Obama’s approval rating dips in CBS poll

January 12, 2010

President Barack Obama, about to mark his one-year anniversary at the White House, has seen his job approval rating drop to 46 percent in a new CBS News poll, the lowest recorded in this particular poll. USA/

CBS said it is domestic issues that are hurting the president. His approval rating on handling the U.S. economy is at 41 percent and his handling of healthcare is at 36 percent. These are all time lows.

The poll comes as Obama seeks to gain congressional passage of a healthcare overhaul in the early weeks of this year.

Obama did a little better in his handling of the war in Afghanistan and the threat of terrorism, with 46 percent approving of him on Afghan policy weeks after he announced a troop surge. And 52 percent approved of how he is handling the threat of terrorism in the wake of the Christmas Day attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound plane.

The Obama White House tends to shrug off poor poll numbers and keeps its focus on the long view.

Republicans, however, are hoping sluggish presidential poll numbers will translate into election victories for them in the November congressional elections. They hope to make inroads into Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.

CBS said Obama still receives strong support from Democrats (eight in ten approve), but his approval rating among Republicans was just 13 percent, and just 42 percent of  independents approved. Independents were key to his 2008 election victory.

“The president’s approval rating among independents has declined 10 points in recent months,” CBS said.

Here’s a link to the CBS poll. 

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Before Republicans get too excited, the important theme that this poll illustrates is this– the public may have soured on Democratic leaders’ handling of health care, but Americans REALLY don’t like how conservatives have handled the issue. The breakdown on health care looks like this-

President Obama — 36% approve, 54% disapprove
Congressional Democrats — 29% approve, 57% disapprove
Congressional Republicans — 24% approve, 61% disapprove

Democrats have seen their support deteriorate, but it’s not even close to looking like a winning issue for the Grand Obstructionist Party. In terms of public opinion, the usual conservative opponents of health reform constantly repeat their assertion that the Democratic proposal is too extreme and radical for the American mainstream. But you take the time to actually read the poll, the clear majority believes the reform plan doesn’t go far enough in covering Americans and regulating private health insurers, which is exactly what I have been saying all these months.

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“the public may have soured on Democratic leaders’ handling of health care”

That isn’t news. Rasmussen has been reporting that Americans have always been against this health care debacle. I have been reporting this fact for months.

Everything I have said has come true.

Also, good job twisting things like you always do as a left wing partisan hack. The same Rasmussen poll that correctly said people have always been against any health care reform by this president and this congress also says the republicans (regarding congress) have a 9 point higher approval rating than democrats by the American voters.

As I have said before, we will see which way the world turns this election season. Virginia and NJ in 2009 were preludes to what we will see in 2010. Don’t underestimate the the anger of the American people at the current direction of the president and congress…………

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wouldn’t the whole world just fall apart if 2010 saw the departure of a democratic majority, but independent and 3rd party candidates filled the seats instead of republicans?

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Rasmussen is a conservative pollster. His poll numbers are always ten points below every other poll on any issue regarding the Obama administration. But no matter how low Rasmussen or anybody else scores Obama and the Democrats, the Republican opposition scores even lower, which is illustrated in my previous post.

Accuse me of twisting facts all you want, at least I use real facts. You don’t.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

There you go cherry picking the information again. So, not only do you twist the truth, you only comment on the information you can twist more. In addition, your opinion on Rasmussen is proof that his polling is correct. As I have said and will continue to say, everything I have said has come true.

You were wrong on health care, the American people have always been against “any” plan by this president and congress. You finally admit this.

You were wrong about Obama’s job approval rating. Even CBS is finally on board and polling the truth. Obama has a 46 percent job approval rating. You finally admitted his poll numbers were falling a few posts back.

You are wrong about most things because you are not objective. You are a left wing partisan hack who will twist anything to make you appear right, when in reality you are wrong. You have shown this time and time again.

You also give broad generalizations to the numbers you adhere to (until you finally admit your numbers are wrong…) and make it appear you are speaking the truth, when in reality you aren’t.

Bottom line, you will finally admit you are wrong about this when you see how upset people are at the people currently in power. Where it leads, you don’t know. But it will be bad for democrats anyway. They will not hold on to a filibuster proof majority in the senate. The American people are angry at their arrogant and unconstitutional agenda and power grab.

I have always used the facts and my facts from Rasmussen are proven right time and again. Unfortunately, you just use numbers and make wild generalizations from them.

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TC- Well, at least you now admit that I do use real facts. You, on the other hand, have admitted that you regularly throw facts/opinions/carrots out to provoke reactions from others. In other words, it is you who is the partisan hack/troll.

All I have ever said about polling was that no matter how low Obama and the Democrats poll on issues, conservatives are polling much lower. This truth is borne out on poll after poll, even Rasmussen.

One thing is putting a smile on my face lately, however. The embarrassing campaign by the Cheneys and the Fox/RNC News Channel attacking the Obama administration have had the opposite effect. His poll numbers on national security are rising. Rasmussen shows them falling. Interesting, that.

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Nice try getplaning. As usual, you make things up to fit your view.

Everything you said was a twisted lie, like usual.

Well, as I said, you have always come around to the my view at the end. You use numbers, but your left wing numbers are always wrong…and you always change to what I have been saying all along.

As I have also said, when all is said and done, it will be the democrats who will be judged. Virginia and NJ proved that to be true. And that is only the beginning.

So go ahead and adhere to your “numbers”. You will eventually see I am right…again.

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I remember when Bush’a approval rating was only something like 30%…but Pelosi and the Dems in Congress had an approval only 15%…just half of Bush’s. No one mentioned The Dems and Pelosi…just Bush.

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