Obama gambles on reconnecting with voters… others bet on his tie

January 26, 2010

A lot is riding on President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Wednesday to a joint session of Congress.

The president is gambling he can reconnect with voters and turn the tide of populist anger that threatens his signature healthcare legislation.

Other folks are betting he’ll wear a red tie.

USA-HEALTHCARE/OBAMAAnd speak between 51 and 53 minutes.

And say the words “healthcare reform” before other well-worn phrases, like “as I stand here today” or “fundamental belief.”

Paddy Power, an online Irish bookie, is taking bets on some of the less-than-weighty aspects of Obama’s State of the Union speech.

Most of the gamblers are wagering Obama will wear a red tie. Odds are 11/10, meaning a $1 bet would pay $1.10 if he wears a predominantly red tie Wednesday evening.

The bookie is paying 6/4 odds on a blue tie and 6/1 odds on a silver tie.

Not many people are betting the U.S. president will wear an American flag tie — the odds on that one are 100/1.

With Obama’s reputation as a speaker, most gamblers are betting the address will be on the long side. Odds on a speech lasting 51.01 to 53 minutes are 9/4. Those on a speech lasting 53.01 to 55 are 11/4.

Paddy Power says people are wagering “healthcare reform” will be the first cliche out of Obama’s mouth.

Odds on the phrase are 4/1. Other lines seen likely are “as I stand here today,” “fundamental belief,” “God Bless America,” and “defining moment,” all of which carry 12/1 odds.

Not likely at all is the line “I won’t seek re-election,” at odds of 250/1.

The cliche monitors at Paddy Power don’t seem to have been culling Obama’s speeches for fodder.

“Let me be clear,” one of the president’s favorites, is nowhere on the list.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Molly Riley (Obama in a red tie at his last speech to a joint session of Congress, in September)

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If Obama wants to reconnect with voters he should start by getting these fake corporate citizens out of Washington. They have no business there. They obstruct the interests of the people in favor of maximizing profit.

Corporations are NOT people. They should not have a voice in crafting the laws that citizens live by. The corporate lobby is the very reason our health care bill was destroyed.

Get rid of corporate citizenship and return the government of the people back to the people.

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