Hail to the Tweet!

January 18, 2010

The president has tweeted.

In a first, President Barack Obama sent a tweet while visiting the American Red Cross headquarters on Monday to survey its response to the Haiti earthquake. OBAMA/

“I just tweeted,” he announced to Red Cross staff members and reporters after posting to the popular social networking and micro-blog site Twitter.

Three Red Cross staffers said they had typed a message for the Red Cross Twitter feed  and the president agreed to hit the “update” button when he stopped at their desk.

Last year, the buzz was about Obama’s deep devotion to another slice of personal communications technology — the Blackberry.

Perhaps this new medium will click with the president given that it, along with its 140 character limit and hyper-use of “@” and “#” signs, made the 2008 election especially entertaining.

Those who want more Commander in Tweet action can check out the feed Obama’s campaign used during the election, which is still active. Twitter.com/BarackObama now updates you with details of White House life.

OBAMA/The Red Cross showed Obama how it is using Twitter to track the aftermath of Haiti’s deadly earthquake and to raise funds to help the country. So far, Obama said, the group has brought in $21 million through Twitter alone.

And what did that most famous, most dramatic, most OMG watershed of tweets say?

“President Obama and the First Lady are here visiting our disaster operation center.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Obama visits Red Cross and sends first tweet)


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Very encouraging and full of understanding the effect of reaching to many,leading social website members and its users.
I have also sent lot of messages on needy help,some sorts of contribution to Haiti victims and to their family members at the earliest ways.
Mr.Obama and his team has done very remarkable works towards identifying,and make many Americans presence,and their roles for this disaster reworks and for rebuilding, and creating the concept of real services to panic stricken Haitians.
Major credit goes to Twitter,other social websites and to many famous American medias,news channels and to you on appreciable extents.,

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I believe that it says a lot in this wide ranging political world, when a president can stop and tweet on a social media site. It makes him seem ever so humble in this world of celebrity speak and look at me – am l not great.

I personally utilise social networking for both my private and business life and have found it both interesting, rewarding and enabling me to contact or send messages of sympathy to people in countries, like Haiti.

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“I just tweeted”

That’s embarrassing.

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Vaguely remember presidents being tweeted like some do at professional tennis matches and wondering if anyone recalls when that happened or other ways during speech besides not clapping and standing displeasure is shown.
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