Obama nominates Bush spokeswoman to broadcast board

November 19, 2009

She represented President George W. Bush before the world’s media and now is a commentator for Fox News. And she’s been quite a vocal critic of the current White House. USA/

But he nominated her anyway.

President Barack Obama nominated his predecessor’s press secretary, Dana Perino, to the bipartisan Broadcasting Board of Governors.

We asked Perino about it, and she told us that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell put her name forward for the position.

“I was honored that Senator McConnell recommended me, and humbled when I found out it was accepted. I look forward to meeting the senators and to hopefully earning their support for confirmation.”

Yup, she still has to get the Senate’s stamp of approval.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (Perino at White House daily press briefing in 2007)


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It could be worse, Obama could have nominated Ari Fleischer.

Posted by Greg in Dallas | Report as abusive

Bull. Bi-partisanship is great when recipocated. Since Nixon, Reagan and Gingrich it is a lost art. (Ask Rush) We need Demos in office no more radical right wing, anti-democracy nuts.

Posted by bob camp | Report as abusive

It’s a bipartisan panel. Dana Perino is certainly qualified for this position, whether you like her politics or not. Moving from the propaganda arm of the GOP to the propaganda arm of the USA is a big win for her. I hope she succeeds.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

She is all class, ever heard her speak. Smart and knowledgable.Ask her a question, she doesnt need a teleprompter or prepared answers , unlike the childish name calling ,play the race card because they have no facts, Liberals. Having some of these politicians take a simple IQ test would be great.Then you would learn all you need to know about the left today, period. After all don’t we still have 57 states? The media can only blow smoke for so long, the truth will come out. Already is, and 2010 will be a great time to prove it!

Posted by Mirac | Report as abusive

Lol talk about a woman of principle.”Gee golly I’m against this president but if he offers me a spot on the payroll and a chance to get more famous I’ll run at a sprinter’s pace to sign up!!!!”

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

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