Hizzoner Rudy says Obama lags Bush on security

January 8, 2010

Has President Barack Obama been softer on security than his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush? Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani makes the answer sound simple. USA-POLITICS/

“We had no domestic attacks under Bush. We’ve had one under Obama,” he told ABC’s Good Morning America.

Giuliani’s remark glosses over important details, including reports that Guantanamo detainees released by Bush renewed ties with al Qaeda in Yemen where U.S. officials believe the Christmas Day bomb plot was hatched.

But his comment does illustrate the political criticism Obama faces as Republicans try to use the incident to make Democrats look soft on security in this year’s congressional election campaign.
Have Republican claims affected Democrats? Some pundits suggest Obama may have been responding to criticism about his avoidance of the term “war on terrorism” on Thursday when he declared: “We are at war.” Others say they detected a Bush-like ring to the Obama rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the administration does not appear to have worked out all the kinks in its public response to the incident.

ABC reported that the White House review of security lapses contained two factual errors: the flight number of the Detroit-bound airliner and the date when Nigerian suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father approached U.S. authorities with concerns about his son.  A summary appears on the White House Web site.

Obama’s finding of “a systemic failure across organizations and agencies” also may have been contradicted by White House counterterrorism and homeland security adviser John Brennan, who suggested the lapses were a one-time thing.

“In every instance over the past year the intelligence community, the homeland security community, the law enforcement community has done an absolutely outstanding and stellar job in protecting this homeland and disrupting plots that have been directed against us. It was in this one instance that we did not rise to that same level of competence and success,” Brennan told a White House briefing.

Photo Credits: Reuters/Damir Sagolj (Giuliani); Reuters/Jo Yong hak (Obama-Bush composite)

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“We had no domestic attacks under Bush”

Really?! Any reason why 9/11 does count? Or the anthrax attacks? Or the shoe bomber?

I hope that this is a case of poor memory due to old age, rather than a cynical plot to politicise an attempted terrorist attack.

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Giuliani is a loser, married three times, estranged from his children. Runs around spouting 9/11 all the time.
This is one New Yorker who wishes he would just go away.

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Rudy Giuliani doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he’s talking about, and routinely lies about basic, easy-to-understand details about recent history and national security. But the Republican media keeps inviting him back, despite the fact that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he’s talking about, and routinely lies about basic, easy-to-understand details about recent history and national security.
“We had no domestic attacks under Bush”? Rudy, Rudy. We had the worst domestic attacks in American history under Bush. Giuliani might recall Sept. 11, 2001, among others, like the 2001 Anthrax attacks, the 2002 attack against the El Al ticket counter at LAX, the 2002 DC-area sniper, the 2006 UNC SUV attack, and, of course, the Richard Reid shoe-bombing attempt which was also a domestic attack under Bush, which makes Giuliani’s lies that much more ridiculous.
“We’ve had one under Obama”? Well, no. We’ve had several domestic terror PLOTS under Obama, one of which failed, the others were thwarted by Obama administration officials who prevented the attacks before they could occur.
Conservatives are burning up the airwaves pushing the revisionist history that no terrorist attacks occurred under Bush. Dana Perino claimed we did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term. Sherman Frederick falsely claimed that the two cases of domestic terrorism since 9/11″ happened on Obama’s watch. Monica Crowley asserted that after 9-11, President Bush and Vice President Cheney had a 100 percent perfect track record in keeping the homeland safe from an Islamic terrorist attack. And no one from the corporate media ever challenges them face to face.
So instead of a headline that reads, “Hizzoner Rudy says Obama lags Bush on security”, how about journalists do their jobs and publish something like, say, “Hizzoner Rudy says Obama lags Bush on security, ignores five terrorist attacks during Bush administration”.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Let’s not be so quick to say Obama is better than Bush. He is not, btw.

Already this year he has had not only the Christmas Day terrorist attack, but he also had the Ft. Hood terrorist attack. So, it isn’t just one, but two in his first year.

In both incidents, there were explicit warnings that should have stopped both attacks from happening. Co-workers in the first incident and family in the second incident. Both were ignored.

Since you want to mix apples and oranges, domestic attacks are implied to be terrorist attacks. The anthrax and DC sniper were domestic criminal acts, not terrorist attacks.

Considering the lessons learned in the early days of the War on Terror, it is absolutely astounding the Obama administration didn’t learn anything. In only one year he has shattered the confidence of the American people. 79 percent believe there will be another attack on our soil this year, 56 percent strongly believe this. This is up from 49 percent in August (Rasmussen).

One reason for the low level of confidence is likely because Obama dismisses it, by either downplaying its significance, saying the Christmas day terrorist attacker is “suspect” rather than what he is…a terrorist.

No wonder his approval ratings are so low…lower than any other president in his first year in office. He is a disgrace.

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The Fort Hood incident was a case of a man pushed past the breaking point because of relentless harassment by his peers. It was not a terrorist attack, although opportunistic conservatives have rushed to label it as such.
Since you think you can also rewrite history, here again are the stubborn facts. In July 2002, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet opened fire at an El Al Airlines ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport, killing two people and wounding four others before being shot dead. A 2004 Bush Justice Department report stated that Hadayet’s case had been “officially designated as an act of international terrorism.”
In March 2006, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill graduate Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar drove an SUV into an area of campus, striking nine pedestrians. Taheri-azar said he acted because he wanted to “avenge the deaths or murders of Muslims around the world.” Taheri-azar also reportedly stated in a letter: “I was aiming to follow in the footsteps of one of my role models, Mohammad Atta, one of the 9/11/01 hijackers, who obtained a doctorate degree.”
Attorney General John Ashcroft said of the letters containing anthrax mailed to various targets: “When people send anthrax through the mail to hurt people and invoke terror, it’s a terrorist act.” Five people were killed as a result of those letters in the autumn of 2001.
The state of Virginia indicted Washington, D.C.-area sniper John Allen Muhammad along with his accomplice, a minor at the time — on terrorism charges for one of the murders he committed during a three-week shooting spree across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Muhammad was convicted, sentenced to death, and subsequently executed for the crime.
Lastly, no one pays attention to Rasmussen polls except Sean Hannity and the IBD editorial board, neither of whom know anything about anything.

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There is no rewriting of history going on at all.

I just stated that Obama has his own problems he was warned about and chose to ignore. The incidents I brought up are terrorist acts. The Ft. Hood shooter was in contact with a cleric in Yemen and he was a muslim and he committed a terrorist act, regardless of what authority you think you have to change the facts. I do understand you are a lonely person who has access to vast amounts of data which enables you to manipulate any story you want to tell. Just reading your diatribes against the right and making accusations as though they are true is really laughable. it doesn’t make you right.

As for the rest of your diatribe. As I said, lessons learned in the early days of the War on Terror (Bush did an outstanding job considering no other president in history had the new war on terror thrust on them…Clinton could have led the charge, but he also let the terrorist acts go without action…1993 WTC, Cole…etc…). Anyway, Obama hasn’t learned from any of those issues, he chose to ignore them…Yes, ignore them and downplay their significance.

No wonder people have no confidence in this president…

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