Obama’s “winter White House”

December 23, 2009

USA-OBAMA/President Barack Obama’s “winter White House” has a few perks that even the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can’t claim. Purple taro chips, for one. A breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, for another.

The Obama family is renting a $4,000-a-night Hawaiian home in Kailua, on the windward side of the island of Oahu. Centered on a lagoon-like pool, it’s got plenty of open space and privacy for Malia and Sasha. ABC’s Good Morning America offered a video tour of the place, which is on the market for $8.9 million.

Kailua beach is one of the most gorgeous in the Hawaiian Islands, though less reliably sunny than Waikiki. It’s also familiar to the first family: they stayed here last year after the 2008 elections. They also are renting two neighboring houses for family and friends.

About those taro chips: they come as an extra benefit for the president, who reportedly likes them, along with sweet potato chips. There is also an imported evergreen tree — most Christmas trees get to the islands by boat, since they don’t really flourish in the Hawaiian climate.

The Obamas will be getting to their Hawaiian hideaway a bit later than expected, since the president has said he will stay in Washington until the Senate finishes its work on healthcare reform legislation. That’s expected to take place with a vote on the bill on the morning of Christmas Eve. Then everyone will head for the exits (and the airports) in the middle of the holiday rush.

There won’t be any waiting lines for the Obamas of course — just a quick trip to Andrews Air Force Base and then a flight on Air Force One.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Hugh Gentry (A woman kayaks past a stand-up paddle surfer along the canal near the compound where Barack Obama stayed last year, December 27, 2008)


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The economy is the worst it’s ever been, our small (and large) businesses are struggling, unemployment is at an all-time high, people are losing their homes, and our President is spending over $56,000 to take a 14 day trip for Christmas!?
What’s wrong with this picture?
I look at it like a business owner: If your business is struggling you don’t deserve a bonus. There are a million ways to vacation that do not cost this much and would still afford this family some relaxation.
What is our government thinking?

Posted by kcstorage | Report as abusive

It might seem like a lot but it is a BIG boost to the Hawaiin economy. Having the Obamas stay at Paradise Point Estates here in Kailua is one of the best things to happen to our community in a long time!

Posted by Hawaii50 | Report as abusive

Here you go kcstorage

http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?tit le=George_W._Bush:_The_War_President_is_ Missing_in_Action

Posted by pyradius | Report as abusive

Is taxpayers’ money paying for the $4,000-a-night rent? How about the houses for family friends?

I sure hope not.

Posted by Justcurious | Report as abusive

Everyone should remember an important contrast when criticisms of president Obama and his vacation expenses are countered with attacks on former president Bush and his vacation expenses.

At least Bush owned his vacation home, so it cost a fraction of the taxpayers money than it does to fly all the way to Hawaii for a 4000 a night rental. Obama, as well as Clinton, never owned the homes they rented in Hawaii and Cape Cod.

Also, the Bush home in Crawford was built to maximize “green” technology. Anyone who wants to follow Gore should reconsider by doing some research on the Bush home and it’s environmentally friendly construction.

Just wanted to point out some important facts.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

KCSTORAGE! Know-it-alls like you should remember that this is the President of the United States!!! He is no ordinary jack-off-the-street as you undoubtedly are with your beer stained beard and nacho-cheese encrusted mustache.(yes— still applies if you are a woman!you’d have to be a freak to think the way you do.)
Lets see here, did you take yourself to Harvard Law, being the child of a single parent, excel and then run against established powerhouses for president and then win? I thought not!!So Shut the Fiick Up!

Posted by Medlabgirl | Report as abusive

The Obama family vacation feeds tax dollars directly into private businesses. Isn’t that exactly what conservatives are always trying to accomplish? I’m shocked, (no, not even surprised, actually) at their opportunistic whining. Anything this president does is open to criticism, on every single blog on this site.

And while we are pointing out important facts, let us not forget that the Bush family are among the wealthiest in America. They buy and sell whatever they please. The Bush family fortune was made and is still being made by financing the arms industry, beginning with investments in the German military buildup prior to WWII. They love green tech, alright. Olive drab green.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

“Lets see here, did you take yourself to Harvard Law, being the child of a single parent, excel and then run against established powerhouses for president and then win? I thought not!!So Shut the Fiick Up!”

Once again we witness the arrogance of the Left. “How dare you disagree with our opinions!!! Did YOU con the American people into voting for you based almost solely on the color of your skin, and despite having NO executive experience or any real accomplishments at all to your credit other than ‘ACORN STOOGE’ go on to become America’s first Affirmative Action President?? Then stfu!”

It’s be side splitting funny if it weren’t so sad.

Posted by mpano | Report as abusive

“The Obama family vacation feeds tax dollars directly into private businesses.”

Ahhhhh….no. The majority of the cost of their vacation goes right back into government anyway. 4K a night isnt even the icing on the cake. The majority of the costs are direct to the government (logistics, transport, security, etc), all of which go back to the gubmint kitty. They ARE costs, but the money ends up lost in the black hole that is the US government, not back out to the consumer.

Besides….what you again fail to want to admit is that its OUR money he’s spending! NOT his.

And as to Bush being rich…..all I can say is that at least he’s accomplished SOMETHING with his life other than becomming our 43rd Idiot in Chief.

Posted by mpano | Report as abusive

@mpano- If what you are saying is true, then Obama’s vacation is no different than any other president’s. That makes you just another basher who criticises every move this president makes, no matter what it is.
And what has George W. Bush accomplished with his life, besides being born into one of the wealthiest families in America? Nothing but a tax cuts for the rich, wars for political gain, religion forced into scientific debate, loyalty oaths, political prosecutions, election fraud, clearing brush while terrorists learned to fly at American schools. That’s just the “icing on the cake.”

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

“And what has George W. Bush accomplished with his life, besides being born into one of the wealthiest families in America?”

Isn’t it obvious?

He did such a lukewarm job, and became so hated by progressive voters, that now Barack “Use Rhetoric to Fool the Stupid and Keep the Status Quo” Obama seems like a messiah by comparison.

Could you imagine if Bush had been a good president for the last decade? Obama, with his lackluster performance, would have been gone in a term. As it is, Obama is now worshipped as a political god.

Posted by Anon86 | Report as abusive