Official Washington dreams of breaking out of the bubble

December 8, 2009

OBAMA/Many in Washington dream of it, few manage it.

But for the President of the United States, it is just about impossible.

We’re talking about breaking out of the bubble.

The presidency is probably the biggest bubble in town. Think about the surrounding layers: physical protection from the Secret Service, political protection from senior aides and ego protection from a multitude of sycophants.

So it caught our ear when President Barack Obama broke away from his prepared remarks for an economic speech today and talked about the difficulty of escaping the bubble.

LITHUANIA/“Sometimes it’s hard to break out of the bubble here in Washington and remind ourselves that behind these statistics are people’s lives, their capacity to do right by their families,” Obama said as he recalled a recent trip to Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he met people at a job center.

“It speaks to an urgent need to accelerate job growth in the short-term while laying a new foundation for lasting economic growth,” he said.

The president outlined proposals to aid the stricken jobs market where the unemployment rate is at 10 percent.

And he spoke about the need forĀ  “hearing as many voices as possible as we refine our proposals.”

He’s definitely reaching out for input… do we sense a little bubble fatigue?

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Obama delivers speech on economy), Reuters/Vasily Fedosenko (couple blows soap bubbles)

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