Obama says football helmet will come in handy at State of the Union

January 22, 2010

OBAMA/President Barack Obama, who has taken some friendly fire from his Democratic Party this week, was presented with a handy piece of protective headgear on Friday that he promised to put to good use.

“I’ll need this during the State of the Union,” he said in Elyria, Ohio. Obama will give the address before Congress on Wednesday.

“I could knock some heads with it,” he said, brandishing the gleaming football helmet complete with the presidential eagle and his number – 44 – presented by the Riddell sports company during a visit to promote policies on jobs and healthcare reform.

“If I watch the game on Sunday I may have to wear it, to get in the mood….you’d have to drink beer through a straw,” he said, gesturing to the comprehensive face mask.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Obama holds football helmet with presidential seal)


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change they can believe in” Over 900000 of the Dem base stayed Home in relative to their Nov 08 voting in the Senator Brown election as Brown got the same number of votes as McCain did Nov 08 – the base sent a message but will Obama hear the message

Posted by papau | Report as abusive

Here is the biggest issue.

The turnout in Massachusetts was the highest for “any” non-presidential Massachusetts election in 20 years.

That’s the real story in the bluest of blue states Massachusetts where only 12 percent are registered republicans. As in Virginia and New Jersey, the independents are clearly having Nov 2008 voter remorse for voting in a bunch of progressives from the president on down.

Nov 2010 will be interesting…

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Bottom line, Brown won Mass because the Dem base did not turn out. Not only did the Dem base stay home in Mass, of the voters who came out and voted for Brown, 82% favor the Public Option. Coakley opposed the Public Option. 78% of those who voted in Mass felt that the current proposed healthcare legislation does not go far enough. The other thing to remember when looking at the Brown victory is that Mass has a more “liberal” healthcare system than the one proposed by the current house or senate bills.

Posted by Grifo | Report as abusive

That’s precisely the kind of “head in the sand” thinking that has led to landslide victories for democrat opponents in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts.

Keep sleeping….

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Who is this TYC guy? Is he the attack blogger the GOP assigned to Reuters?

Posted by Grifo | Report as abusive

Thanks for the compliment Grifo. But no, I am just a concerned American who is concerned (like the majority of Americans) about the direction this president and this congress is taking us.

I just disagree with your opinion as you disagree with mine. We are both entitled to them. However, keep in mind that Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts put holes into your argument.

More to come in November 2010.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

TYC I was just noticing that most of your comments are aimed at the other people here who are expressing their own opinions. Either you are one of those paid blogger-bashers or you simply have a big problem with people whose views do not match your own.

I don’t have an argument for you to put holes in. I’m just stating the facts as they are.

Posted by Grifo | Report as abusive

grifo. You are talking about one particular individual and yes, there is a history there which was started by him, not me. His diatribes against me started about a year ago and he was proven wrong. I can go back and show you what he started, but I won’t.

As for your facts, they don’t tell the whole story.

This was the largest turnout in off year elections in 20 years for MA. Just because your guy is the president doesn’t change that the turnout was outstanding. It hasn’t happened for other presidents in midterm elections for the whole base to turnout to vote, why should it happen for Obama and his supporters? BTW, had he done a good job, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts (in which there are “only” 12 percent who are republican) would have produced democrat victories if the progressives were doing such a great job. They aren’t…that is a fact. Instead, they were wipeouts for the challengers.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

There is a difference here, Grifo.

TyC merely attacked your point of view and said you were wrong. That is debate.

But you, in response, accused him of being a paid blog stooge. That is a personal attack.

Posted by Anon86 | Report as abusive

I see, you have a point. I’ll just keep sleeping…

Posted by Grifo | Report as abusive

Grifo, you will have to grow a thicker skin if you want to keep coming back to this site. There are folks here who will keep posting back at you until you just give up and move on, as many have. You are right about Massachusetts, but don’t fret. Brown will probably get blown out at the next election once he reveals his teabagger credentials for all to see.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Yeah, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts really showed all of us you are right on the money…

That’s as good a story as Obama saying the election in Massachusetts is a result of the last 8 years. Wait, that makes it George Bush’s fault.

So, Massachusetts elects a republican to the US Senate for the first time since 1972 because they are mad at George Bush.

Now there’s a story that no one believes in except the president his die hard supporters.

Just saying…..

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

There are folks here who will keep posting back at you until you just give up and move on, as many have. Brown will probably get blown out at the next election once he reveals his teabagger credentials for all to see.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Grifo, I think you’ll find that TyC just has a problem with anyone who disagrees with him. Still up to his old tricks, bashing the left while never admitting that the right has made some massive mistakes. Don’t bother trying to debate him, just do your thing and let him rave to himself.

Posted by emh | Report as abusive

If the citizenry is going to get any respect and any help, the Obama team will need to address the issue of corporate citizenship with the courts.

Only when corporations no longer have a lobby in congress will the people be heard. Revoke corporate citizenship/personhood.

This is the core reason that debates which start out focused on the citizenry become transformed into accounting, and profit protection issues in congress. The health insurance companies should not have been able to weigh in on the health care debate. They are the reason the bills have been transformed into insurance reform bills. They are also the reason both bills has provisions that force citizens to purchase insurance.

Corporate America needs to stay out of government. The government is the vehicle of the people. When corporate interests take the wheel, the citizenry loses.

Revoke corporate citizenship/personhood and return the government of the people back to the people. If the Obama team does this, the citizenry will benefit greatly.

Posted by Benny_Acosta | Report as abusive

emh…Eric H. I knew you would be back.

You guys crack me up. It is as though you expect everyone to agree with you, no debate, no discussion, no nothing. Just agree with you and all will be well.

I am here to debate the issues, but for some reason you seem to want yes men who agree with your point of view.

I have a right to my opinions as much as you have a right to your opinions.

No, I do not subscribe to anything the left has to offer. Yes, I am a conservative. No surprise there. Yes, I know you are progressive liberals. Again, no surprise there.

Each side makes mistakes, it is human nature. I don’t get what your point is Eric. I am a conservative and not a liberal, so don’t expect me to subscribe to your progressive views as a result. I won’t and don’t expect you or anyone else to take the conservative side. So stop with the “will never admit…” this or that.

Now, back to the debate….

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Oh TC I kind of missed you, I would never expect anyone, especially you, to just agree because a lefty said you were wrong. My point was, in the year or so that I visited this site regularly I’ve only seen you admit that the Rep party made mistakes once, that being on Bush’s handling of the Iraq War. At the same time you have a tendency to lump anyone who disagrees with you into one extreme left, Obama worshiping, easily led group. The fact is that many of us on the left aren’t happy with Obama’s performance and did not support him in the primaries. We voted for him because the alternative was scary. Are you still on the Palin bandwagon? I see she sold out to Faux News.
I consider myself a centrist on many issues but you continue to see all that oppose your point of view as ……. hippies? Is that the word your generation is still using?
And yes I, like you, had to choose a different screen name when the format here switched, something I’m not a big fan of by the way Reuters.

Posted by emh | Report as abusive


Oh please, stop. We will never see the world the same way. Just because you see things as “mistakes” doesn’t mean the everyone views it as you do. So sorry to continue to disappoint you and your progressive mindset. We will never agree on the same things. That’s called debate and that’s why I am here. I don’t know about you. I just think sometimes you need to know others (a minority) think as you do. Sorry, I won’t enable you.

Nope, as I have said many times, Sarah Palin is not my first choice for president. Do I like her? Yes I like what she has to say, even met her once. Didn’t know that, did you?

You are a lefty and act as such. Just admit it and move on. Quit trying to hide.

I am here to debate. Stand up to your values and be proud you are a “hippy”, or whatever you said you were.

No, I don’t like the new Reuters format either.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive