Democrats hope to succeed where Teddy Roosevelt failed on healthcare

November 30, 2009

Democrats hope to succeed where Republican President Theodore Roosevelt failed — provide medical coverage for all Americans. HEALTH-USA/

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, who played a major role in writing the legislation now being debated in the Senate, in making the modern day case for healthcare reform cited Roosevelt’s unsuccessful 1912 campaign after he broke away from the Republican Party.

“As in Teddy Roosevelt’s time, we seek protection against the hazards of sickness,” Baucus said. “Of necessity, we seek a system uniquely adapted to American use. And recognizing the daunting task still ahead of us, we pledge ourselves to work unceasingly, to get the job done.”

Roosevelt never saw healthcare coverage for everyone enacted into law. But nearly a century later, Congress seems ready to do what Roosevelt sought and enact healthcare reform that extends medical coverage to most people in the United States.

Republicans stand solidly against the healthcare bill that the Senate is expected to debate for at least three weeks. For those watching it on C-Span don’t be confused by the title of the bill flashed at the bottom of the screen.

The Senate is using as a vehicle for the healthcare overhaul a House-passed bill making sure that military members serving overseas do not miss out on the first-time home buyers tax credit that expires in April.

The Constitution requires revenue measures to originate in the House of Representatives so it is not unusual for the Senate to use a House-passed bill as a vehicle for legislation that includes taxes.

The Senate did not pick the House-passed healthcare bill as the instrument for its version, but instead picked a bill titled “Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act.”

Maybe that will help with wavering Democrats.

Despite the title, the Senate debate will be about the 2,074-page healthcare reform bill that is being offered as an amendment to the tax credit legislation.

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Looks like Baucus has a few problems to worry about besides health care.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

If legislation requires 2000 plus pages to be passed into law, how will any one know all that is required by that legislation? Health care and the war are two of the most serious matters facing this country and like climate change the facts, public opinion and expert advice from people working in the trenches are being ignored. However loud the pharmaceuticals and insurance companies cry you can be sure they are getting the most input to this legislative process.

Posted by eddieblack | Report as abusive

Health care may be serious and no one is denying that fact. However, the American people are opposed to the current mess working its way through congress. It isn’t the answer to our health care problems. 54 percent are opposed. 80 percent of the people with insurance are happy with it and don’t want to change. It’s a 2000 page of mumbled jargon that congress and the president have no right making into law.

As for climate change, the facts say otherwise. The information has been manipulated to show things happening that aren’t happening. It is a scam and the governments by way of the UN are trying to force this fiasco on us so we are further indebted to the government. Don’t say there is a problem, when the facts say otherwise. The hackers did the world a favor by exposing the lies the global warming bunch have been telling the world. Al Gore should be in jail rather than flying on his jets to spread his lies.

Those of you who want to force this agenda on us are the one who will make everyone that criticizes you into the enemy. The pharmaceuticals and insurance companies are a case in point. They aren’t the enemies. Never have been.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive