‘Going Rogue’ Palin trumps best sellers in first week

November 25, 2009

Watch out James Patterson, Stephen King and Dan Brown. Sarah Palin has you beat — at least this USA-POLITICS/PALINweek.

All that experience on the campaign trail has served Palin well. The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, who is popular among many U.S. conservatives, has excelled in the first week of her multi-state, campaign-style media tour to promote her new book which was released on Nov. 17.

The former Alaskan governor’s memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life” topped the charts in its first week of publication.  Nielsen Bookscan said the new author eclipsed best-sellers Patterson and King whose books also debuted that week.

In a comparison of other first week book sales by current or past presidents or vice presidential candidates, Palin came in second only to former President Bill Clinton who sold about 606,000 copies of his memoir “My Life” in its debut week.  The former Republican vice presidential candidate’s sales at 469,000 were just above Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “Living History”.

The figures don’t include numbers from big box stores Wal-Mart, Sam’s, BJs or libraries.

USA-POLITICS/MCCAIN-PALINFans have told of driving for hours to wait in long, snaking lines at Palin’s book-signings which are reminiscent of last year’s campaign stops.

Palin’s sales were far above those of President Barack Obama, for his 2007 best-seller “Audacity of Hope”, which garnered him so much success as he launched his run for the presidency.

Palin, who stirred controversy with her new book even before it landed on the shelves, complained in her memoir that she was “all bottled up” last year by advisers to her running mate, the Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

After the book was published, McCain strongly defended the top advisers from his 2008 campaign who were sharply criticized by Palin in “Going Rogue.”

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Photo credits:  Reuters/Larry Downing (Palin’s book on sale at a book store) ; Reuters/Rebecca Cook (Palin signs books in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Nov. 18)


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The more significant issue is, how many of those multitudes of books will actually get read? Ms Palin has already proven herself to be semi-literate at best in regard to the important issues of the day. Can we really expect her fans to have gotten past “Go Spot, go!”?

Posted by Tim Haugen | Report as abusive

So Palin’s book is a best seller…just another prime example of the dumbing down of America.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

Palin will go down in history as an ignorant Far Right”so called religious” BIGOT. Whose facts are always wrong.She adores herself and lying is second nature to her.She should never have quit her job as Governor of Alaska. She could have taken the next few years to muscle up on intelligence on REAL ISSUE THAT MATTER. Too Bad.

Posted by David Scott | Report as abusive

Palin signed 20,000 books this week. Arrived early and stayed late to ensure has many fans as possible got their book sign and got to met her. She is doing the hardwork that most people would faint at. she also gave about 10 national interivews, had trig and piper full time with her 24/7. she made close to 7 million this week. You liberal idiots wish you had 1/10th the work ethic and stamina this woman has. You unhinged haters also wish you had 1/10th the money she now has.The comments from the liberals show how totally unintellignet and void of thought they really are. All they can type is unhinged hate.

Posted by unseen | Report as abusive

Sarah P’s most noticeable characteristic is her uncanny ability to expose jealousy (or whatever it is) in otherwise good and gentle people.Why do (otherwise) good people say ugly things about a woman they know nothing about, except, of course, that she is an ex-governor of Alaska?If you are one of the ugly people who has said nasty things about Sarah Palin, ask yourself how you’d feel if perfect strangers hated you and said disparaging things about you for no reason?Personally, I admire any person, man or woman, who has done so much with their life. What have you done with yours?

Posted by DammitDewd | Report as abusive

I will not defend Sarah Palin, she is her own best defender, for she is a very strong woman who has withstood all the left and rinos have thrown at her and, she is still standing tall and marching onward.But, not at all surprised to see all the usual suspects are out bad mouthing Governor Palin, not to worry though, they ain’t seen nothing yet. Palin the populist williwaw is about to be unleashed out of the northland like a force of nature upon the political world and, few in the lower 48 know anything about the most formidable and overwhelming power of a williwaw. On a calm sunny day, out of nowhere, it can wreak havoc and destruction upon the unwary, demasting their ships in thought to be safe harbors and heeling them over, to sink into a watery grave.If the pathetic thin skinned narcissist man-child in the WH would have 1:100th of such trash to deal with, he would long ago have been relegated to laying under the oval office desk in a fetal position sucking on his thumb.Urinate off a liberal, sign up as a fan and supporter -(join over 1,068,600 others) on Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalinFor all the latest on Governor Palin: http://www.conservatives4palin.com

Posted by Travis | Report as abusive

Used to work in a “remainder shop” bookstore… where all the unsold, returned, or overstock copies of expensive books go to be sold for pennies on the dollar.Every time one of these rightwing fantasies came out, it’d hit the “best-seller” list, and about two or three weeks later a truck the size of Alaska would show up at our loading dock and unload ten or twelve pallets of the thing, still in sealed boxes from the printing plant, with shipping labels addressed to some wingnut foundation or think tank. We’d keep maybe a case, just on the off chance that we could eventually unload them, and toss the rest into the paper recycling dumpster in the back. (Frequently we’d have to have an extra pickup to clear the dumpster…)I was given to understand that this was a common sight at shops like ours…It’s a way of buying “popularity” – enormous numbers of copies, preordered, delivered, and immediately discarded. Gotta figure there were lots of quantity discounts, so it wouldn’t be more than a few mil to make the insanity look like the flavor of the month…. cheap advertising for the ideology…And, GOP normal, a complete fraud from start to finish.

Posted by stormkite | Report as abusive

As one who has actually read the book, I have to shake my head. Not at the book, but at those who deride both the contents (which they have clearly NOT read) and its author. Her grasp of a broad range of issues from social concerns to fiscal responsibility to foreign policy comes through loud and clear in the text. While definitely a believer in God, she shows no sign of desiring to push her faith on anyone else. I’m not a Christian myself and am fairly sensitive to that sort of thing. And rather than Going Rogue being an example of the dumbing down of America, it bodes well to become a mainstay of smartening up America.Likewise, calling her a bigot of any sort would seem to be unfounded. Here is a lady who despite her views on abortion would never want to see anyone go to jail for choosing to abort a pregnancy and who has recently been quoted in the mainstream media as saying (regarding the Muslim faith), “Fight the terrorists. Leave the religious wars out of it.”Remember that old commercial, “Where’s the beef?” In Sarah Palin’s case, I have to ask, “Where’s the bigot?”

Posted by Fred Baker | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin, sadly for the left, is an American through and through and that is unfamiliar to the liberal minority in this country. They never got it before, and they don’t get it now. The mere fact that the left is obsessed with criticizing Palin means that she is doing very well for the conservatives.

Posted by Phil Badone | Report as abusive

The three previous posting are only talking to their own choir,and the repetitiveness of their message seems is necessary for them to keep convince themselves.But what they don,t seem to realize is that the uncontrolled viciousness that they are spewing out only shows independents that behind this facade of enlightenment when the mask slips these liberal progressives are the most restrictive and self interest seeking of the different factions.Conservatives are under no illusion that liberals have only one coarse of action if their agenda is not accepted and that is that the discourse has to be shut down.But what we are seeing is that people are looking at Sarah Palin objectively and realizing that her points of view are more inline with their own,and realizing that the progressive direction is not really the way they want to go.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Sarah is a good person. She is not a liberal elitist. I will support her on that basis alone. The posts I see here from wanna be elitists show their ignorance and lack of manners. They attack with falsehoods and vicious name calling.

Posted by Chz Wiz | Report as abusive

The radical left wing in this country still do not have a clue why Sarah Palin is so loved and popular. She is quite simply everything they are not …. and never will be. She has integrity, the moral courage to speak out even if it is politically incorrect and most importantly will put her state and country ahead of her own ambitions. The left needs to fear her because she is awakening the conservative movement in this country. The tea party movement is only the tip of the iceburg, Judgement day comes for the left in the form of the 2010 elections.

Posted by Gray Ghost | Report as abusive

Excellent book! Way to go, Sarah!!

Posted by patricia | Report as abusive

You Palin haters are successfully making her a wealthy women. Keep up the good work and thanks, as you’re uplifting her platform form which she can speak to the American people.

Posted by Adam Colter | Report as abusive

I’m glad she is doing so well despite all the personal attacks on her and her children. Happy Thanksgiving.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

The hateful and degrading remarks which the first three commenters posted reflects their own bigotry and fear and their contempt for the regular American people who actually work and produce, who join the military and serve their country. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. They adore and revere a narcissistic con artist who had virtually no real-world experience at managing or producing anything, but they have contempt for a woman who simultaneously raised a family, ran businesses, educated herself, and rose to the governorship of the Alaska while defeating the corrupt politicians of both the Democrat and Republican machines in her state.No wonder they fear and loathe her. She embodies everything they are not and can never be: capable, productive, and possessed of common sense and decent values.Just keep it up, you fools. Palin and her supporters grow stronger with every hate-filled rant you contemptible idiots spew.

Posted by novaclus | Report as abusive

even on thanksgiving the rats are still scurrying around…whine and complain liberal nut jobs… it won’t accomplish anything.Obama is a disaster and everyone knows it. Next year it will be adios Democratsand the United States will be much better for it.

Posted by james | Report as abusive

I’ve noticed a correlation between how many book critics don’t read the book they critique and their affiliation to democratic liberalism, i.e. attack the person not the issue(s). Still looking for a study to to explain the relationship between a democratic liberal’s literacy and their critique of the book?

Posted by ChrisG | Report as abusive

The same pundits who claim Palin to be such an idiot proclaim Obama to be a genius. Yet, what evidence can they present of that genius?Name 5 examples of Obama’s genius prior to becoming POTUS? Name 5 after? I could write Obama’s entire resume prior to becoming POTUS on the back of a cocktail napkin.If Obama was arrested for being a “genius”, could he provide enough evidence to be convicted?

Posted by Bill Mitchell | Report as abusive

The comments so far are proof that the libs can’t stand somebody with more brains than the fool that we have running the country now.Go Sarah Go….:o)

Posted by Vod Kanockers | Report as abusive

Obama crashing, Sarah rising.Life is good!!!

Posted by idesign | Report as abusive

I see the typical hacks are here condemming her as usual.You know those shes stupid,shes a quitter rants are getting old.Everyone knows now she quit because Os thugs were bankrupting her by using that file bogus complaints method.Who wouldnt quit if it cost you 500,000,and another 18 months ment another million.Her wage is what,70,000?So that tosses both your lame arguments to the feakin curb.I read her book its a good read.Her ideas expressed to get America back on track make sense.You know she saved billions in her state for tough times like now?Cut earmarks 85%,hundreds of millions of wasteful spending,made her states taxes Americas lowest,negotiated a massive pipeline deal.Theres way to much shes done that tosses your shes stupid argument out the door haters.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

How many read Bill or Hillary Clinton’s books?

Posted by susan | Report as abusive

Well Tim, Kelly and DavidThanks much for your through book reviews – Oh wait you haven’t read the book? And you call Ms. Palin ignorant?Ignorant is commenting about a book you haven’t read. From the nature of your comments, it is readily apparent that your critical thinking skills aren’t quite up to snuff, and give everyone a clear indication of how much weight to give your opinions.Don’t want to change your minds, a wise man once said:”Do not attempt to teach a pig to dance – it’s a waste of your time and it frustrates the pig”.

Posted by HoosierHawk | Report as abusive

Writing a book and going on tour to promote it’s sale is a time honored right of free expression. Writing a criticq is also a time honored right. It seems that the first three critics have availed themselves of another time honored right that being to make a fool of onesself.

Posted by walter hantscho | Report as abusive

Two comments -1. It is a sure sign of fear and complete lack of real arguments to have to fall back on the “well you’re just stupid” mantra, welcome to the return of childish insults.2. Presuming that these commentors are from England since this is a Reuters story – how well is your country doing these days? Maybe you need to start looking for your next Margaret Thatcher while we try to find our next Ronald Reagan?And one more thought/question – if Palin and her supporters are so dumb, and completely insignificant, then why the lefts obsession with attacking her? If she is so impossibly stupid, then why not leave her alone, let her be the top Republican and doom the party? Do you think maybe it is because she isn’t as dumb and insignificant as they are trying to make her out to be – what is that old saying, “Me thinks, thou dost protest too much.”

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

I read the comments above with a mixture of amusement and bemusement. The authors seem to believe that they are smarter and more literate than Sarah Palin and her fans.Notwithstanding the commenters’ self-regard, all three commit errors of diction or grammar. One commenter seems unaware of the social convention that capitalizing whole words is the Internet equivalent of shouting. Shouting, along with his semi-literate errors, usually is the mark of a crank.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

There is nothing more sad and “dumbed down” than liberals calling someone like Palin ignorant and a bigot. You liberals support a party whose main financial backer was a Nazi-enabler and whose senior U.S. Senator was a Ku Klux Klan officer who personally filibustered the Civil RIghts Act. So, get a grip on reality — liberals are the real bigots.It’s also funny that anyone who voted for Obama makes fun of any other politician ever, for “adoring herself.”And Happy Thanksgiving.

Posted by R | Report as abusive

Amazing isn’t it. Just mention Palin’s name and the “I hate Sarah reflex” is instantly spewed by the malevolent Lefties.One calls her “semi-literate” and I wonder how many books he has written, how many towns,(even small ones, he has been mayor of, and how many States he has governed. Could any of these narrow minded bigots have stood up as well to a bush-wacking press determined to marginalize and belittle. Sarah’s honesty and intelligence is a breath of fresh air in the midst of the putrid atmosphere of the swamp of Liberal lies, pretensions and hatred.

Posted by Arnonerik | Report as abusive

These lefty, liberal, “hating” blog postings are just another example ignorance, and dumbing down of America.

Posted by Barry O’BAMA | Report as abusive

Reading Sarah’s book was a joy – just fininhed last night. It was great to get to know her family and to have a better understanding of how Sarah got to be Sarah. The commenters before me have undoubtedly NOT read her book and most likely never will. Then they call us dumb and ignorant. LOL Must be limiting to get all the news from MSNBC and NY Times.Maybe they need more practice reading? Sarah could fix that. Her Hong Kong speach would be a great place to start. That would be a test of their reading comprehension. I’m betting Owebamma would have fallen on his face even trying to read that on a teleprompter.

Posted by Carol Klein | Report as abusive

What jealous monters you all are. All nasty comments.

Posted by Catherine | Report as abusive

Who’s dumber, Sarah Palin, or a president who supports Climate Change legislation and its fake science?Who’s dumber, Sarah Palin, or a Harvard Law Professor who bows to the world’s royalty?Who’s dumber, Sarah Palin, or a community organizer in chief who gives an iPod full of his speeches to British Royalty?Who’s dumber, Sarah Palin, or a presidential candidate that says he’s been to “all 57 states”?Who’s dumber, Sarah Palin, or the Kenyan citizen who, just YESTERDAY, cited Abraham Lincoln as the first US President who declared Thanksgiving a national holiday (for those of you with liberal arts educations, it was George Washington who declared it a national holiday 74 years earlier).Sarah Palin is brilliant and reflects the true personality and origin of the United States outside the current coasts, as reflected by the popularity of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Fox News. Why don’t ABC, CBS, NBC news, MSNBC or CNN get good ratings? Why isn’t Air America still in business?If not for white guilt and support of the ultra-liberal Lamestream Media, The One would not be sitting in that rental property on Pennsylvania Avenue.Palin was blind-sided by the media frenzy against her, Katie Couric and Charles Gibson in particular, who left the real interview on the cutting room floor to publish anything that would make her look bad.I can’t wait to read her book.

Posted by Sherm Stevens | Report as abusive

oh yes, that stupid ms. palin–responsible for double digit unemployment and an economy that’s in the toilet. oh no, wait, that’s our SMART president who is so well-read and intellectual he can’t understand their are different formats for DVDs.this president is spiraling into a one-term loser of a president and ms. palin is shining. suck it democrats, you screwed up again! ahahahahahahah

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

The extremity of the reactions mostly from those on the left of the spectrum tells me they are afraid and they should be. That Palin speaks to and for people and they don’t get it shows just how out of touch with mainstream America they are.

Posted by Darrin | Report as abusive

Replace the word Palin with the word Reagan and the liberal comments suddenly age 30 years.

Posted by Howie of Kentucky | Report as abusive

I see that the objective intellectual/political superiors are up early this morning. Astounding demonstration. I don’t affiliate with the double standard culture I’m afraid, so the ad hominum stuff befuddles me. Got anything substative? Nope, didn’t think so…

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

Hello, as a fairly middle-minded poitical junkie, I confidently state that the more radical folks of both parties are equally nasty when it comes to their comments. I’ve not read Palin’s book, although I might. So I can’t comment on that. What I can comment on is the self-serving need for those who lean further to the right or left (than the majority of Americans) to demonstrate their ignorance while trying to incite some online riot with incendiary comments. On both sides, in these forums, the reactions are always the same: “the left/right-wing nut job doesn’t know anything.” I love the parallel between those trying to defend: it’s always with the same language. In some sense, that proves to me we are more alike than different, no matter our political stance: simply, we all want what’s best for our nation and her people. Sure our approaches are different, but the moderates are good, rational people. I say leave the radicals to themselves; let them stew in their fervor. Don’t waste your time yelling back at them. Dialogue between rational people works because we listen.

Posted by Thane | Report as abusive

You did not include the presale number either. Liberals will always run on a “Hatethis person” platform because they have no substance in their own message.They always expect conservatives to behave “politely” while they are Insulting, degradingand offensive them selves. No more. We have read your book, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules forRadicals” used by Hillary and Obama. We are going to give you a strong taste of your own medicine. Buzzy

Posted by Buzzymuzzwelle | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is such a hard working American. I love her message and her common sense approach to politics. The hateful left will never understand her. They identify with “elites” like ex-convict Martha Stewart. Martha did not even recognize her hypocrisy when admitting that she would never watch Sarah Palin if you paid her, yet seems to know that Sarah Palin is confused and boring. How would Martha know if she has never watched Sarah Palin? This is similar to Obama announcing that he did not know all the facts but was sure the officer acted “stupidly”. These elites just seem to know all the answers without having any of the facts. Typical of far left liberal hatred.

Posted by Norma | Report as abusive

Keep attacking Americans like Sarah Palin, Liberals! EVERY TIME you do, you insult hundreds of millions of other Americans who relate and share her walk in this wonderful nation.

Posted by pjean | Report as abusive

McCain calls Palin’s book ‘a good account\'”Former presidential candidate John McCain on Sunday played down any discord between his camp and aides to Sarah Palin, as detailed in the former Alaska governor’s memoir, Going Rogue.Sen. McCain, R-Ariz., said he has read the book by his vice presidential pick, which goes on sale Tuesday, and considers it “a good account” of the 2008 campaign. He acknowledged “tensions, a lot of back-and-forth” and “contradictions.”usatoday.com/NEWS/usaed ition/2009-11-16-capcol16_ST_U.htm?csp=3 4

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

“Going Rogue” is the #1 bestselling book at Amazon. Compare it to these losers:Nancy Pelosi’s “Know Your Power” released April 2009, ranks #85,750Barbara Boxer’s “Blind Trust” released July 2009, ranks #687,029Harry Reid’s “The Good Fight: From Searchlight to Washington” released May 2009, #1,474,817Obama’s “Dreams of My Father,” Hardcover edition released 2007, #265,884

Posted by Bossman | Report as abusive

With all the reports about how the Palin book is #1, how is it that the New York Times just cannot bring itself to even have it listed in the top five non fiction? If a newspaper cannot do an honest job of report something as mundane as book sales, how are we to trust the reporting on issues that matter?

Posted by cpmoodie | Report as abusive

Wake up Reuters. We all just got a lesson in number manipulation from the Global Warming Hoaxers.Lesson #1: always fact check what they leave out of the sample.In this case, this little comment “The figures don’t include numbers from big box stores Wal-Mart, Sam’s, BJs or libraries” at the end, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?are those not the big seller places?? Must be, since the publisher mentioned sales over 700.000 for the first week, that is 50% more than you report.Wonder if your political Polling numbers are also this much slanted and misrepresented to help your leftist world view.

Posted by huntingmoose | Report as abusive

The left wing Lib’s are hilarious. With their messiah in office a TOTAL disaster, it’s no wonder they are terrified. From some guy admitting he works unloading trucks at a $1 bookstore warehouse(he must be a genius so I have to believe he knows what he’s talking about) to another guy implying that the people who are actually out working to pay these high taxes for all these liberal social programs can’t, or wont read the book just shows their ignorance and disconnect with the average American. Just an FYI for you guys: if you look at the best sellers list for the last 3 – 4 years, the conservative authors have supported the publishing companies. You can rant all you want but the fact of the matter is, the conservatives people have been quiet because you have scared us for the last 20 years with all your cries of “racism” and “hatred”. Now that we know the truth which is we are the majority, we are silent no more! We are wise to your tricks and tactics now and will not be silenced any longer. Dems have controlled Congress for the last 7 years yet they continue to blame the right who actually has not been conservative for the last 10 – 12 years. The last 2x the Dems controlled the govt. we got……..The New Deal and the Great Society. People forget, give you guys a chance again and we get GM car company, Cap and Trade and socialized medicine. It takes a Carter to get a Reagan and Carter #2 is in his first term! Comon 2010!

Posted by Shane | Report as abusive

Sen.McCain endorsed her book,I hope to heck she doesn’t choose that jerk to be her Vice President!

Posted by Hal Halop | Report as abusive

I’m not surprised at Palin’s book sales, but I’m not sure the book itself will ultimately do her any favors. As John Tantillo pointed out on his blog, by focusing so much on the past (I think that about 1/2 the book covers the losing campaign),Palin sacrifices what was one of her (and Obama’s) key assets: “forward motion.”

Posted by steph | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is has likability, but as an independent voter I donot see a policy platform that would increase her chances of being elected in 2012. She is pro Iraq war and Afghanistan war. She believes that GWB preemptively invading countries was the right thing to do because she supports both wars that are being fought on lies. She agreed with the banker bailouts and stimulus packages. She supported the unconstitutional GWB patriot act and the canceling of Posse Comitatus.Come to think of it, Obama and GWB policies are exactly the same policies. So if you support Sarah Palin then you support GWB and Obama. If Sarah Palin has a change in heart and can get away from the old Neocon RINO way of thinking which is based on and confirmed to be the leftist trotskyites model of thought, then I may consider her in 2010.

Posted by Kate | Report as abusive

oops wrong key, 2012.

Posted by Kate | Report as abusive

Run Sarah run. You’ve got my vote.

Posted by doe archie | Report as abusive

(Townhall)The Townhall interns working hardand annoying the post officeThe Townhall interns get the pleasure of unpacking, stuffing, stamping and mailing the books that new subscribers get. The Sarah Palin books arrived this week and the interns have been working hard to keep up with demand all week.I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing today’s pile of books the Townhall interns have until 4pm to pack up and get to the post office – which isn’t always happy to see us coming with 3,000 conservative books to mail.Just in case you were wondering how wee fascist pinheads like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Jonah Goldberg can lodge their overwrought, underthought, illiterate horse-chokers in the throat of the NY Times Bestseller List, this is it. These “books” are not “bought” by “people” in any sense that you or I would recognize.They are bought by the palletload by the folks at Townhall and the Conservative Book of the Month Club and handed out free with other weekly or monthly subscriptions that arrive in your mailbox alongside the Weekly Standard and the National Review and other money-hemorrhaging conservative publications. When people talk about “wingnut welfare”, this is exactly what they mean.I’ve got relatives that “read” that stuff, and I’m sure I’ll see some copies of Goin’ Rogue on their bookshelves over the holidays, and I guarantee you this. When I pick them up and open them, their spines will make that “crack!” sound that means they’ve never been opened.

Posted by Glenn Beck’s Appendix | Report as abusive

I am independent that usually votes for the Democrat but so much of what she says and does aligns with my own values. If she runs then I will vote for her. I may even consider what she has to say about the candidates she likes just like she did in New York. She seems to be more about values and less about devotion to the Republicans and I really like seeing that for a change!

Posted by C. Hall | Report as abusive

Palin sounded so good when everybody was talking about potential vice president candidates and I liked what I was hearing about her taking on the corrupt politicians in Alaska. I liked McCain more in 2000 than 2008 and was hoping for someone that wouldn’t play the political parties games. Once they put Palin out there she just came off sounding so badly in every way possible. I still can’t stand to hear her speak because she just leaves me scratching my head. She can’t finish a thought completely before moving on to the next thing. She rehashes the tired and worn Republican b.s. in the middle of everything which takes away from what I thought my be different about her. I still can’t figure out her resignation speech and I watched it entirely two times over and then other parts over adnauseum. I never buy politicians books because most of them really don’t add anything positive to the discussion as I learned back in college when Reagan was in office. These people are so intellectually bankrupt by the party system on both sides that they have sold out almost anything they did beleive in to get to the offices they hold. We have this problem in Nebraska with Mike Johanns who was a Democrat back when I first started college here. He didn’t think he could make it as a pro-life Democrat here in Lincoln.

Posted by jeff stone | Report as abusive

Local (AK) political blog has done a thorough (and humurous!) job of debunking Ms. Palin’s rogue version of the truth here: http://bit.ly/61IZJ1 (not spam).

Posted by Alaskan freethinker | Report as abusive

Somebody please tell me what Palin’s ideas are, other than talking points like “lower taxes”, “family values” and “hard work”.These all sound great but where is the substance? Right now she is a cheerleader for the right wing of the GOP nothing else and not a very good one considering the candidate she endorsed in NY’s upstate district lost.Do we on the left hate her as so many have said? No, we just realize that she nothing real to say and that sometimes she contradicts her rhetoric with her actions.She was against the stimulus package but AK already gets $1.84 in federal money for every $1 that they pay in federal taxes.She is for abstinence only birth control but and we all know how that worked out at the Palin house.She is against the big oil companies in AK but took their campaign money.She was against the Bridge to Nowhere during the election but supported it before McCain picked her.She talks about hard work and commitment but couldn’t finish the term she was elected to or the job she had between mayor of Wasilla and the governorship.So, it’s not hate that rallies us against Palin it is her inadequacies, contradictions and lack of real ideas that bothers us.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Eric H,That’s a great point, it’s amazing how similar Obama and Palin are.They’ve both achieved nothing yet are loved by millions, and all they have to offer is bland rhetoric.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

sorry Eric read the blogs,pure unreasoned hatred not a good example for people advocating supporting the liberal cause.Yes there is attacks on Obama from us conservatives because we believe he is screwing up the country,but Sarah is not in that same position.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Brian, I don’t read political blogs for a reason, that being that anyone operating a blog has an agenda and viewpoint to push. A blogger is not held to any standard of truth other than by the people who read it and since the readers most likely agree with the bloggers opinion there is no fact checking. I’m not really interested in punditry or opinion pieces, I’m more interested in factual reporting.Michael Ham, granted it’s been a tough year for the Obama admin. but I think some progress has been made. Remember we started his term in huge financial hole. Some how the entire national debt has been made out to be Obama’s fault when it was quite hefty when he was elected.I think Obama has made more progress in middle east peace than the last three or four presidents. Yes, no deal yet but he started the process early in his term rather than waiting till the end of it like the last guy did.There is some loosening of credit markets and other small signs of economic recovery. Keep in mind that unemployment is always the last thing to recover from a recession.I guess the point is rather you agree with Obama or not we will never get things fixed if all we listen to is the fringe of either party. The voice of the moderate is lost in the screaming from both sides.

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Eric H,I’d rather listen to the fringe than the mainstream who think anything this gov’t does works.You’ve got those on the right with nothing but blind faith in our failure of a foreign policy.You’ve got those on the left with nothing but blind faith in US handling of healthcare.For conservatives, who kills the most innocent civilians? No terrorist organization, our warmongering.For liberals, who turns away the most people from expensive and difficult surgeries needed to save people’s lives? No insurance company, it’s Medicare.You take the mainstream, finger in ear, rah rah rah gov’t types, i’ll take the fringe groups who look at facts and know our gov’t is a complete failure.

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That was the shortest stay on the best seller’s list ever. Gone like a bad dream.

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