Obama eyes a new job: sportscaster

January 31, 2010

OBAMA/Sportscasters, beware. In a few years – three or seven, to be exact – President Barack Obama may want your job.

The basketball-playing prez took the afternoon off on Saturday to attend a game between Georgetown and Duke universities.

Part way through the second half, he took a turn at the announcers’ table to provide commentary on the college basketball game.

“Obviously, two great teams,” he said – keeping a polite neutrality as he started.

 Asked for commentary on the replay of one of the player’s moves, Obama jumped right in: “This was a terrific spin move and he didn’t get any help coming back.” That drew praise from the professional announcers there.

“After retirement, I’m coming after your job,” Obama quipped. “You either have three more years or seven,” he said, covering himself in case he wins a second presidential term.


 Obama, who is left-handed, was asked whether he had any problem “going to your right.” The sportscaster may (or may not) have been referring to the president’s playing habits, but Obama, whose Democratic party is considered to be “left” of the more “right”-leaning Republicans, gave a political answer.

“I went to the Republican House caucus just yesterday,” he said, referring to a visit he made on Friday to a meeting of Republicans from the House of Representatives.

“But there’s no doubt that I’ve got a stronger left hand.”


   Reuters photos by Jonathan Ernst.

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