Obama bow “sign of respect” for Japan Emperor

November 16, 2009

President Obama has bowed his way into controversy yet again.

Pictures of the U.S. president bowing deeply to Japanese Emperor Akihito during a state visit to Japan have incensed some commentators, who say the U.S. head of state should not lower his head before foreign crowned heads. OBAMA-JAPAN/

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly, hit with questions about the bow at a regular news briefing, appeared stumped.

“I saw I’m sure for what it was intended, which is a sign of respect to the emperor. But I don’t have anything from the State Department on it,” Kelly told a news briefing.

Kelly dismissed reports that some critics have gone so far as to call the bow a sign of treason as “a bit extreme,” but said he would check into exactly what sort of protocol briefing the president gets before meeting foreign leaders overseas.

Obama has sparked critical comment with a bow before — there was some harrumphing after Obama lowered his head before Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah at a G20 meeting in April.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama greeted by Japan’s Emperor Akihito at Imperial Palace)


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This is emperor Hirohito’s son. Many of these democratic obama worshipers like to point out the fact that past leaders did “bow” however they never bowed as deeply (which is a very big element in their culture) and all received a reciprocating bow. Making it a bow of equals. Were as neither the saudi nor the Japanese monarch gave such a bow to obama.

Hirohito and the Japanese empire were just as bad as Hitler and the Nazis. Many of these obama worshipers fail to understand the pacific war and the atrocities in Asia caused by th Japanese. Perhaps if Hitler had a son who was named honorary fuhrer of germany and obama bowed down to him SUBMISSIVELY that is without receiving a reciprocating bow they would understand the greater context behind this event.

This shows that obama has been disrespected by both the Japanese and the saudis by his own invitation. The Americans revolted against the british so they would have to subservient to any royalty which is an anathema to the “all men are created equal” phrase written in the declaration of independence.

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How can his bow mean anything more than “boot-licking?”

Especially seeing Obama in several different photos with his feet on the furniture, there at the White House. Would you put your feet up on your family or friends furniture? Consider the desk and furniture, which Obama uses is paid for by you and me.

If you have no respect for the very office you serve and work in each day, then how can you possibly have any respect anything or anyone?

It’s no wonder they smiled at him sideways.

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