‘Going Rogue’ Palin trumps best sellers in first week

November 25, 2009

Watch out James Patterson, Stephen King and Dan Brown. Sarah Palin has you beat — at least this USA-POLITICS/PALINweek.

All that experience on the campaign trail has served Palin well. The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, who is popular among many U.S. conservatives, has excelled in the first week of her multi-state, campaign-style media tour to promote her new book which was released on Nov. 17.

The former Alaskan governor’s memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life” topped the charts in its first week of publication.  Nielsen Bookscan said the new author eclipsed best-sellers Patterson and King whose books also debuted that week.

In a comparison of other first week book sales by current or past presidents or vice presidential candidates, Palin came in second only to former President Bill Clinton who sold about 606,000 copies of his memoir ”My Life” in its debut week.  The former Republican vice presidential candidate’s sales at 469,000 were just above Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “Living History”.

The figures don’t include numbers from big box stores Wal-Mart, Sam’s, BJs or libraries.

USA-POLITICS/MCCAIN-PALINFans have told of driving for hours to wait in long, snaking lines at Palin’s book-signings which are reminiscent of last year’s campaign stops.

Palin’s sales were far above those of President Barack Obama, for his 2007 best-seller “Audacity of Hope”, which garnered him so much success as he launched his run for the presidency.

Palin, who stirred controversy with her new book even before it landed on the shelves, complained in her memoir that she was “all bottled up” last year by advisers to her running mate, the Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

After the book was published, McCain strongly defended the top advisers from his 2008 campaign who were sharply criticized by Palin in “Going Rogue.”

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Photo credits:  Reuters/Larry Downing (Palin’s book on sale at a book store) ; Reuters/Rebecca Cook (Palin signs books in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Nov. 18)


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Run Sarah run. You’ve got my vote.

(Townhall)The Townhall interns working hardand annoying the post officeThe Townhall interns get the pleasure of unpacking, stuffing, stamping and mailing the books that new subscribers get. The Sarah Palin books arrived this week and the interns have been working hard to keep up with demand all week.I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing today’s pile of books the Townhall interns have until 4pm to pack up and get to the post office – which isn’t always happy to see us coming with 3,000 conservative books to mail.Just in case you were wondering how wee fascist pinheads like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Jonah Goldberg can lodge their overwrought, underthought, illiterate horse-chokers in the throat of the NY Times Bestseller List, this is it. These “books” are not “bought” by “people” in any sense that you or I would recognize.They are bought by the palletload by the folks at Townhall and the Conservative Book of the Month Club and handed out free with other weekly or monthly subscriptions that arrive in your mailbox alongside the Weekly Standard and the National Review and other money-hemorrhaging conservative publications. When people talk about “wingnut welfare”, this is exactly what they mean.I’ve got relatives that “read” that stuff, and I’m sure I’ll see some copies of Goin’ Rogue on their bookshelves over the holidays, and I guarantee you this. When I pick them up and open them, their spines will make that “crack!” sound that means they’ve never been opened.

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I am independent that usually votes for the Democrat but so much of what she says and does aligns with my own values. If she runs then I will vote for her. I may even consider what she has to say about the candidates she likes just like she did in New York. She seems to be more about values and less about devotion to the Republicans and I really like seeing that for a change!

Posted by C. Hall | Report as abusive

Palin sounded so good when everybody was talking about potential vice president candidates and I liked what I was hearing about her taking on the corrupt politicians in Alaska. I liked McCain more in 2000 than 2008 and was hoping for someone that wouldn’t play the political parties games. Once they put Palin out there she just came off sounding so badly in every way possible. I still can’t stand to hear her speak because she just leaves me scratching my head. She can’t finish a thought completely before moving on to the next thing. She rehashes the tired and worn Republican b.s. in the middle of everything which takes away from what I thought my be different about her. I still can’t figure out her resignation speech and I watched it entirely two times over and then other parts over adnauseum. I never buy politicians books because most of them really don’t add anything positive to the discussion as I learned back in college when Reagan was in office. These people are so intellectually bankrupt by the party system on both sides that they have sold out almost anything they did beleive in to get to the offices they hold. We have this problem in Nebraska with Mike Johanns who was a Democrat back when I first started college here. He didn’t think he could make it as a pro-life Democrat here in Lincoln.

Posted by jeff stone | Report as abusive

Local (AK) political blog has done a thorough (and humurous!) job of debunking Ms. Palin’s rogue version of the truth here: http://bit.ly/61IZJ1 (not spam).

Posted by Alaskan freethinker | Report as abusive

Somebody please tell me what Palin’s ideas are, other than talking points like “lower taxes”, “family values” and “hard work”.These all sound great but where is the substance? Right now she is a cheerleader for the right wing of the GOP nothing else and not a very good one considering the candidate she endorsed in NY’s upstate district lost.Do we on the left hate her as so many have said? No, we just realize that she nothing real to say and that sometimes she contradicts her rhetoric with her actions.She was against the stimulus package but AK already gets $1.84 in federal money for every $1 that they pay in federal taxes.She is for abstinence only birth control but and we all know how that worked out at the Palin house.She is against the big oil companies in AK but took their campaign money.She was against the Bridge to Nowhere during the election but supported it before McCain picked her.She talks about hard work and commitment but couldn’t finish the term she was elected to or the job she had between mayor of Wasilla and the governorship.So, it’s not hate that rallies us against Palin it is her inadequacies, contradictions and lack of real ideas that bothers us.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Eric H,That’s a great point, it’s amazing how similar Obama and Palin are.They’ve both achieved nothing yet are loved by millions, and all they have to offer is bland rhetoric.

Posted by Michael Ham | Report as abusive

sorry Eric read the blogs,pure unreasoned hatred not a good example for people advocating supporting the liberal cause.Yes there is attacks on Obama from us conservatives because we believe he is screwing up the country,but Sarah is not in that same position.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Brian, I don’t read political blogs for a reason, that being that anyone operating a blog has an agenda and viewpoint to push. A blogger is not held to any standard of truth other than by the people who read it and since the readers most likely agree with the bloggers opinion there is no fact checking. I’m not really interested in punditry or opinion pieces, I’m more interested in factual reporting.Michael Ham, granted it’s been a tough year for the Obama admin. but I think some progress has been made. Remember we started his term in huge financial hole. Some how the entire national debt has been made out to be Obama’s fault when it was quite hefty when he was elected.I think Obama has made more progress in middle east peace than the last three or four presidents. Yes, no deal yet but he started the process early in his term rather than waiting till the end of it like the last guy did.There is some loosening of credit markets and other small signs of economic recovery. Keep in mind that unemployment is always the last thing to recover from a recession.I guess the point is rather you agree with Obama or not we will never get things fixed if all we listen to is the fringe of either party. The voice of the moderate is lost in the screaming from both sides.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Eric H,I’d rather listen to the fringe than the mainstream who think anything this gov’t does works.You’ve got those on the right with nothing but blind faith in our failure of a foreign policy.You’ve got those on the left with nothing but blind faith in US handling of healthcare.For conservatives, who kills the most innocent civilians? No terrorist organization, our warmongering.For liberals, who turns away the most people from expensive and difficult surgeries needed to save people’s lives? No insurance company, it’s Medicare.You take the mainstream, finger in ear, rah rah rah gov’t types, i’ll take the fringe groups who look at facts and know our gov’t is a complete failure.

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That was the shortest stay on the best seller’s list ever. Gone like a bad dream.

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