Obama Braves “Snowmaggedon” to Rally Democrats

February 6, 2010


The Obama family hails from Chicago, where heavy snowfalls are not uncommon. But that’s not the case in Washington, D.C., which was largely shut down on Saturday morning  by a blizzard when the president headed to the Capital Hilton Hotel to rev up a gathering of the Democratic National Committee.

The short ride from the White House was not without glitches. First, a couple of the 15 or so vehicles in the presidential motorcade had a hard time getting up the icy White House driveway. Then an ambulance that was accompanying the group had a slight fender-bender accident with one of the SUVs. As the cars approached White House grounds on the return trip, a tree branch fell on the same vehicle that had been scraped earlier, momentarily blocking the way.

Obama had serious things on his mind, such as healthcare and financial reform, as he spoke to a Democratic Party that has becoming increasingly concerned about the shifting tides of public opinion ahead of November’s Congressional elections. But the weather was an unavoidable topic.

“Good to be among friends so committed to the future of this party and his country that they’re willing to brave a blizzard — Snowmaggedon right here in D.C.,” he said.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (A fresh layer of snow covers the grounds at the White House in Washington, February 3, 2010, following an overnight winter storm.)


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With a 44 percent job approval rating, according to Rasmussen, he has a lot of work to do.

He might try talking to the democrats, but it won’t help save him from failure. Which is exactly what his presidency has turned out to be.

No one wants what he and the other progressives have to offer.

Oh well, we will give him another message in Nov 2010.

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I was listening to Hank Paulson and Alan Greenspan on Meet The Press this morning. What they had to say was very telling about Obama’s “approval rating”. Both Paulson and Greenspan agreed that the course taken by the Obama administration was clearly a better one than what McCain would have done, and they were both greatly relieved that he had won the 2008 election.

Now, about those approval ratings. The Economist (hardly a left wing publication) has a poll out that asks something Rasmussen never dares to ask. While they score Obama at 46% approval, they also ask respondents to score Democrats and Repubicans. Here it is.

Democrats: Approve 75% Disapprove 20%

Republicans: Approve 12% Disapprove 86%

Independents: Approve 39% Disapprove 58%

People in general are disappointed and skeptical about government, it’s clear. Any president would have low approval scores in the face of such unprecedented obstructionism. But the idea that Americans are about to turn the country back over to conservatives is a fantasy.

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John McCain was not a good choice to be president, but Obama is proving he is not a good president either…he has failed at everything he has tried to push on us.

The reason is simple…the American people said no…Virginia, NJ and Massachusetts are proof of this.

Rasmussen has showed republicans are favored over the democrats in congress ever since Obama’s approval rating fell to levels not seen in first year presidents.

But this should come as no surprise to anyone. The democrats are the ones in power…house, senate, executive. They are going to be the ones judged and the American people say no to them.

I guess the American voters are going to have to show the naysayers again in Nov 2010.

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TC, you are again on the wrong side of reality. Obama has accomplished more agenda than any president since FDR. Why else would the radical right be so up in arms?

As to the American people saying no to Democratic governance…well, you said it, they hold a large, no, the largest majority in generations. Conservatives may be able to capitalize on some voter disenchantment with Democrats that were foolish enough to move to the center in an attempt to work with Republicans who were not acting in good faith. But, as all the polls but yours clearly demonstrate, the country isn’t going to elect a conservative majority any time soon.

Just to help make my point, here are a few others.

Fox News / Opinion Dynamics 2/2-3/10
Obama Job Approval 46% Approve, 47% Disapprove
Dems: 81% Approve, 12% Disapprove
Reps: 14% Approve, 82% Disapprove
Inds: 45% Approve, 47% Disapprove

Ipsos / McClatchy
Obama Job Approval
50% Approve, 46% Disapprove
Dems: 79% Approve / 19% Disapprove
Inds: 53% Approve / 31% Disapprove
Reps: 19% Approve / 79% Disapprove


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TC, I’m just curious, who was your pick to run for president in 2008?

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Just stating what is and has happened with the mood of this country. As I said before the Virginia, NJ and MA elections, the democrats will be the ones who are judged. They have and they are regardless of what some polls say. Rasmussen has been right on the money each time.

As for who I supported for president? You will never know.

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What a huge storm and a big turn in political fortunes in Washington. It looks like the Republicans are looking strong going into the elections. Thank GOD.

Peter Michael Muer

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[…] at his adopted city’s inability to process precipitation. At an event over the weekend, he thanked his party faithful for being “willing to brave a blizzard—Snowmaggedon right here in […]

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Rasmussen has been right on the money each time? Well, I have some pretty depressing news for you, TC.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of likely voters finds that in a three-way congressional contest with a Tea Party candidate on the ballot, the Democrat earns 36% support. The GOP candidate comes in second with 25% of the vote, while the Tea Party candidate picks up 17%. Twenty-three percent (23%) are undecided.


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Yeah, whoops! I guess it’s all over now. Democrats win big in Nov 2010.

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Democrats win big in Nov 2010.

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