Most Americans want Republican input on healthcare – poll

January 22, 2010

Most Americans want President Obama and the Democrats to jettison the healthcare bill they almost got together before USA-HEALTHCARE/WELLNESSthis week’s political earthquake in Massachusetts and instead look for something Republicans can support.

That’s according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll which says 55 percent of Americans want work stopped on a House-Senate compromise between Democrats, while 39 percent want the Democrats to press on.

In fact, a sizable minority — 46 percent of the 1,010 adults surveyed — say healthcare reform is important but should not be Obama’s top legislative priority. Nineteen percent say healthcare shouldn’t be a major priority at all.
The poll was conducted the day after Republican Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s dyed-in-the-wool-Democratic-blue Senate seat in Massachusetts. The findings have a 4 percentage point margin of error.

Those who want Republican input on healthcare may get their wish.

Influential New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer says his colleagues are mulling over a handful of options and could choose one within the next few days.

And some of the talk is about reconciling with Republicans.

“That’s one of the options. I wouldn’t say there is a ‘the’ top option right now. There are two or three,” Schumer told a scrum of reporters that congealed around him in the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. USA-BERNANKE/

“You have to take a deep breath, explore the ramifications of the (Massachusetts) election and then where to go. That doesn’t mean we’re going to sit here and twiddle our thumbs for weeks and weeks and weeks. But it’ll take a few days to figure out what the best solution is,” he said.

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Americans say they love “bipartisanship,” so if you ask the public whether Democrats should seek out Republican support, it’s easy to expect a majority. However, when the same polls ask Americans to choose between Democratic policy ideas and Republican policy ideas, (Rasmussen doesn’t dare to ask this question) the GOP loses badly.

If Democrats don’t pass reform, they will never have a chance to sell a completed package to the public — and to try to convince the public that they were right, and Republicans were wrong. Whether they pass reforms now or not, Republicans will continue attacking Democrats for trying to jam an unpopular bill down the public’s throat. Failure will allow the GOP to take credit for blocking reform, to present itself as an effective and relevant opposition, and to paint Democrats as ineffective and unable to lead.

Americans have been waiting for this for a century. The top domestic policy priority of the Democratic Party for generations is right there in front of them, just waiting for a single roll-call vote. Backing down to opposition that is so overwhelmingly unpopular will be electoral suicide that will cost Democrats their majority and leave the country much worse off.

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The fact of the matter is, a new Rasmussen poll says 61 percent of American voters want health care scrapped in favor of improving the economy and create jobs. Rasmussen has proven to be right when it comes to American values. The latest elections, prove that they do not like the direction the country is taking and have resoundingly defeated more of the same progressive agenda.

Americans don’t care about republican and democrats, but they do care about the direction our country is taking and health care is not on the top of their list at this time.

This is about our survival as a nation and the bunch in power is being soundly defeated. The November 2010 elections will be ugly for the progressives. Just look at Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts if you want to see how people feel about our current “leaders”.

In Nov 2008, no on voted for the agenda that is being forced on us…

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In a new Rasmussen poll, American voters have this to say about the health care debacle:

“Sixty-one percent (61%) say Congress should drop health care reform and focus on more immediate ways to improve the economy and create jobs.”

That’s the only public opinion poll that matters. The parties don’t matter, what Americans say does matter.

It is fun to watch this democratic led sinking ship. Massachusetts has them scurrying for cover with lots of democrats now jumping ship.

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The same web page that shows Rasmussen’s poll on the healthcare debacle has a column on the right that has the results of the same monthly poll going all the way back to June 2009 (50% support, 45% oppose).
As the months progress, support fades, and opposition rises. It’s now 40% support, 58% oppose. At this point, as I have outlined before, Americans who supported reform when it began are now disgusted with the corporate takeover of the legislation and the direction the special interests have taken the debate. The campaign of GOP sandbagging and the millions spent on astroturf rallies for the news cameras have taken their toll. Well done, Dick Armey.

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Way back in June (27 and 28) 2009 there wasn’t even a health care plan in place. Sure, the idea of health care reform was easy. No one has ever disputed that health care doesn’t need tweaking, but no one wants the plans the house and senate passed and supported by President Obama.

No one has ever wanted the health care debacle, not the house not the senate versions.

Only a majority of the minority who wanted health care reform with a public option, but the majority don’t want the public option. Rasmussen shows this to be true because in every poll taken since Jun 27 and 28 (oh, except for one blip in Sept 2009) have wanted any health care plan mucking through congress.

But don’t take my word for it, events speak for themselves. Americans are sick of the direction the current bunch in power are trying to take us. We the people, have made our voices heard after a year of being told what we wanted and what is good for us.

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This is a few months old but it illustrates my point perfectly, using the “accurate and nonpartisan Rasmussen Poll that is the only poll that matters”.

A new poll from Rasmussen shows that Americans want a public option, and support for reform collapses without it.

Just 34% of voters nationwide support the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats if the so-called “public option” is removed. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 57% oppose the plan if it doesn’t include a government-run health insurance plan to compete with private insurers.

To recap. Americans were in broad support of healthcare legislation mucking its way through Congress UNTIL it was taken over by the Insurance Lobby and the Public Option was removed.

An even larger majority supports Single Payer.

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58 percent do not want any plan running its way through congress.

This is an old argument and if your view stood on strength, it would have been placed upon us already. It hasn’t and it is a cop out to blame anyone but the American people. The American people stopped health care from occurring. Not the insurance industry, not the republicans. As you are aware, the democrats didn’t need one republican vote until the MA election to pass their monstrosity on the American people.

They couldn’t even get it passed when they had a filibuster proof senate and shut republicans out of the process with their white house closed door negotiations.

Go ahead and blame everyone you want to. It was a bad plan from the start and everyone knew it.

This is an old argument. So go ahead and argue with yourself. You are proving you like to stick around and have the last word, contrary to what you try to tell others.

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Americans were in broad support of healthcare legislation mucking its way through Congress UNTIL it was taken over by the Insurance Lobby and the Public Option was removed. All the polls, including the conservative Rasmussen poll, reflect this. It is undeniable, but some will ignore the facts and adhere to their narrow view.

Rasmussen’s poll -“Sixty-one percent (61%) say Congress should drop health care reform and focus on more immediate ways to improve the economy and create jobs” is an accurate reflection of public sentiment and is probably what the majority should have worked on first. With people feeling a little beeter about their prospects, they would have had been less likely to fall for the fear-mongering tactics of the anti-reform lobby.

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Rasmussen started polling the health care debacle in Jul 2009. The first poll in early July was even 41 to 41 for the public option and against. From that poll on, the public option was opposed by a majority.

The more important point is that the health care plans were never (with the exception of the first poll in Jun “before” the house and senate versions and one poll in Sep 09 still no voted on a bill) wanted by the majority of Americans.

Events have shown this to be true “regardless” of the reason one wants to interject.

It’s all a moot point anyway, because the health care issue is dead unless Pelosi, Reid and Obama try to force it down our throats anyway. Which will be to their peril in November 2010. They are well aware of this fact.

Oh darn, I commented again…I know, I know….

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The insurance lobby killed the health care debate and made it into a business debate. Everyone I’ve talked to hates both versions of the bill and for basically the same reason.Many people struggle just to make ends meet and can’t afford health insurance because of the cost.

The public option would have helped people like this but the insurance lobby didn’t want to see a cut in profits.

Insurance companies are able to lobby because our law gives corporate entities the same rights as living breathing human constituents. Corporations are NOT people and they are NOT citizens and yet the courts have allowed them to be treated as such.

Because of this insurance companies were able to weigh in on the issue and squash any meaningful change that would have resulted in a net benefit to the citizenry.

Corporate personhood/citizenship must be abolished if true citizens are going to have a voice in government again. Corporate entities have grown very powerful in recent times. Their interests now trump the interests of the true citizenry.

If Obama truly cares about the people, his team should be challenging the decision that gave corporate entities personhood in the first place and have it struck down.

There can be no just government when the people have no voice.

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If what you say is true, then I am very thankful the insurance companies spoke up for the majority of Americans who did not want any version of this monstrosity.

Very thankful they spoke for the majority of Americans who weren’t being heard….

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Like the majority of Americans who wanted single payer or a public option who were not even given a seat at the table when this circus began a year ago? That majority?
The statement that insurance companies spoke up for the majority of Americans is just a sick, depraved thing to say. Anyone who would make such a cruel statement must be an insurance adjuster themselves, or at the very least hold a great deal of contempt for anyone who isn’t a member of the elite class who can afford premiums, copays, deductibles, and still have money left over when their coverage is denied or simply runs out. The majority of Americans HATE insurance companies and think it is immoral to profit from the suffering of others.

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Yellow, you obviously didn’t see the sarcasm.

It wasn’t insurance companies that shut down this whole health care fiasco. That’s a cop out. The American people speaking loudly in the last two elections where voters overwhelmingly defeated their progressive democrat opponents gave the president and congress a message…Leave us alone!

You on the left need to stop blaming everything but the American people who is shutting down your progressive dream to ration health care for everyone. It was a bad plan, the people caught them. It wasn’t anything else that caused it to fail.

The majority of Americans spoke up, but you think Americans are stupid except when they agree with you.

Really, it doesn’t matter what you say now, the health care debacle you wanted is done…gone. And that’s good for America and Americans.

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The corporate lobby distorts the voice of the American people. The reason we need polls to show what the majority of middle income people think is because we have no voice in government.

Corporations can use the massive amounts of money they have at their disposal to continuously lobby our legislators and provide them with generous donations to “worthy causes”.

Individual citizens don’t carry anywhere near that kind of clout. Also legislators have nothing to fear when it comes to loosing their office because corporate constituents can make it so that they land on their feet so to speak. With so much money available our law makers have little incentive to serve the people.

Remove the corporate lobby from Washington so that the people can be heard once again. It’s the citizenry’s government. Return it to the citizenry. Strike down corporate personhood and the people benefit.

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TyC, I don’t believe you were being sarcastic at all. Just as we prgressives advocate a society that puts people’s well being ahead of private greed, you have consistently come down on the side of profits over public interest. A recent Supreme Court decision has just removed all restrictions on corporate money used to influence political campaigns. You are always talking about the majority this and the majority that. Here is something for you to think about. In a society governed passively by free markets and free elections, organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy. It looks like your corporate utopia is just around the corner.

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The healthcare reform bills are going nowhere. At this point, I actually agree that the American people are going to shut down this entire healthcare fiasco, but not for the same reasons that TC does. The majority of people in this country do not want to be forced to pay money to the private insurance companies that they hate, and (at least for now) the wisdom of that position is prevailing. Against all odds, the $1.4 million being spent each day by AHIP, PhRMA, and Freedomworks has failed. Those who insisted that it was unfair to force the country to pay money to private insurance companies without the alternative of a government run program won. They won because the public rejected a health care bill that put corporations first and people second.

So, conservatives can claim victory by saying they stopped healthcare reform. Everyone else can claim victory because they prevented a permanent corporate takeover of healthcare in America.

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Yes, Yellow105, I was being sarcastic. I was sarcastic about the insurance companies stopping health care.

No, it was the American people. I could care less what story you want to make up in an attempt to paint me as a corporate lackey. I laugh at your total disregard for the intelligence of the American people and their desire to shut down this health care mess. People are angry, speaking loudly and the president and congress got the message. Otherwise, they would still be trying to force their mess down our throats. They aren’t.

It is interesting that less than two weeks ago we were told people were dying in the streets and that we needed to pass health care now…now…now. Well, now the president and congress are saying we should take our time, slow down. it isn’t a priority now. Well, either the situation is dire or it isn’t.

The majority of Americans who “have” health insurance are happy with it. Hmm…that must mean they don’t mind dealing with those horrible insurance companies.

The government run health care would not only have “forced” everyone to purchase health care, but it would also have led to rationing of health care. Our financial situation in this country would have made this a harsh reality. People knew this and stood up to it in the most recent elections.

I just don’t get you on the left always blaming everything but the American people who were finally able to speak with their vote.

I hold no hard feelings for the wayward souls who voted for Obama and the progressives in congress. They made a mistake and it was their mistake and only their mistake. Besides, who can blame them. Obama told a different story during the election and then governed as a progressive. Basically, he lied about everything he said. He even ridiculed McCain and now is using some of the ideas McCain brought up during the campaign.

it’s no wonder everything Obama has tried to do has failed. That’s what happens when a person has no integrity.

Everything I said has come true….

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