus when it comes to international protocol. I lived and worked in Japan for 30 years. Utterly disgusting that our President bowed down so low to the emperor. Jeez does Obama think he’s one of the gardeners tending the Imperial Palace that he has to bow so low???

Posted by JohnDD | Report as abusive

Recently 0bama has gotten flack as a Muslim bowing to the keepers of Mecca. It is strong evidence that he is more Muslim than leftist.

He had to bow to somebody else to counter this evidence. In Japan you either bow to the divinity of the person or you shake hands with them as an equal — not both. That’s why the State Department couldn’t say anything.

Posted by Timuchin | Report as abusive

“I don’t see how a gesture of bowing “sends the wrong message” to anyone. The only message I see it sending is respect and humility.”

The world has to be laughing at us. For you or me it would be a sign of respect (I would to the queen of England, not to the emperor of Japan who is the equivalent of the son of Adolf Hitler). For a sitting American President it is TREASON. For an Ex-president it is respect that is OPTIONAL. They are of equal rank unless one is bowing in submission to the other. The emperor of japan, this man’s father bowed to Gen McCarther at the surrender, which was right. Is Obama surrendering us to the Japanese or worse the Saudis?

Posted by Ralph Brandt | Report as abusive

AN: I am with you on this one. Showing respect is something we do not do in this country. We can learn some lessons in humility. Always wanting to be ‘superior’ is not the goal and does not always win us friends. Being humble and showing humility earns respect as well. Gandhi and King were powerful not because of what they did, but HOW they achieved it.

Posted by RS | Report as abusive

“The world has to be laughing at us. For you or me it would be a sign of respect (I would to the queen of England, not to the emperor of Japan who is the equivalent of the son of Adolf Hitler).”

Sorry to tell you this, but the world is ALREADY laughing at you. We’ve been laughing at you for decades already. How could we not? You’re oversensitive, undereducated, close-minded, ill mannered, ungracious, uncultured, and over nationalistic –bordering fanaticism.

Well, we’ve been laughing less recently –and you can thank Obama for that. But hey this just shows that whatever Obama does in trying to fix your country’s incredibly hilarious reputation will be undone his own countrymen.
After Bush you’d think you guys would be licking Obama’s feet for helping you shed part of the ‘We’re a joke’ image the U.S. has had for almost a decade.

But that’s okay –we’ve enjoyed laughing at you so far. Why change anything?

Obama’s bow shows anything BUT weakness. You country’s opinions and pointless bickering on the other hand, shows every weakness. And stupidity –but we’re used to it.

Posted by c.l.law | Report as abusive

Aside from the fact that the bow was executed without knowledge of proper protocol, bowing is formal greeting in Japan. Though I dislike that the same respect disrespect was not shown to Her Majesty the Queen (whom was actually disrespected by the First Lady) however, not bowing would have shown even more ignorance we as Americans are already scrutinized for as is than the improper execution of the bow itself. As a side note, equating Emperor Akihito to the son of Adolf Hitler is quite fanciful.

Posted by Colin | Report as abusive

Some of you people really need to get over yourselves. Is there an exact number of inches he should bow that would be acceptable to you? Should he be monitored to make sure he squeezes hard enough when shaking hands? Strength and weakness are not measured in such superficial ways. I bet most of these critical comments are coming from men. You always try to turn everything into a pi**ing contest. Grow up.

Posted by sue | Report as abusive

Obama bowed in respect to the Emperor of Japan. I’m sure that was the signal to all of America’s enemies to attack.

And attack they did, right here on this thread,

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Bush kissed and held hands with the Saudi crown prince. Bush bowed to the Saudi king. Bush bowed to the Pope. Nixon bowed to Mao and to Hirohito. Eisenhower bowed to the young Japanese crown prince, the wife of the Italian Prime Minister, and the President of France. Pictures of all on my website.

You wingnut morons seem to forget that film, videotape and MEMORY exist.

Such is your irrational hatred for Obama.

Posted by Bill Schmalfeldt | Report as abusive

Colin. If the president didn’t know the proper protocol, then he should fire his protocol officer. I don’t agree that Obama should have bowed, but to say he didn’t know proper protocol is alarming in and of itself. I don’t think you meant what you said. I also don’t think you know one way or the other if the president knew the proper protocol or not.

It is one thing for Japanese citizens to bow before their emperor, but he is the the emperor of the United States. The Emperor of Japan tried to become our emperor once, but we wouldn’t stand for it.

Perhaps Obama didn’t do well in history class…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

The only way bowing to this individual would be remotely appropriate would be if he reciprocated.

Otherwise this is just a sign of what obama clearly wants to do to the USA… Destroy it financially, politically, socially.

Posted by Sandman | Report as abusive

The point is not a measurement of how far one should bow, but that HEADS OF STATE DON’T BOW TO OTHERS. If other world leaders from Canada, Latvia, Pakistan, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Israel, Vietnam, Laos, Afghanistan, and several others know not to bow, why can’t the supposed leader of the free world get it right. Heads of State are EQUALS, no one regardless of their country should grovel like this fool did. Some papers in Japan didn’t even run the picture because the wanted to shield Barry from more embarrassment. On the bright side, I am sure Barry gave the Emperor an iPod with a killer playlist.

Posted by Caberpig | Report as abusive

We have a “presidential crisis”. Look at those guys: one is an illiterate cowboy who could not express himself without using an f-word as a link between the thought, another one is simply a demagogue who failed etiquette class in college….We need someone like Reagan…

Posted by B.W. | Report as abusive

I think that Obama’s bows look like he is showing respect. He has to bow a little lower because Obama is very tall and towers over these other leaders.

I don’t know when showing respect has become equated with treason. Ridiculous.

Posted by BJ | Report as abusive

I speak, read and write Japanese and have lived and worked in Japan. The deep bow from the given by BHO to the Emperor (who seems a decent, old gent) is reminiscent of the abasement POW’s in Japanese hands were required to give to their captors. Ask one of those remaining survivors if they would voluntarily bow to a Japanese Emperor. Other Asians, the North Koreans, Red Chinese and North Vietnamese, required American POW’s to bow. The difference between BHO and them is that the Japanese did not starve or beat the President- he volunteered to abase himself. The symbolism is not lost on anyone in Asia.

The larger issue is that of status. A king, queen or emperor is a head of state. So is a President. Queen Elizabeth II would not bow to Emperor Akihito of Japan and vice-versa- they are both monarchs and of equal stature. Our President, as a head of state, is of equal stature to any monarch. No bow is required. (BHO did not bow to the Queen). Prime ministers are, by definition, NOT heads of state, they can grovel with the rest of them.

Also, this country threw out kings and queens with the Declaration of Independence. We don’t bow to foreign potentates. This was confirmed in practice in the 1908 London Olympics:

Held at a new 68,000-seat stadium in the Shepherds Bush section of London, the 1908 Games were played out under continually rainy skies and suffered from endless arguments between British officials and many of the other countries involved–especially the United States.

“The Battle of Shepherds Bush” began almost immediately, when the U.S. delegation noticed that there was no American flag among the national flags decorating the stadium for the opening ceremonies. U.S. flag bearer and discus champion Martin Sheridan responded by refusing to dip the Stars and Stripes when he passed King Edward VII’s box in the parade of athletes. “This flag dips to no earthly king,” Sheridan said. And it hasn’t since.

Apparently, this no longer applies to our President.

Posted by James K | Report as abusive

@TC: Am I the only one who sees the irony in you saying that Obama didn’t do well in history class, when just before you say that the Emperor of Japan tried to become our emperor once?

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor solely to cripple our naval power in the Pacific, so that they would have a free hand. It was not the starting blow in them attempting to “conquer” the United States. I mean, really, if you’re going to sit there and criticize someone else’s historical knowledge, then be sure you haven’t made such blatant mistakes in the same subject yourself.

Anyway, mountains out of molehills, that’s all this is. In this case, a gargantuan mountain out of a tiny molehill.

Posted by Jaime | Report as abusive

Bowing for Obama is a habit he obtained from his Muslim roots

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

Even the Queen of Sheba get such a bow. Barry must remember he is the President of the U.S.A., and respect is a two way street.

Posted by Observer | Report as abusive

Obama, bows to the head of Japan, but won’t show respect to our flag our country. A recent photo I came across on the INTERNET, show three military men on a stage, saluting , a civilian with his hand over his heart and Obama in pose with his hands folded in front of his fly.( maybe he for got to zip.)I there was no caption so I can only assume they were pledging allegiance to the flag or the Star Spangle Banner was playing. Any way if it was me I’d be too embarrassed not to show the same respect everyone else was showing.
Ladies and gentelmen the worst is yet to come.

Posted by joedakota | Report as abusive

Message to all wannabe U.S. Presidential Protocol experts out there: wake me up if he decides to vomit in a Japanese guy’s lap on TV, would you? Thanks.

Posted by The Bell | Report as abusive

When the President bowed to the Saudi crowned prince, his press secretary denied a genuine bow. The President was merely “bending over to shake hands with the much shorter prince.” Well even the liberal talk show hosts have forgotten that one. Now its “just a show of respect for the Emperor and his culture.” Interesting that neither of the hosts made more than a slight nod in the President’s direction. Cheerleaders bend over and bend over backwards too.

Posted by Terry | Report as abusive

If you haven’t noticed, the Japanese emperor is really short compared to Obama: So Obama’s bow just looks extreme in that picture other wise it is a normal bow. Obama had to bow so that his head would at least be a little bellow emperors head to make it a proper bow.
The hand shake is odd. I guess they were exchanging customs. nice.

Posted by reza | Report as abusive

Our nation was created out of the bloody rejection of a king who claimed us as his subjects. We fought to rule ourselves. That is why our presidents do not bow to monarchs. That is why we do not dip our flag to foreign heads of state; not even in Olympic processions.

That bowing photo will be around for centuries to come.”The leader of the free world, bowing to a foreign monarch.”

Did he also give the Emperor an iPod preloaded with his speeches? Obama is an embarassment.

Posted by Jen | Report as abusive

We should all bow to each others humanity.

Why is that every move obama makes is criticized and everyone looked the other way while Bush entered war,put us into trillions of dollars of debt and gave environmental protection of our public lands to corporations. Why didnt any press say anything then?

Posted by ara | Report as abusive

Jaime. I can’t remember the high ranking Japanese military general/admiral’s name offhand (sorry, but this blog isn’t somewhere I spend “all” my free time), but he was Harvard educated. He said the “only” reason Japan did not attack the mainland was because they knew our citizens had guns.

With that being said, the only choice they had was to attack our Navy in Hawaii.

Don’t think for a moment that Japan was not out to defeat America. Had that happened, as they would have liked, we would have an emperor controlling us.

Either way, it is inappropriate for our president to bow to royalty from any country….show of respect or not…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Jaime. Lastly, only reason Japan attacked the US and wanted to defeat us was because the was looking for more presidents who would bow down in his presence.

I guess Obama did great in history class after all….

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Please, please, please lift the microscopic lense off our President. He is doing everything possible to unite the world and bring credibility back to a once great country. We so easily forget the last 8 years of the horrific administration that got this country on its knees. We so easily for get the 8 years before that where we actually had a surplus. The republican party has done and is doing everything they can to remain in power even when they don’t have the controlling seats. People should remember those great words of John F Kennedy, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. If all people can do is complain and make a big deal over what the first black US president is doing, then there is a lot of energy being wasted. Energy that can be spent excercising so you won’t have to go to a doctor for your illnesses, energy starting a business so that our economy can improve, help a neighbor avoid forclosure. American is now the spoiled little brat to which much has been given and nothing is truly appreciated. The rod was spared until Cheney & Bush (in that order) came in to use it on us. We must create allies and keep the ones we have. Japan custom is to bow to those you respect. Have bow from the hip while looking each other in the eye. When not looking into the eye, it not only shows a deep respect, trust but also a sign to submit to the other while building a strong relationship. AMERICA DID NOT BECOME AMERICAN BY ITSELF.

Posted by WTH | Report as abusive

As head of state, Obama should greet a foreign dignitary in American style by giving emperor Akihito a firm firm hug, just as the Pope will kiss your ground if the Pope chooses to visit your country. A bow purporting to cave in is just too phony.

Posted by Bello | Report as abusive

Hey, The Bell…it is one thing to be sick and to vomit and another to bow. Did Jesse Owens bow to Hitler? Hell No! This is disgusting. He looked like the complete fool with his bow. This man is a joke.

Posted by GeeVee | Report as abusive

The arrogance of it all is just amazing .
Its a different world and times .All the good will and bon-homie of the good cowboy with the noble heart is a just a memory.The arrogance of winning every time at all costs is an archilles heel and must be done away if we are to have abetter future and be leaders. We have lost our moral compass and become just demanders of respect rather than the respected. SHeesh !

Posted by Steer Green | Report as abusive

TC, a show of weakness? How about a show of respect or non arrogance. Christ TC get off the America is all powerful soapbox. Obama has raised the world view of the US after the last guy (what was his name?) ruined it.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Is this a war leader?

Posted by Bowser | Report as abusive

Respect is measured only by strength; economic and military strength.
Bowing, by an American President, expresses the same message as a dog rolling on its back to expose its belly.
Thinking about it, I guess its appropriate for Obama to “bow” over. It’s consistent w/ his appeasing, and apologetic demeanor.
The “New Kid” is a geopolitical punk, and a physical, and economic danger to “US”.
God Bless America

Posted by luis522 | Report as abusive


Posted by paula | Report as abusive

The Admiral’s name was Yamamoto and your comment about the reason he didn’t attack American soil is an untruth. I’ve studied WW2 Pacific a long time and I believe your comment was made up by Constitution nuts because it sounds good. They love to make up this stuff about owning guns. It’s entirely self-serving. Perhaps you may study why America was averse to attacking Japanese soil. Trying to make a pro-gun statement when the topic is why the president bowed shows a little ignorance on your behalf. Try to stay on topic next time. It’s sad how conservatives segue from a bow to a gun. But, more town halls are planned and you can go and bring a sign and look stupid because it’s America where you have a right to be stupid.

Posted by irishace11 | Report as abusive


Posted by PAULA | Report as abusive

Eric. There are a lot of other people who agree with me on this thread alone. Yes, there are a lot of others who disagree on this thread alone.

I gave my opinion and I dislike what the president did. Big deal. It doesn’t change anything.

You are his apologist, I understand that. However, if “the last guy” would have done it, then you would have been out with your usual venom. I, on the other hand, would have the same position. No US president, or any other world leader, should bow to another world leader. They are equals…period!

I know you live in that sparsely populated outpost in Maine and haven’t experienced the world you have read about in books. No matter where I have traveled around the world, people are all the same. The people in other nations don’t hate us (yes even during the horrible Bush years) as you want to believe. But then again, you are at a disadvantage, because you only listen to the left leaning news media for your information.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Conservatives are complaining that the gesture of bowing to the Japanese Emperor shows weakness. Weakness? Arrogance is the real weakness.

Imagine if Obama had turned, as he left, and said, “Goodbye, from the world’s biggest polluter!”

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

the emperor of japan is a reverent figure to the japanese people, just like the pope is to catholics. there are plenty of pictures of presidents bowing to the pope, why can’t he do the same for the japanese emperor? it’s courtesy for one, but obsequious for the other?

Posted by joe | Report as abusive

President Obama was just showing due respect to the Japanese Emperor. Anyone who believes otherwise is just demonstrating why they aren’t qualified to provide an opinion.

Respect costs nothing and will most likely cause the other party to respect you in return.

Demonstrating a lack of respect will be seen as an insult and is guaranteed to provoke a hostile response.

Conservatives are just shooting themselves in the foot with their current display of idiocy.

Posted by Adam | Report as abusive

Adam. Then why didn’t the emperor show respect by reciprocating the bow? It’s insane that it was a one way bow. It shows Obama as subservient to the Japanese emperor.

Respect is a two way street and the Japanese emperor should know the customs of his country.

Ah, I know what you are thinking. The Japanese emperor doesn’t bow to anyone. Hmmm….then why should our president bow to him? I bet the emperor wouldn’t bow to the president if he came to our country.

Bottom line, it shows the world the weakness. Afterall, we are the greatest country in the world…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Yes another ignominious venture by Obama to again be confronted buy the reality that nobody is mesmerized by his cringing appeasement.So he will return home again with nothing achieved,and his tail between his legs,and his hand still a little bit sore after having his knuckles rapt about the additional borrowing that is worrying our bankers the Chinese.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Assumptions galore from TC once again. Yes TC I am from from Maine, I only wish there was a way to scan the the stapled in visa pages of my passport and post them here. You also assume that I would have been upset if Bush had done what Obama did on his visit to Japan – wrong again. It would have been refreshing to see Bush show a little humility. The other assumption that is off, where I get my news. Granted I don’t watch Fox news but I choose not to have cable TV, cable internet but not TV. However I do listen Rush and Beck on the radio (friends close-enemies closer right?) and my news sources run the gamut from NPR to the Fox website. No one can be informed if they only hear what they want to. You should try it sometime, listen to NPR I dare you, they at least still have actual reporters in the field and news bureau around the world unlike ANY of the 24hr news channels who feel it’s OK just to spout what they think instead of what is true. Watch the Daily Show, in some surveys voted to be the most trusted source for news. What does that say about Fox, MSNBC and CNN?

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Wow Eric. The pot calling the kettle black with assumptions.

You seem very thin skinned because go to such great lengths to disprove what is said. It makes no difference to me. If you were a real listener to Beck, then you would realize he is extremely critical of the democrats and republicans. He was as, and is, as harsh on Bush as he is Obama. He rightly admits, and backs up with fact, his concern over the direction of this country with the current president. He does his research. Many liberal democrats have admitted this, even when they (like you) hate what he has to say.

As for the rest of my news, I don’t feel the need to justify to you where and when I get information. You are very far off the mark is as much as you deserve.

As for the story at hand. It is my humble opinion our president is an embarassment to the United States. He apologizes for everything to everyone and he acts subservient to his “equals”. (You don’t have to go into great detail that you vehemently disagree…I know your story…I keep hearing you justify your existence).

BTW, how many third world countries have you traveled to. My point is that we are the greatest country in the world. Too bad this president is working hard to destroy us.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

I remember seeing a photo of Dick Cheney as he appeared at the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Between the somber, dark-coated world leaders at the outdoor ceremony, there he slouched, resplendent in a green parka embroidered with his name and featuring a fur-trimmed hood, laced brown hunting boots and a knit ski cap reading “Staff 2001.” Even Lynne Cheney looked a little irritated by his wood-cutter‘s attire.
President Obama showing a little respect for other country’s leaders is, in a way, apologizing for eight years of in-your-face arrogance by his predecessors. It takes a better man to show a little humility than it does to act like the rest of the world can kiss our butts. And the people who criticize him for this are an embarrassment to this country as well.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

The deep bow expressed by President Obama when he went to the Palace in Tokyo seems to become an issue in the United States.

What is wrong? And what is the news? Isn’t it nice for President being respectful to a head of state and its people?

A spokesman of the State Department correctly commented that the bow was intended to show respect for the Emperor and the people of Japan. This blog think that the couteous manner impressed Japanese people and it’s been very well received in Japan.

Her Majesty Empress shaked hands with President even though shaking hands is not a Japanese custom. To stick to the western way of showing respect by shaking hands is only a prejudice and Japanese nationals noticed that President Obama is never narrow-minded and rude to stick to one’s own rules and culture as a former President and then Japanese prime minister pretended to peform an Elvis music instrument.

President Obama showed fully that he is a man of words and dignity over substance and action. He is the person who can understand the true meaning of humbleness even though or because he is truly the top person of the most strongest country on this planet earth.

The writer of this blog is not an American but I would say, come on now, for the criticising part of the society to know that there are plenty of things to debate over and restore the trust which was destroyed by the neocons and market fundamentalists both in the United States and Japan, between the most important allies in the world.

I could see in the courteous and elgant manner of President Obama, an audacity of hope as his biography book title suggested and a new born strength of the United States of America. Utterly there should not be any consciousness of master servant relationship on both sides of the Pacific ocean, and there should remain a solid mutual respect.

Posted by Orwell | Report as abusive

Honestly, I dont think the 90 degree bow is appropriate. Coming from Asia where bowing is much of a norm, I observe that a gentle, light bow suffices if we are talking about showing respect or upholding proper diplomacy with a Head of State.
Obama has in this instance gone abit too far and its a fair question to ask ‘what sort of White House protocol briefing/ training the President is getting.’
Although I agree it is respectful to observe some basic protocols especially when meeting a Head of State, I offer here a slightly different view- In Asia and I believe to the majority of the world as well, excluding Japan, a light bow is all Heads of State/ Governments should be according to each other.
Obama’s 90 degree stance has nothing to do with his/ the Emperor’s height. This unfortunately looks and means ‘kowtowing’ (bootlicking) in the majority of our cultures or extending a deep apology to someone.
If my Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong did the same, I have to admit that I and many other Singaporeans would feel ashamed if not slightly dissapointed that our PM had to ‘bend over backwards’ this much to a foreign Head of State, plus, it doesn’t look good in our culture for someone to do that.
Hence, I understand the dissapointment felt by many Americans due to this gesture. This has nothing to do with American superiority/ Japan’s position as a losing World War II Axis power. It has to do with proper protocols under foreign affairs and diplomacy which surely doesn’t call for any Head of Government/ State to compromise so much on his/ her own culture and sensitivities just to please the other side.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

This is emperor Hirohito’s son. Many of these democratic obama worshipers like to point out the fact that past leaders did “bow” however they never bowed as deeply (which is a very big element in their culture) and all received a reciprocating bow. Making it a bow of equals. Were as neither the saudi nor the Japanese monarch gave such a bow to obama.

Hirohito and the Japanese empire were just as bad as Hitler and the Nazis. Many of these obama worshipers fail to understand the pacific war and the atrocities in Asia caused by th Japanese. Perhaps if Hitler had a son who was named honorary fuhrer of germany and obama bowed down to him SUBMISSIVELY that is without receiving a reciprocating bow they would understand the greater context behind this event.

This shows that obama has been disrespected by both the Japanese and the saudis by his own invitation. The Americans revolted against the british so they would have to subservient to any royalty which is an anathema to the “all men are created equal” phrase written in the declaration of independence.

Posted by max | Report as abusive

[…] Obama bow “sign of respect” for Japan Emperor – Front Row Washington […]

Posted by “Obama Bows to Emperor, World Embarrassed” and related posts « Twitter | Report as abusive

How can his bow mean anything more than “boot-licking?”

Especially seeing Obama in several different photos with his feet on the furniture, there at the White House. Would you put your feet up on your family or friends furniture? Consider the desk and furniture, which Obama uses is paid for by you and me.

If you have no respect for the very office you serve and work in each day, then how can you possibly have any respect anything or anyone?

It’s no wonder they smiled at him sideways.

Posted by quad | Report as abusive