Live blogging Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue”

By Reuters Staff
November 17, 2009

Veteran Reuters political correspondent Steve Holland is reading Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue: An American Life” and sharing his thoughts on Twitter. He’s well-qualified as a reader — he broke the news of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy on the eve of the Republican National Convention.************Follow Steve on Twitter***


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Venal, vain, vulgar

Here we have a woman that has proven over and over again her inability to grasp the concept of veracity. Why would anybody waste their money and time to buy and read her book?

Posted by Gerald Mark Causey | Report as abusive

Apparently and not surprisingly her book is full of fabrications. She is a Dolt, a Quiter and i’m going to vandalize her books at the local bookstore…

Posted by mike in vegas | Report as abusive

mike in vegas. Typical leftist response to anyone who is a conservative. You are admitting to a crime. That’s about right for you extreme progressives.Hope you get caught and go to jail.

Posted by TC | Report as abusive

I’m with you, TC! Americans have the RIGHT — nay, the RESPONSIBILITY to buy SEVERAL copies of this book (those which haven’t already been gobbled up by far right wing websites to be given away in hopes of hiking her sales numbers) and it’s a BARGAIN since Wal-Mart pretty much already cut the price by 2/3 and has it in the remainder pile! I’m not suggesting that anyone READ it, mind you, as it is apparently packed with self-aggrandizing lies and fabrications by America’s PRETTIEST liar/fabricator/quitter. But GOOD GOLLY! I’m sure we ALL have a wobbly table or a chair that could be leveled out by putting this otherwise condemnable waste of paper under one of the legs.

Dear Writer,I am following you in twitter website.As per my knowledge goes correctly, I have seen of writing books,writing columns in leading newspapers,magazines etc., and also giving many lecture,and more interview with media networks by less known, less popular politicians after their defeat in democratic process.Mrs.Sara,vice presidential nominee in last American election wanted to say some things to her country people.She had utilized this opportunity by writing her thoughts and converted in a book.We can read once or twice ,then it will become history of English books.

I still haven’t figured out Reuters fascination with Palin, she eats or drinks and they write about it.If I could get one blog about Ron Paul for every 50 they give Sarah Palin I’d be in heaven, cuz he certainly has at least as many supporters.Oh but that’s right, he’s not a status quo politician like all the other ones they constantly talk about.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive