Tea Party activists urged to borrow page from – ACORN

January 31, 2010

A Tea Party leadership conference in Dallas on Saturday urged the conservative movement’s activists to adopt old-fashioned, get-out-the-vote tactics, including driving people to the polling booth.

“This is something ACORN has been doing,” said Dallas Tea Party activist Lorie Medina, referring to the left-leaning group that conservative Tea Party types love to hate.


Medina’s presentation — one of several at the weekend conference — focused on retooling the protest movement into a well-oiled political machine that can deliver the vote in primaries and general elections for candidates that subscribe to its view of limited government, low taxes and “national sovereignty.”

Much of what Medina said mirrored tried-and-true strategies employed by both Republicans and Democrats, including organization by zip code, voter registration drives, neighborhood walks and signing up members for affiliates.

The conference was a sign the movement — it grabbed headlines last year as it channeled conservative opposition to President Barack Obama’s policies into nation-wide protests against bank bail-outs, the drive to overhaul healthcare, and other aspects of the White House agenda — is becoming more focused.

The Dallas Tea Partiers hope to make an impact in the March primaries in Texas. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the organization has 136 groups organized by zip code with 20 or more members and across the state it claims over 20,000 members.

In the Republican primary for Texas governor, the Tea Party activists mostly are backing libertarian-leaning Debra Medina against incumbent Rick Perry and U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Few expect Medina to win, but her candidacy could force a run-off or push Perry and Hutchison to the right.

And that raises a question nationally: will Tea Party activists pull the Republican Party further to the right? And if so, is that ultimately a winning strategy?

(PHOTO: A man holds signs during a “tea party” protest in Flagstaff, Arizona August 31, 2009. Organizers say the event is an effort to work against members of Congress who voted for higher spending and taxes. REUTERS/Joshua Lott)


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Interesting article. Let’s see how this one works out.

It will be great for the country in the short term, but one day we may see the tea party as we now see the democrats and republicans…parties out of touch with the American people.

Since the democrats are in power, they are clearly showing they don’t care what we have to say and need to be slapped back into the minority.

So, tea party members, make us proud. You have done great so far. Don’t forget your values speak for the majority of Americans.

As a side note, during the Miss America pageant on TV when the judges were introduced, Rush Limbaugh got the loudest cheers and handclaps of any of the judges. Further proof that this nation is a conservative leaning nation (and I don’t even listen to Rush except occasionally if I happen to be driving in my car somewhere).

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Further proof that this nation is stupid. 44% are illiterate (cannot read)but damn, they can go to a tea-party convention and then VOTE!

When will they apologize to ACORN for their ignorant castigation of that long-time agency which helps to empower the poor? Don’t copy their 40-year old techniques for registering voters, JOIN them!Or is there some kind of litmus test to be a TP member?

Posted by ivotes | Report as abusive

Maybe beauty pageants are a conservative fetish.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Perhaps, however the Miss America pagent is as American as baseball and apple pie.

You prove once again you are on the losing side. You have nothing constructive or valuable to contribute.

Go back to your liberal friends and that small group if you don’t want to debate the issues.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Doesn’t take much to bring out the ugly in TC, does it?
Maybe the Miss America Pageant IS typical of conservative values, like plastic christian girls who talk about “their country” and make cute videos that give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Come to Jesus.”
Or maybe it’s the standing ovations given to middle aged white guys who avoided serving their country and have been divorced a few times.
Yeah, those are the people who should be lecturing us all about what America is all about.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Actually, your first response was you coming out of the woodwork with an immediate diatribe. It was easier than you think to get you to bite and then you followed it with a diatribe that is clearly out of bounds by any standard.

Actually, I am no big follower of the Miss America pageant or Rush Limbaugh, so your direct fire at my observation really doesn’t faze me in the least.

It’s fun to watch you while you have no control of your issues (you act like a child). You have been wrong about everything you said in the past year.

Hopefully Americans will throw the democrats out so new people will fix the problem without their input. They have proven they are horrible in power and the American people and the tea party movement are showing them their days are numbered.

I really hope the president and the progressive democrats in congress try to force health care on us. It will only ensure the democrats are all thrown out in Nov 2010.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

HAHA- You are like an anthill, TC. Give it a little poke, and the ants come streaming out, ready to attack whatever is there. It is my turn to push your buttons, and it is so easy. You are a typical wingnut who hasn’t had an original thought in years. Even your lame comments about me are recycled observations I made about you long ago.

I especially get a kick out of how you pretend to be so independent from the ones who give you your talking points. You always boast about Rush Limbaugh (who you don’t listen to) Fox News (which you don’t watch) Glenn Beck (who you don’t watch) Sarah Palin (who isn’t your first pick). And of course, it isn’t about parties, is it? (but you love watching the Democrats lose).

You’re as transparent as air.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Okay, whatever…

Does anyone want to talk about the issues?

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

So what’s the alternative to the Dems TC? Back to the Bush era tax cuts that destroyed what was left of the middle class? Shrank small business in favor of large business?That’s what the Teabaggers are after right? Brain washed into supporting policies that in the end will hurt them, that is really the saddest part of this movement.

Posted by emh | Report as abusive

Eric. At the very least, a divided government. I have said this to you before.
It was bad when bush was president, it is worse with Obama.

You miss the point by only looking at this through the eyes of the parties.

However, I also blame the democrat congress elected on 2006. N
they sat on their hands for two years. They could have been fiscally responsible but weren’t. You know congress controls the money. However now this administration has really accelerated the game.

But people are angry about it now, the Virginia, nj and Ma races showed this clearly.

There are no easy answers, buwhat is happening now ain’t working. Even you must admit this if you are honest….

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive