Media naysayers troubling Obama again

February 5, 2010

Those media naysayers are troubling President Obama again.

The U.S. leader, who hasn’t had a prime-time news conference in six months, made clear his aggravation with the scribblers in remarks Thursday to a Democratic fundraiser at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

OBAMA/As the tony crowd, who were asked to  pay $30,400 per couple, dined on beet salad, beef and Brussels sprouts, the president laid out his case against the unruly nabobs of negativism.

They were the ones who declared his presidential campaign dead about a dozen times.

The ones who wrote him off after Hillary Clinton pulled out a surprise upset in New Hampshire a couple of years ago.

The ones who clucked about his naivete, said he was doing too much and thought Obama couldn’t bring change to Washington.

“Nobody gave us a chance. This campaign was declared dead, what, 10 times,” Obama told the 140 guests at the Democratic National Committee dinner.

“You know, the same folks who are now writing about ‘What next?’ and ‘What’s happened to the Obama agenda?’ these are the same folks who were writing about how ‘He doesn’t stand a chance,’ how after New Hampshire, that was it,” Obama said.

“They were saying, you know, your faith was misplaced and you set your sights too high and hope is naive and Washington won’t change,” he said.

With the Democratic agenda in jeopardy after they lost their supermajority in the Senate last month, the naysayers are crowing.

“Now, all of them are feeling like: ‘See? We told you Washington doesn’t change,’ and they’re feeling kind of self-satisfied about the fact that we haven’t yet got healthcare done,” Obama said.

Having identified the enemy, the president rallied his troops.

“Let me tell you something. You didn’t listen to those voices then. … You proved that nothing can stop the power of millions of people who want to see an America that is living up to its values and its ideals,” Obama said.

“That’s what you did. And that’s what I’m asking you to do again,” he said. “We don’t quit, and I don’t quit. And we are going to bring about the changes that you believe in and I believe in.”

And as the guests finished up with raspberry Napoleon against a backdrop of mellow jazz, the media trailing the president got their just deserts.

No dessert. No food. Just ice water with cubes.


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Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama at a fundraiser Thursday evening)


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Was it filtered water, at least?

Posted by drewbie | Report as abusive

He is known to overcome obstacles. I am curious to see how he and his party will end up this year.

Posted by hoti-ks | Report as abusive

If the media were a tenth as good as they think and act like they are we would be twenty times better off.

The so called news sources are little more than someone’s sorry opinion of what they really are. How they can come up with some of the stuff they print I so not understand.

Fox used to be the leader in slanting, giving half truths, more opinion than truth in all the so called news that was coming from their stations.

A habitual liar was more believable than anything out of fox and now it is prevalent all across the so called news. I AM NOT SURE ANY ONE CAN REPORT THE FACTS, THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ANYMORE.

They report a story in their opinion instead of really is what is going or they think they can give you what it all means even if they have to use fantasy to make it sound like they know something.

Posted by todnwth | Report as abusive

so, the ultra left liberal crew was having 30,000.00 dinners. nothing better than reading about elitists being elite. all pinky up with the obama show. must have chained ol’ rahm outside. that kept obama from crashing the proverbial car at the dinner amongst all the masters of the liberal universe. everyone should research his record in illinois to see just how qualified he is to do what he does now.hmmmmmm.

Posted by highmountainhot | Report as abusive

More ‘Hope-Nosis’ served up by the Fresh Prince of Thin Air. Truly hilarious how much the elitist left will pay to be encouraged. I suppose having a ‘supermajority’ for a year is no reason to expect more ‘Progressive’ policy to
have been installed before Scott Brown came to town. With the money raised perhaps now BO can afford to pay Springfield Ill money owed from his 2008 campaign. Snip:

Obama’s presidential campaign was sent a bill for $68,139, and still owes the city $55,457, according to Ernie Slottag, the city’s spokesman. The city has been trying — unsuccessfully — to collect payment, Ken Crutcher, the city’s director of office of budget and management told aldermen recently. “We’ve spoken to a lot of people and have found a lot of circles,” Crutcher said. … “We’ve been kind of bounced from place to place with respect to that particular event.” Attempts to get a comment for this story from the Obama campaign were unsuccessful. The White House referred comments to the Democratic National Committee. A spokesman at the DNC didn’t respond to questions sent via e-mail. Oh Snap I forgot, leftists only spend other peoples money…

Posted by Folklight | Report as abusive