The First Draft: Palin for President?

November 16, 2009

Is she running for president? Seeking a coffee summit with Hillary Clinton? Or just selling her book?

The only clear answer about Sarah Palin’s intentions is that the questions are drawing lots and lots of U.S. media attention. 
This week, the former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor is on the cover of Newsweek magazine. She’s also going on-air for separate interviews with TV’s Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters of ABC News.
It’s all about promoting her new memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” which goes on sale Tuesday. But the notion that she also might be testing the waters for a 2012 presidential run is what’s drawing the serious attention.
Supporters liken her to a populist 21st century Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater. But not all the coverage is as she’d like it. OBAMA/
Newsweek, which pictures her on its cover as an attractive young woman in running shorts, scoffs at the idea of a Palin 2012 presidential campaign.
“Her brand of take-no-prisoners partisanship is not good for the Republicans in the long run and not good for the country,” Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham told MSNBC.
“When you have a kind of ‘death panel’ ideology, where you make pronouncements that are factually untenable and tend to inflame the conversation … that’s not good for governance.”
She got a warmer reception from another woman of the campaign trail, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whom Palin thinks she might like to meet over coffee.
“I absolutely would look forward to having coffee. I’ve never met her. And I think it would be, you know, very interesting to sit down and talk with her,” Clinton, now U.S. secretary of state, said over the weekend. USA-GERMANY/
But the last word is likely to be Palin’s. Her book promotion is expected to draw huge crowds across the country. And while a Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that 60 percent of Americans don’t think she’s qualified to be president, a similar percentage of Republicans say she is.

Photo Credits: Reuters/Nathaniel Wilder (Palin); Reuters/Jason Reed (White House); Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Clinton)


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I like Sarah Palin, but I am not convinced she is going to run for president. She is not my first choice for president. If she did show her hand and decide to run, she would have to fight for it through the long grueling battle for president like everyone else.

There is one thing certain if she does decide to run for president, she won’t have a loving, turn a blind eye, make excuses for from the media like the media has given Obama.


Posted by TC | Report as abusive

Jimmy Carter gave us Reagan, Obama will give us Palin

Posted by aldo laghi | Report as abusive

She won’t run for president, we independents don’t like her.

Obama is a lot like Reagan, never before seen growth in the federal gov’t along with wasteful gov’t spending. Lots of taxes, lots of fearmongering, Aldo this should be the one you want if you liked Reagan.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

THAT will be the day!! Palin’s IQ needs to move up about 20 ticks in order to make her a candidate worth contending, considering the backwash from the Shrub years, and how much this particular independent still reviles Dick Cheney. Her social/etiquette quotient needs quite a bit of work, as well. To the grey eminences, go ahead and package her as a presidential candidate. THAT will be the day!!!

Posted by Andrew MacConnachie | Report as abusive

I will move to Canada if Palin becomes the president.

Posted by john g. | Report as abusive

Obama is not smarter than Palin, Sarah is no less enthusiastic than Barak, and after all – ‘Yes, we can”
Every nation deserves the government it has

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

The fact that this crass ignoramus is even considered for public office and that we have a rank amateur/ultra politician in the white house tells a story of the decay of a once great society. good night and good luck.

Posted by bebe | Report as abusive

Why does anyone give her any recognition. She has bankrupted a town when she was mayor and she did not finish her full term as Gov. She is a talking head with very little depth. The Right needs to get back to its roots. LESS TAXES, LESS SPENDING, LESS RELIGON, LESS WAR AND LESS CORPORATE WELFARE. Ever since Nixon our party has changed to benefit the rich. Bring me a Teddy Roosevelt or Ike. America needs to be educated on what is happening. Its sad but the Democrats have actually reduced the debt and havspent less then the Republicans over the last 30 years.

Posted by B | Report as abusive

I can’t even realize the fact that most of you (American people) even talk about her.
To me she’s so insignificant and has such a lack of understanding of the domestic issues on hand to be a President, let alone the international afairs, that people should scoff at her about anything she has to say.

I am uphold of the media giving her the time of the day. The more you criticize someone in puplic the more idiots will start to form an opinion about them.

Unfortunately uneducated and uniformed people (the majority of the population in every country) will form a not so favorable opinion for the sake of this country.

Posted by MH | Report as abusive

It wouldn’t surprise me if Republicans chose her to run. They picked Mccain over Paul. With Obama in the white house and McCain for second choice… It really shows how irresponsibly ignorant American voters are and what a game elections have become.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin did a great job as Governor of Alaska but the fact will always remain that she quit! She abandoned the people of the state she swore to serve, for more money. How could you vote for integrity like that?

Posted by Michele | Report as abusive

not that obama is that great. Palin becoming president would be an embarssement to our country. The fact that we have had likes of Nixon and Bush become president and then Palin even being considered as a presidental candidate shows alot about how low our educational system has really gotten. its no wonder we send all our jobs india and china. perhaps we should out source our government as well. because the current congress and senate are useless and the potential candidates for presidents out there are a very scary bunch.

Posted by sidney | Report as abusive

I think Sarah Palin is the perfect voice to represent the US. She’s ignorant, uneducated, hateful and a hypocrite. Given how the rest of the world sees the US, she’s the ideal candidate to finally push this disgusting nation into the ground once and for all.

Posted by JP | Report as abusive

Perhaps those who are experiencing Palinphobia will take a moment to reconsider the career of Abraham Lincoln, who rightly or wrongly is considered to be one of our great leaders. He had some experience in the Illinois State House, after teaching himself to be a lawyer ( no law school then ).

He served one term in Congress, period. He was opposed to the war with Mexico, and then went back to Springfield for more years of lawyering. In the Lincoln – Douglas debates he may have won the affection of ordinary people but he was not sent to the U.S. Senate, and back to work again. In 1860 he got the nomination of the new Republican party largely because the party’s elders hated the other contenders more than they liked him, and their first hero, John C. Fremont, was not available.

Lincoln was awkward and had an untrained speaking voice. He was counted out early and often but the people who knew him the best saw something courageous in him. And so he won.

Counting out Sarah Palin because she is awkward on television and has a tendency to speak her mind with candor is, well, both premature and probably plain stupid.

Posted by Richard C. Green | Report as abusive

Palin should be posing for Playboy, and then starring in Police Academy 30, these are jobs she can handle, not an elected government position. If she looked like Barbara Mikulski, she’d be a manager at a Wasilla 7-11….

Posted by Gary Griffin | Report as abusive

How embarrassing to think that anyone in this country would want to be represented on the world stage by a soccer mom instead of a president.

Posted by Stacy Thompson | Report as abusive

Sure the reupublicans need a scapegoat.. They dont have any real Ideas or emotions,,,

Posted by Chris NYC | Report as abusive

To the last post, comparing Palin to Lincoln. Well, quite frankly, Lincoln was a terrible leader and attempts to recognize him as one of America’s great leaders is obscene. The man was a dolt, pure and simple. He essentially provoked the Civil War, was leading the Union army into the group until Grant and his staff stepped up and said ‘hand over military decision making authority or all the generals will quit in protest.’ He also ordered the first draft in history, an ugly yet simple reminder that ‘the North’ (aka the good guys pfft) were forced to fight for the civil rights of others, which is to say that they couldn’t dig up enough numbers in the North despite 65% of the blacks in the North volunteering. Oh, and lest we forget he ordered army troops to fire on civilians in New York and Washington in separate instances, killing THOUSANDS!!!

Some great leader. His great accomplishment was that Grant won the war against the South. That makes him a champion of civil rights I guess, a war that raged on two years longer than it should have.

Posted by Not_American | Report as abusive

With respect to the commentary by Not_American, you might be surprised to learn that I do agree with you. I am certainly not a member of “the cult of Lincoln,” and having grown up in Texas, it is a safe bet that I will never ever join that cult.

On the other hand, my late mother was directly descended from a wealthy Virginia farmer who refused to volunteer for, or to support, secession and the War of Southern Rebellion. When it was all over he still had his lands and his honor intact, and no member of his family was killed in that awful bloodbath.

As politics is the art of the possible, I mentioned Palin in the context with Lincoln to emphasize the fact that party leaders may have their own agenda(s) to put forward, and right now it is clear that Sarah Palin is NOT on their political radar.

Will that change, I don’t rightly know, and perhaps Palin is doing the one sensible thing she can do, which is to make some serious money before her “charm” fades away in the harsh light of public scrutiny. It seems that many conservative bloggers are even now sharpening their pens — and poisoning their inkwells — against the former Governor of Alaska.

No wonder so few intelligent people want to venture into the American political fray: you have to be self-financing, you have to be lily white and politically pure, or have friends and a spouse with deep pockets, like Johnny Come Lately McCain.

Posted by Richard C. Green | Report as abusive

I hope she goes for it. She is a very intelligent person. Two more years will let her sharpen her image and show America that she knows what she is doing and that she knows how to do it. Obama still will not be able to say that then. His socialist views and actions are already wearing thin for those of us who are not in the new entitlement class that he’s forming. We can take America back if Sarah is at the helm.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

palin for president would be ten times worse than bush was….if that is possible.

Posted by ryan | Report as abusive

Palin – Prejean, GOP dream ticket!

Posted by Gill Bates | Report as abusive

I, like many Europeans, gained some hope that the USA is not full of illiterate ignorant religious ideologue nutjobs when they elected Obama; an intelligent engaging articulate leader. This talk, yes even talk of this ludicrous proposition, is pathetic.
What nation would elect this person to be their leader?? I would not trust her to run a supermarket let alone the most powerful (for the time being) country on Earth. Truly, 50% of Americans are idiots.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

i hope that she runs. it will insure another four years of obama.

Posted by hobbesjd | Report as abusive

Anyone would be better than the pathetic tinkering power-mongering narcissistic communist we have in the white house right now.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

I was so happy when she lost the vice-presidental run and was hoping I would never see or hear her lies and stupidity again. Happiness is short-lived, here she is again.

Posted by BJ | Report as abusive

Help! what a frightening prospect that such a person could be president…

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is a perfect candidate for the Republican seat, She is just dumb eanough to act as there puppet and to get us into another financial mess like our last Prezzy…
And for our current Presedent he is doing a fine job! For all you people who never travel outside our borders there is a reason he got the Nobel Peace prize! Every other Country in the modern world ALMOST dosen’t hate us anymore…..
We have started on a journey with the last election that can uphold the American dream and keep this great country moving for generations to come, Don’t stop it now with an Ignorant person.

Posted by EW | Report as abusive

God I love the fear, loathing, hate, and venom that Sarah Palin inspires among the kool-aid drinking leftist/socialist/liberals in America and abroad. After less than 1 year of ‘community organizer’ Obama, it’s clear that this country needs someone with a little more executive experience, and someone who has actually held a job once in their life. Go Sarah!

Posted by Paul in VA | Report as abusive

If you liked the idea of Pat Robertson being President this has to be your biggest wet dream ever. Come on, this woman can’t even give a straight answer to a “yes” or “no” question.

Posted by Doc | Report as abusive

EW,Obama got the nobel peace prize assuming his is going to do a great job!With regard” to the countries that ALMOST dose’,t hate us anymore”can you tell us what he has done?for you to state this?For generations to come the only certainty is they are going to have a lot of borrowed money to pay back.You have to present more examples instead of just platitudes,this is much like how the democrats try to explain where the money is going to come from to pay for the single payer health plan!platitudes.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive


Posted by CHARLES BOWEN | Report as abusive

Evidently, there are people out there that feel that she represents them. I can’t for the life of me believe it, but it must be true. I would laugh, but wrestlers, weightlifters, and senile b-movie actors high on jelly beans have faired well. I’m afraid to ask who her veep will be. Dear help us all.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Wondering why my comment did not pass Reuters criteria, but Mark’s, of November 16th, 2009 5:37 pm GMT, did.
He expresses similar views and in just as harsh wording as I did.
Is there still free expression at Reuters?

Posted by MH | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is so transparent and sooooo scary! The thought that she would think she’s qualified to be president…WOW! The Republicans will not get their party back until they kick the crazy right wingers (Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh) out of the party and take it back to the country club. After Obama rescues the economy, maybe they will be able to get it back.

Posted by Melissa | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin has the ability to stand up for what is right regardless of popular opinion. She is certainly not the slick smooth talker that Obama is. Being the President of the United States is not about knowing every detail of international policy, but rather about doing the right thing at all cost.

Posted by Eyon | Report as abusive

I really hope she runs in 2012. I’m an independent and it will be a joy to request a Republican primary ballot to help her get the nomination. Palin will then be the last nail in the Republican party’s coffin.

Posted by johnny | Report as abusive

First off, anyone from Europe who comments, dont comment – mind your own business and go on and gloat to your puppet master.
If anyone thinks this CHICAGO THUG is running our country good , you need a kick in the ass.
He is on the road to bankrupt us, and he would not have been elected if he said he would do the things he is doing during his pre-election run.
Palin , women hate her for some reason , maybe they are jealous cause she didnt blow her way to the top. Who knows. Dumb liberals I swear.

Posted by OBAMA_THE_FOOL | Report as abusive

I believe that deep down, even Sarah Palin knows she is not qualified to be president. She will travel the country, campaigning for radical right wing evangelical candidates, but she will not run.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

I actually agree with one thing getplaning said, “she will not run”.

The rest of his statement is a diatribe of jealousy.

It must be nice to be paid for what you say. You spend more time on here trying to discredit and destroy than anyone else.

At least Reuters lets all your diatribes through. Those of us on the right are allowed around 60 percent of our posts to actually publish.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

charles bowen,your creditability flew out of the window when you started questioning the tenacity of Bush and Palin.This subject is a no brainer when we have the appeaser in general bowing and cringing all over the world.You should stay clear of a comparison on this particular aspect of policy with a dither tag attached to the chosen one!

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Thanks, TC. While it’s true that my posts make yours and brian’s seem like they were written by fifth graders, I assure you I am not a paid blogger. I find it amusing that you would make such a charge, and for a moment I suspected it may be you who is the paid blogger. Especially since you post twice as many comments as the moderators actually allow to appear. But reading your posts, clearly no one, not even Pajamas Media, would pay for material like yours.

Reuters has a comments policy, that they “publish everything that advances the post directly, or contains relevant tangenital information.” It’s not that complicated. If your comments are deleted, it’s because they don’t meet this simple criteria, that’s all. But like a typical conservative, you whine and complain and act like a victim of the Conspiracy of Evil Liberal Reuters Moderators.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Nice try getplaning. Judging from your personal diatribes that don’t even discuss the related article, that is patently false. But you are allowed to get your digs in without a trace of the discussion at hand.

So, the left takes care of the left….I understand that.

Once again, your are giving yourself too much credit. Just remember, you might admire yourself in the mirror, but even then you hold the minority viewpoint.

BTW, NY23 is becoming quite interesting. Once again, the election proves again (even if Hoffman still loses), that the majority of American people are angry at the direction the current bunch in power is trying to take this country. After a year in office, Obama has nothing to show for his efforts except a high unemployment rate (10.2 percent and growing), a 1.4 trillion deficit and growing, an agenda that is falling apart all around him…Oh, I will stop there for now.

Oh, did I say I agree with you that Sarah Palin probably won’t run for president in 2012? Although she hasn’t revealed her intentions, I am not in the camp who thinks she will. Could be wrong though and that’s okay too. I have other choices who I would like to see as president in 2012 when Obama is finishing is first and only term as president.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

TC,it is so unbelievable how stereotype getplaning is, a typical liberal clone.He is symbolic of the drones that follow and are mesmerized by the likes of Ward Churchill. But when they come up against a determined free thinker like Palin they become completely unhinged.I can imagine getplaning looking though is old stuff looking for his comfort blanket seeing all attention she is getting.Like you i don,t think she will run for president but what is more significant is that she is highlighting the fact that there has to be a significant move back to the Reagan style of conservatism for the republican party to regain support.Because Obama has let the American people see the reality of real leftist socialism, with it,s twin sister unemployment there will be a major swing back to the centralist right position.Even now the democrats are starting are having premonitions of the potential disaster that 2010 is going to bring for them,exactly what you have been forecasting TC.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

brian lee. Your comparison of our “friend” to Ward Churchill hit the nail on the head. Good job.

I chuckle at him because everything we have said has either come true or is coming true. I mean, Sarah Palin is a real threat to his liberal way of life. When it comes to the liberal mindset, they shoot the messenger rather than the message. That makes sense because liberals have no rational or valid argument when it comes to the truth. They will lie, cheat and steal in order to destroy anyone who gets in their way. Sarah Palin gets in their way. It it quite amusing to watch.

In addition, it’s like this. Someone on the left will say 80 percent of the people want the public option. However, they leave out the fact the 55 percent don’t want any health care plan mucking through congress. So they are full of half truths. Which is what liberals do to issues.

Sarah Palin and her message is one which amplifies the fact we are still the greatest nation in the world.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

[…] Is she running for president? Seeking a coffee summit with Hillary Clinton? Or just selling her book? The only clear answer about Sarah Palin’s intentions is that the questions are drawing lots and lots of U.S. media attention. Read more at 1/16/the-first-draft-palin-for-president  / […]

Posted by The First Draft: Palin for President? | News Carrier! | Report as abusive

TC, I merely addressed your accusations, and now you accuse me of changing the subject. Every time you are confronted with your lies, you simply lie again and claim victory. A strategy you learned, no doubt, from years of listening to Limbaugh. The only one on this blog who buys your nonsense is your fellow blog-droid brian lee.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

getplaning. You are a choirboy…chuckle.

I also chuckle because I don’t lie. I just present the truth and the majority of Americans agree with me. Your diatribes are nothing but chatter that don’t answer anything, because you have no rational argument to back up the fact that your guys in power are reeling. The independents are fleeing in droves now that they understand the mistake they made helping elect someone who espouses your valueless ideals.

The facts don’t back up your baseless claims. It makes me smile watching your airplane go down in flames.

BTW, you aren’t smarter than a 5th grader.

Oh..You have nothing to say about NY 23? That says volumes. Again, everything I have said has and is coming true.

Also, concerning the article. What has you and your progressive friends in such a tizzy is that Palin would beat Obama if she decided to run for president. The interesting part is that the left knows it and in your heart, you know it too.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

NY-23? Last time I checked, it was still the loss of another Republican House seat. And Bill Owens, the new Democrat, cast the vote that allowed the House healthcare bill to pass. So what, exactly, is your point? Are you still trying to claim victory here, too?

You can always have the last word…but you are having a hard time with the truth.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

getplaning. Once again you can’t see the forest for the trees.

That’s fine in your one dimenional world. I understand you aren’t smarter than a 5th grader.

NY 23. I won’t repeat what the electorate is saying behind your squeaker of a win for your liberal liar (I do not support the public option…then the day after the election says he is for the public option…yeah, typical liberal…). He beats someone who was in the election for only 3 weeks, was down 15 points and now….as the votes are still being counted is within 2 points. Yeah, go ahead and keep your head in the sand. You know your side is on a sinking ship. I makes me smile at your ignorance.

This is all what makes this article interesting. Palin is a real threat to this administration and congress. If she were to run, she would likely beat Obama because Americans are fleeing from his socialist agenda. The independents are saying they made a mistake to elect this bunch. They are destroying this country as we speak. Yes, destroy…

Posted by TC | Report as abusive