How well was Palin vetted? McCain, um, doesn’t know

January 12, 2010

Republican John McCain says he doesn’t know whether his former vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, was WASHINGTON-SUMMIT/adequately vetted. At least, he doesn’t know who says she wasn’t, and he doesn’t care. What he does know is that the 2008 presidential race was a tough fight. But now he’s very proud and very happy. Any more questions? Get lost. 
McCain just wouldn’t take the bait in an interview with NBC’s Today show when asked to comment on revelations about his failed 2008 White House campaign that appear in the new book, “Game Change,” by New York magazine writer John Heilemann and Time magazine reporter Mark Halperin .
NBC asked whether the book is correct where it describes the vetting process for Palin as hasty and haphazard, with no one bothering to speak to her husband or her political enemies.
“I wouldn’t know,” McCain replied.
Sorry? The Republican Party nominee wouldn’t know if his own running mate had been adequately vetted? 
“I wouldn’t know what the sources are, nor care,” the Arizona senator explained.
“I am not going to spend time looking back at what happened over a year ago when we’ve got two wars to fight, 10 percent unemployment in my state and things to do. I’m sorry. You’ll have to get others to comment.”
McCain’s decision to transplant Palin from political obscurity to the national limelight undermined his credibility even among Republicans. Some worried that voters would see the former Alaska governor as too inexperienced to become Veep and possibly, some day, take on the mantle of Commander-in-Chief during a national emergency. 
Palin has since become the most visible Republican figure in the national political firmament, publishing a best-selling book, landing a job as pundit on FOX News and attracting speculation about a possible White House run in 2012. USA-POLITICS/MCCAIN
“She will be a major factor in American politics in the future,” McCain predicted, with an apparent air of vindication.
“I am proud of everybody in my campaign. I’m proud of the campaign we ran. I’m so proud that I had the opportunity to represent my party in the election. And I’ll always look back on that period with pride and with satisfaction. It was tough. But I’m very happy and I’m very happy in my new role in the Senate and going back and fighting the good fight.”

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I think McCain’s handlers were Obama sychophants already when he hired them. The whole time they made him look like a joke. Palin was a joke too. Only it has backfired big time. With little vetting she has found the strength to push on and do a credible job for Mr. McCain and his bid to be President. I have some apologies to make to Mr McCain too.

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With all due respect to Sen. McCain, who would have likely won the election with Tom Ridge as Veep, Sarah Palin was vetted by the RNC to the extent that: she was female, physically attractive, and could claim Governor experience. And if you know old school Republican campaign vetting, that was enough. Never mind that she was as dumb as a brick, believed in all sorts of strange stuff, endorsed a secessionist movement in Alaska, and didn’t represent formal Christian conservative family values very well – she was sexy and Republican and a good response to women voters who the RNC felt were as dumb as Palin in that they would automatically vote for a woman, regardless of party, given Hillary Clinton’s failure to get the Democratic nomination. The fact that she is on Fox News means that she will be speaking to the same bigoted uninformed myopic folks that form Fox News’ viewer base, as well as the Repub party base. Preaching to the choir. Fortunately, there are enough intelligent people out here in the Independent and Democratic camps that will not be watching to make her new job at Fox seem like just another way for her to capitalize on her newfound fame.

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Some people think Obama wasn’t vetted enough. McCain obviously wasn’t, and still hasn’t been. The list of those who should be recalled on this basis alone is a long one, and growing with each Manchurian handout to big corporations.

Meanwhile, Fox News will fiddle with Palin while Washington DC burns.

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McCain should be put out to pasture

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