Haiti … Too Much Suffering

January 14, 2010

QUAKE-HAITI/Having hurtled by car through the Dominican Republic to the ramshackle Haitian border, I and four other foreign journalists were desperate to reach Port-au-Prince by nightfall. So after exchanging Ramon’s beaten-up taxi for the the back of a modern pickup owned by one of Haiti’s elite families, our speed stresses were soon put into terrible perspective.

Just a mile or two into Haiti, a group of people stood disconsolately by the road, trying to flag down any vehicle that would stop, and pointing to the collapsed face of a nearby quarry. “There’s someone inside there,” one of them said, pointing to a pile of rocks.

Before we had time to even consider helping them, our car — like all the others in the convoy — had sped off, kicking up dust. The Haitians driving myself and four other foreign journalists into the earthquake zone took the morally nightmarish decision for us. After all, they had their own missing friends and family to find fast in Port-au-Prince.

Later in the day, after several hours winding round collapsed buildings, and corpses which at first we had mistaken for people sleeping, we found a hotel prepared to take us in. Or at least let us sleep in the open-air by the swimming pool. (The Hotel Villa Creole has generously opened its doors and facilities — despite considerable damage — to aid-workers and foreign reporters for free.)

As we pulled up, we were stopped by dead bodies lying in the road, and then a crowd of injured Haitians lying and sitting in front of the hotel lobby where some minimal medicines were being dispensed. As we hauled our four large boxes of drinking-water bottles out of the car, one injured lady held out her hand and asked for water. Then another, and another, and another. Perhaps mindful of the horrors of the quarry, we entered the hotel with half our water supplies gone.


Reuters photos by Eduardo Muñoz and Carlos Barria.

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I am ashamed to think that I am a sister in Christ with Pat Robertson. He will one day face Christ and answer to his remarks

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Interested in the earthquake in Haiti and international response? Watch the PBS show Basic Black tonight at 7:30 p.m. for a LIVE panel discussion about the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, as well as a discussion about the race for the late Senator Kennedy’s seat in the upcoming Massachusetts elections. You can watch on channel 2 in Boston, or online at www.basicblack.org. Be sure and comment in our chat, which is now live!

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[…] “Too much suffering” – 5:12 PM […]

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It is a shocking that a great dissaster earthquake has washed away. All the leaders of the world should come forward for the help of victims affected by the earthquake.

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Don’t send money Justin, it won’t get to those who need it. Send blankets or even second hand clothing – the rescue services have food for them and more will be readily available from the organisations already out there.
http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa. cgi?C=2236872

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Maybe if they worshiped God instead of the Devil and stopped practicing Voodoo and the Black arts these things would not happen.

The other side of the island is Christian, and remains untouched… every time.

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Get thee behind me, Troll. Your racism is not wanted here.

If there is a God, I hope he makes you pay for your ignorant remark.

If there isn’t a God, then I just hope your moment of oblivion is a drawn out one.

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jeanmchambers — Perhaps the peasants in Haiti should worship money like Pat Robertson.

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Me, logic, and ‘God’
If I were made in ‘his’ image, and ‘he’ was a parent like I, then I have a bit of a problem, here. Because I am a parent of three daughters and one son. If I had to give up my son to save the whole world, I would NOT be happy with jerks like Robertson getting away with dissing the very people I was attempting to save. I would not hire him to work for me. Instead, I would want intelligent representatives who incite the peace my son represented, not fear. I would like to think that anything I would be fashioned after would be more intellectually stable than that (when I was a Christian, this was my justification in rejection of people like Robertson).
Of course, if I were ‘him’ I would do that to them, because if I were ‘him’ I would be callous enough to be able to give up my ‘only begotten son.’ Unlike any real parent could ever do, even if it were to save the world.
That all being aside, biblical mythology has absolutely no bearing on Mother Nature – That’s a human’s idea, not hers. She’s just doing her own thing, the circle of life, one moment at a time, marching right along. Not now or has she ever been subject to humanity. That’s why so many don’t like her, and turn to male deity instead. Or think they do…….. Christianity has many gods, including The Devil, Jesus, Trinity, God, Yahweh, Mother Mary (Maria), Mary Madelena, John the Baptist, Moses, Father Abraham, Michael, Gabriel, just to name a few. That’s not to mention the mythological beings such as demons, angels, and dragons. Oh…….. and flying chariots. So while Christians believe they are ‘monotheistic,’ in the intellectual theological community they are considered multi-theistic. Like those awful Pagans, Native Americans, and (ahem) some traditional Haitians, who haven’t been lost to the fear of an afterlife of hellfire and brimstone by some ass who goes in there disrespecting an entire people’s cultural history. He goes there with the agenda to wipe out their history and culture and make them believe as he does. Sad, sad loss of humanity in the name of Christianity.

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