Sasha and Malia Obama coy about Dad’s presents

December 22, 2009

Sasha and Malia Obama are keeping quiet about what they’ve got their father for Christmas, who has publicly complained that the rule in their household is that he gives the best gifts.

OBAMA/“It’s something he likes,” Sasha, his youngest daughter, said during a visit with her mother to the Childrens’ National Medical Center in Washington. First lady Michelle Obama confided that she was giving him “sports stuff.”
Michelle and the girls together with the first dog Bo visited the center in keeping with longstanding White House tradition and met afterward with some of the children, who wanted to know how many Christmas trees there were in the White House.

This proved a tricky one, with Michelle appealing to her staff for help before Sasha informed everyone that it was 26, although elder sister Malia pointed out that “unfortunately, you don’t get presents under all of them.” 

OBAMA/Among these many trees is a special one for wishes introduced by the Obamas as they celebrate their first Christmas at the White House.

“It is made out of cardboard.  And so you can write down a wish and you roll it up and then you can put it one of the holes and it might come true,” Sasha told the kids.

The other thing that everyone wanted to know was whether this Christmas was going to be very different than holidays in the past.

“Well, it will be easier to get on the plane,” said Sasha, nodding to the fact that travel is a lot simpler when you fly on Air Force One.

Photo credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst


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Here we have people living on the streets kids in Las Vegas alone there are 4,000 kids living on the streets by the end of the school they are saying it might be as high as 8,000 kids and here this so called leader who say’s he wants to help us how will he help us and for 26 trees why do you need that many and here we hit rock bottom and there kids are saying it’s great when they fly its great to get on a plane and who is paying for that we are.we all ready hit rock bottom My Dad came from German he was so proud to be came a USA and called this his country when any of his family talk in german he said we live here in the good old USA speak english I now he is truning over in his grave. Why should we pay for this I am sorry I get so made here we have people eating out of the garbge and obama don’t care. He only cares about himself why can’t he go on a plane that he has to pay for out of is pocket I get so made I miss spell words I had a Doc. who missed me up and now I am no longer can work my left arm just hangs there I can’t move it I am on 160MG of methadone for pain. I feel like a bum I work at my job for over 20 years for a board of ED in NJ now I live if you can call it that on SS disabilty I have to think if I should buy food to eat are get all of my med’s I also have breast cancer with this INS. belive they won’t help me I have to sick and why spend money on me.I wish that they whould stop and think how it is for people who prays that they can get thur the day. 26 trees and one that they wish for something and hope it will come ture we all know it will omama so far the only thing I have seen so far is you are waving and smileing and for the people who thinks he is great are sick lets see whats down the road for us

Posted by Thanks | Report as abusive

Thanks you are such a sick, sad and relentlessly pathetic excuse for a human being!!!!!!if you think you will get sympathy with your long sob-list of illnesses and woes, then think again!! Which of your many woes is the fault of these lovely little girls you sick mahfah biatch!!!!
I’ll look out in the papers for your obit and make sure my dog hets an icecream cone on that day you miserable sorry old cow!

Posted by Medlabgirl | Report as abusive

I am so sorry for the first blogger. It seems as if he has a lot of troubles. I pray for better days for him. Obama is not the cause of your problems, many of which according to you are long-standing, going back twenty years, love before Obama was even elected. Have you complained about or raised your concerns with any of the prior presidents? Hands off the girls. They have not done anything to you. They are children. Direct your negative feelings elsewhere. By the way, I live in New York City, where our mayor planted several trees and they are making a difference to our environment. I pray that you will find happiness to replace your pain.

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