The First Draft: Will Giuliani try for the U.S. Senate?

November 20, 2009

He probably won’t run for New York governor but might for the U.S. Senate … or will he?
That’s the speculation swirling around Rudy Giuliani, the Republican former New York City mayor who walked tall after the Sept. 11 attacks and ran for U.S. president in 2008.
A spokeswoman says the 65-year-old former federal prosecutor has made no decisions.
But the New York Daily News, the New York Times  and the New York Post  all report that Giuliani has decided not to run for New York governor in 2010. USA-POLITICS
Analysts think he could defeat Democratic incumbent Governor David Paterson without much fuss. But overcoming a possible challenge from New York’s Democratic attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, could be have been difficult. Cuomo has not announced his candidacy.
The Daily News reports that Giuliani is strongly considering a Senate run against Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to fill out the remaining two years of Hillary Clinton’s term. Clinton, who lost in last year’s Democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama, is now U.S. secretary of state.

The Daily News cites poll numbers showing Giuliani losing to Cuomo 53 percent to 43 percent in a race for governor,  but beating Gillibrand 54 percent to 40 percent for the Senate.

But the Senate speculation may not last long.

The New York Post quotes people close to Giuliani as saying a run for the Senate is unlikely.

And even the Daily News  seems to be hedging its bets with a story saying Giuliani doesn’t need to run for the Senate because he already has plenty of money and influence and a private life that’s working out just fine.
Giuliani ran for the Senate in a 2000 campaign that pitted him against Clinton. But events and declining poll numbers were against him and he withdrew after a quick succession of revelations: he had prostate cancer, he had a girlfriend, and he was separating from his second wife.
Giuliani has since beaten cancer, divorced his second wife, Donna Hanover, and married his former girlfriend, Judith Nathan.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (Giuliani)


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I sure hope he doesn’t. We’re trying hard to clean the senate up as it is.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Surely the people of NY are smart enough to not elect this clown. His 9-11 police chief is in prison and this is a direct reflection of the corruption that this so called mayor exhibits. There are enough problems in the senate without this idiot.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

“We’re trying hard to clean the senate up as it is.”- Posted by jason That’s why I’d support Rudy vs. Gillibrand or anyone else. I witnessed how he cleaned up NYC after the pathetic failure of a mayor named Dinkins. The Senate, as well as the House, definitely needs to be cleaned of Obamacrats, and I can’t wait for 2010 Elections. If Rudy wants to be a part of the cleanup – good luck, though I’d rather would like to see him NY State Guv.

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

Giuliani is a failure. Hopefully, the state will not install a another failure as a senator.

Posted by the Gaul | Report as abusive

A leader is judged by his or her past actions. Giuliani has served New York with distinction irrespective of his political leanings. Objectively Mr Giuliani has very impressive credentials. He would be an asset in any public office he decides to run for. He is head and shoulders above Sarah Palin and should consider running as a Republican candidate for President.

Posted by Pancha Chandra | Report as abusive

This guy is like tired mayonnaise. I wish he would go home.

Posted by scott | Report as abusive

[…] does former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani have in the cards for possible future runs? All reliable sources have said that he has ruled out a run against current New York Governor, David Patterson in 2010. […]

Posted by   The Fate of the Noun, the Verb, and 9/11 by Kicking Ass Ann Arbor | Report as abusive

I hope Giuliani runs! He’d be an excellent senator! He is smart and highly respected.

Posted by Amy Hass | Report as abusive

If there was no 9/11; Giuliani would not be known as a notable Mayor of New York. His popularity was declining; and Police Chief is in Jail and he was losing his patience in running New York City. He did, however, a great job in cleaning up crime in the City, by locking up lots of criminals and knew how to deal with criminals. He had a mixed record; but 9/11 made him a hero. His behavior with his wife was deplorable and his own children disowned him for his infidelity.

Posted by helpeveryone | Report as abusive

His kids hate him, his wife hates him, his police cheif hates him, those who volunteered for the 9/11 cleanup who subsequently got sick hate him, the closer you get to him the dirtier it gets.If you’re the type of person who likes that we have 5% of the worlds population and 25% of its prison population than you’ll like Guiliani.This was a nice reminder for me to youtube the part of the republican debates where Ron Paul makes Guiliani look even dumber than he does on his own (has to do with blowback from our foreign policy).

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

Just what New York needs a senator in drag. What should he wear to the swearing in pumps or heals, formal or house dress.

Posted by infohunter | Report as abusive

He cleaned up New York City. New York State needs him. I hope he runs, despite all the haters.

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

ThRepublicans need another wife cheater in the senate. THey ought to have a republican wife cheating caucus.

Posted by mike stuiut | Report as abusive

Guiliano is a clown, but he has some leadership ability. Right now there is a vacuum in leadership at the White House and it’s name is Obama. When you turn the switch to foreign affairs–it sucks, when you turn the switch to domestic affairs–it blows

Posted by April | Report as abusive