2012 may be an open door for Palin, but first comes 2010

February 8, 2010

USA/Sarah Palin’s right. It would be absurd for her not to consider a White House bid in 2012, especially while Tea Partiers are chanting, “Run, Sarah, run!”  
But first come this November’s elections, which could help build Palin’s credibility if her high-profile public appearances (and repeated attacks on President Barack Obama) actually help conservative candidates get elected to Congress and important state offices around the country. If.

Some political experts say Palin’s weekend keynote speech at the big Tea party in Nashville was her best since the 2008 GOP convention — detailed, focused and high on energy. Lucrative, too, given the $100,000 speaker’s fee, though the on-stage interview seemed a bit scripted, especially the part about what she’d do if she were president. 
The appearance also kicked off a busy travel schedule to help candidates in this year’s campaign.
On Super Bowl Sunday, she was in Texas helping Republican Gov. Rick Perry with his March gubernatorial primary contest against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Polling results show Hutchison trailing the incumbent by 15 percentage points and losing ground to a third candidate, Tea Party activist Debra Medina.

Palin spent much of her time in the Lone Star State assailing Washington, and by implication, Hutchison. She raised a huge cheer by pointing out in non-establishment fashion that Texans might like to secede.     
But moving the national political applause needle to the right in 2010 could be much more difficult than rallying friendly audiences or using a talking hand to bash that “charismatic guy with a TelePrompTer.”
A state-by-state analysis of Obama’s job approval ratings by Gallup may offer a glimpse of the voter sentiment challenge that Palin and her conservative allies face this year.

The data show the president’s average approval for 2009 above 50 percent in 40 states including Gov. Perry’s Texas and the Tea Party conventioneers’ Tennessee. USA-POLITICS/OBAMAIn fact, his ratings were substantially above 50 percent in more than 30 states including many in the Southeast, the Midwest and the Southwest, regions where Palin might hope to do well on behalf of conservative Republicans.

Whether Obama’s numbers can translate into good news for Democrats in November is an open question. And the doubts are palpable. In Massachusetts, where his 2009 approval rating was 66.8 percent, Tea Partiers helped Republican Scott Brown capture Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat.

Photo credits: Reuters/Josh Anderson (Palin); Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (U.S. Capitol); Reuters/Jason Reed (Candidate Obama and Youngster)

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Palin’s weekend keynote speech at the big Tea party in Nashville was her best since the 2008 GOP convention.


“We’ve got to reign in the spending obviously and not, you know, raising extremely high budgets and then say okay we’re going to freeze a couple of programs here or there. That doesn’t do us any good really. We’ve got to start reigning in the spending. We have got to jump start these energy projects that again we’ve heard so much about because it’s ridiculous that we have the sitting warehouse under god’s green earth here in the United States of America. Rich resources, oil and gas and our coal and all these conventional sources of recourses we have got to actually walk that walk to allow them to come to development.”

You have got to be kidding. She makes George W Bush sound like a Rhodes Scholar.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

If this was a high school speech in front of the class, she would get a failing grade. This is ridiculous. My head hurts.

Posted by jk718gp | Report as abusive

My friends in the UK, please help us out.. we’ll pay you to take this shrill, uneducated, non-thinking woman off of our hands.. for the love of humanity please help!!

Posted by urbanliberal | Report as abusive

Is this a joke or did I have a scary dream? The speech (read very carefully from the paper!) in Nashville sounded as it was intended for some 4th graders – in fact some of them carried signs “No PUBIC option” and something about the ConSItution, and her speaking and gesturing to even younger then that… not to mention contradictions and absolutely no ideas. God bless us is this is what serious news media finds worth reporting.

Posted by frank654 | Report as abusive

Oops. in 11:21 last sentence should read: God help us instead of God bless us. Sorry. I had it written wrong on my palm!

Posted by frank654 | Report as abusive

No wonder the USA is going into helter skelter.

Anyone that reaches for and attains any kind of media
recognition is considered a leader and worthy of running their lives.

My vote is for the “Pants on the Ground” celebrity for President.

Posted by Butch_from_PA | Report as abusive

As a stern believer in conservative politics this is one time I would say Hillary go kick some %#ss.

Posted by agentinsure | Report as abusive

“What is your opinion of the Bush doctrine, well Charlie what do you mean?”

Posted by agentinsure | Report as abusive

Sara’s Laughing all the way to the Bank!! and the fools that go to watch her have got their heads so deep in the sand it only proves the GOP has NO Game Plan, NO Canidates, NO Ambitions, and NO Idea’s on how to Fix our Country.They’ve all sold out to the Banksters and Wall Street.

I expect a Sara Palin/Glen Beck Ticket Soon Based Solely on ” Conservitive” “Charisma”

The Best Thing this Lady can do is spend her “Off” time educating herself about the History of our country, Creating her own “Party Platform ” to Run On, Keep the Media always in the Loop, and Hoodwind the American public in Voting for the most “Charismatic Candidate” available.

It’s Sad Americans Vote based on “Charisma” instead of
“Best Candidate for the Job”

Posted by Pangaea7 | Report as abusive

The American population, on average, as a whole, reads, writes and comprehends at an 8th Grade Level. The Republicans know that they are dealing with a bunch of 14 year old’s. That is how they were able to destroy this Country in only 8 years. Our educational system, for the majority of us, is a joke. Analytical thought is uncommon, as a result we have the Patriot Act (a law that no congressman had read before voting on) a national debt of such magnitude that all China has to do is start dumping dollars and we turn into a third-world-nation overnight. Now Ms. Palin is herald as a possible Presidential contender, while she reads crib notes on the palm of her hand. When Americans allowed Bush to be selected by the Republican stacked Supreme Court, and then elected him, out of fear of terrorist attacks, for a second term, well, we deserve what is happening to us.

It is an historical fact that whenever a white man creates a “mess”, a black man is called upon to clean it up and a white woman is used to bring him down.

I’m just saying . . . .

Posted by MACV | Report as abusive

I don’t know which is worse, Fox Network trying to make Sara Palin look like she has a brain, or all the people that are falling for the “tea party movement,” which is nothing more than another arm of the Republican Political Machine hearding unsuspecting fools towards Republican Candidates. Can anyone say Carl Rove and Dick Armey?

Posted by Robert76 | Report as abusive

Oh my goodness, she sounds even dumber than George W. Bush – let’s compare their educational backgrounds, because everyone should agree that the smarter person should in the white house:

Obama: Harvard Law School Graduate

Palin: Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from University of Idaho after transferring 4 times from colleges

But hey you never know, George W. Bush was elected for 2 terms and you just never know how many retards can be elected to the white house

Posted by neutral33 | Report as abusive

Why are we taking daily polls on the Presidents ratings. We can’t honestly take a daily favorible poll of our selves – this is just supid. So when he is under 50% he has a problem, the real problem is no one mentions when he is back over 50%.

Ms. Palin just told the Tea Party what the President is doing wrong and got applauses. So if she (or any other conservitive) does the opposite, then we can elect them for President.

This is too simple.

Posted by uc8tcme | Report as abusive

As far as Barack Obamas poll ratings are concerned:

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

Posted by JulsMan | Report as abusive

In her speech, how many times did Ms. Palin say “I will do…..”, “I will not do…….”, and now the “doors” are open for her the run for President. She “did not” say anything of subtance. The media critized the president for using too many “I’s” which shows accountibility (along with a few “Bush’s”).

Posted by uc8tcme | Report as abusive

I’m not a big fan for Sarah. But, I will say that both the author of this article, and some of you folks, are mistaken that Sarah is a tool of the GOP. Because the democrats have the freebie ticket locked up, and splintering of conservative values goes against the Republicans. In other words, the last thing the GOP wants is anything that resembles a viable third party.

I don’t think Sara did herself any favors delivering that speech for a $100,000 fee. And the Tea Party, whatever that is, didn’t do itself any favors in hiring her at that price. It’s a shame, really, because both parties are so vulnerable right now, and have been, that folks can’t get it together and win back this country for the individual, which is exactly what the world needs.

Posted by Soothsayer | Report as abusive

Well, Folklight, it’s a good thing Obama isn’t running for President, isn’t it?

On the other hand, Republicans are gearing up to run in November. Their numbers don’t look so good. They better stand up for something besides “against, against, against”.

The Economist
Democrats: Approve 75% Disapprove 20%
Republicans: Approve 12% Disapprove 86%
Independents: Approve 39% Disapprove 58%

Fox News / Opinion Dynamics
Dems: 81% Approve, 12% Disapprove
Reps: 14% Approve, 82% Disapprove
Inds: 45% Approve, 47% Disapprove

Ipsos / McClatchy
Dems: 79% Approve / 19% Disapprove
Inds: 53% Approve / 31% Disapprove
Reps: 19% Approve / 79% Disapprove

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Her approval rating is based on the blame game, which she does not provide realistic solutions to solve the global recession. Thus, it is difficult to call Sarah a game changer for her every action weakens her position as a president candidate. However, the “marvic” is here to stay not because of $100,000, 4th grade speech at the convention or her “on stage” charisma, but because the average Americans lack high education, an essential ingredient for critical thinking and to question the pundits. The change we can believe in is also making us animals. The audacity of hope is also a risk of stupidity and for self destruction.

Posted by Helios88 | Report as abusive

Why don’t we just take Palin’s clothes off so all the sexually repressed, conservative men who support her can see how she looks naked? Perhaps after looking at the stretch marks even those who haven’t been laid in years will wise up and someone even more qualified to be a conservative female president can be elected….like Paula Abdul or Brittny Spears?

Better still, why don’t we just elect Tracy Lords or Marilyn Chambers?

Posted by Getsen42 | Report as abusive

There is a photo in the paper today of the crowd attending Sarah Palin’s Tea Party event for Governor Rick Perry in Texas last weekend.

The photo is of a person holding up a sign that says,

“Homescolers For Perry”

(Shakes head) Words fail.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Yeah, that’s almost as good as President Obama saying he has visited 57 states with two more to go during the last campaign.

And his “corpse”man comment when talking about a brave US Marine during a recent speech. That was pretty funny too.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

“Homescolers For Perry” isn’t funny, it’s pathetic and sad.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

You are right, I will give you that one.

It isn’t funny that the president thinks there are 59 states and he can’t even pronounce corpsman without making it into “corpes”man.

Yes, it is pathetic and sad.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

You believe President Obama thinks there are only 59 states? Now THAT’s pathetic and sad.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

*only 59 states* Whoops!

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive