Obama swipes at ribbon-cutting Republicans — again

February 17, 2010

President Barack Obama apparently believes he’s found the right formula for chiding Republicans who opposed the $787 billion economic stimulus — because he used it again. OBAMA/

On the one-year anniversary of signing the Recovery Act, Obama acknowledged the controversy that the measure continues to generate.

“And part of that is because there are those, let’s face it, across the aisle who have tried to score political points by attacking what we did, even as many of them show up at ribbon-cutting ceremonies for projects in their districts,” Obama said.

That echoed Obama’s January 29 remarks when he told a roomful of Republicans at the GOP House Issues Conference in Baltimore:  “And let’s face it, some of you have been at the ribbon-cuttings for some of these important projects in your communities.”

The president didn’t name any names either time, so we asked a couple of  White House aides and were directed to this Dan Pfeiffer posting on the White House blog on Wednesday. It does name names.

Pfeiffer says House Republican Whip Eric Cantor voted against the Recovery Act twice but then “touted the job-creation” of a stimulus-funded high speed rail project in Virginia. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell voted against the Recovery Act twice but then touted employment benefits of a military project in Kentucky funded by the stimulus, Pfeiffer writes and includes links.

Both Cantor and McConnell issued statements on Wednesday bashing the stimulus.

“In the year since the Democrats’ ‘stimulus’ program was enacted, over 3 million jobs have been lost, billions of dollars have been wasted, and an unprecedented debt has been passed on to our children – these are not the results that America hoped for,” Cantor said.

“In the first year of the trillion-dollar stimulus, Americans have lost millions of jobs, the unemployment rate continues to hover near 10 percent, the deficit continues to soar and we’re inundated with stories of waste, fraud and abuse. This was not the plan Americans asked for or the results they were promised,” McConnell said.

FRANCE/While twice does not a trend make, we’re going to keep a lookout for more Obama references to ribbon-cutting Republicans. Maybe that will turn into one rhetorical theme going into the November election.

The main message from Obama on Wednesday was that if  Democrats had not pushed through the stimulus, the U.S. economy could have sunk into another Depression. “So our work is far from over, but we have rescued this economy from the worst of this crisis,” he said.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Obama delivers remarks about economy), Reuters/Regis Duvignau (ribbon-cutting in France)


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Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, i’m sure they won’t be.

Posted by Streetfighter | Report as abusive

This is a case that needs to be made more often and more clearly. On the one hand they fight with each other and bash each others policies. But then they turn around and take credit for the benefits afforded to their constituency.

Congress needs to get to work. They serve the people. They would do well to remember it.

Posted by Benny_Acosta | Report as abusive

We’re starting to see conservatives worry about the state of the American economy. They are concerned it’s starting to improve in ways that may undermine Republicans’ campaign plans.
The fact that the recovery effort stabilized the economy is no longer open to debate. The consensus among economists is that the economy would not have improved without the Recovery Act, which every Republican voted against. A stronger economy in the coming months will change the electoral equation in ways the GOP is unprepared for. Their challenge will be to downplay developments that are good for the country, without looking like shameless political hacks. Quite a challenge, indeed.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Sure. Let’s see how it works out for you.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

As long as things continue to work out for the country, despite the GOP doing everything in their power to stop it, it should work out fine by November.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Don’t kid yourself. Things are not working out for the country. This administration is spending us into oblivion and with the debt it will be time to pay the piper soon. The Fed has already begun the process which will lead to hyperinflation.

Again, let’s see how your opinion works out for you.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

What process, exactlty, is that? You have absolutuely no idea what you are talking about, do you?
You like to call other people’s facts “opinion” without offering any facts of your own. Hyperinflation. Really.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

The day after the Fed raises the discount rate by 25 basis points you say they are beginning the process which will lead to hyperinflation. OMG that’s rich.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Say what you will, this country is not in good shape financially and the majority know this to be true.

Cherry picking someone’s answer is not going to solve what this administration and this congress are doing to America and its citizens.

It will be time to pay the piper and we will all pay the price for what they are doing today.

They are not solving any problem. Just try to keep spending money you don’t have putting you deeper into debt and see where it lands you.

Oh well, I am sure you think it’s all going to be okay if they keep doing what they are doing.

Thank goodness Americans don’t agree with your opinion…

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

The country may not be in good shape financially, but the majority know who put the country in the red, who is fixing the problems, and who is fighting tooth and nail to derail the fixes.

When I asked you what, exactly, the Fed was doing to bring on hyperinflation, you had no idea. That pretty much sums up what conservatives have to offer in terms of moving this country forward. No ideas. Unless “no” is an idea, but it’s kind of limited.

Conservatives all say that November can’t come soon enough. That’s because if things continue to improve for the country, it will become more and more apparent that it was the Democrats who turned things around, despite the best efforts of the Republican minority to stop it.

The Party That Hopes America Fails is running out of time.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

You never asked me a question, so stop with the revisionist history.

No one is fixing the problem and the current president is making it worse. I am well aware that the out of control deficit and the out of control debt was a result of both Bush and Obama, starting with the TARP funds…now the stimulus funds and the further debt in one year that the current president incurred on the American people.

All you have to do is look at the charts to see the straight up line starting in Oct 2008 and continuing since Obama took office.

All he needed to do was cut taxes and cut spending. But progressives don’t cut taxes.
Unfortunately, the last president didn’t cut spending either, but the tax cuts brought in record funds into our system. Tax cuts always do.

When the Bush tax cuts end in 2011, it will be bad for all of us.

You are right by saying November 2010 can’t come soon enough. I agree with you on that one. Limited government is good for America and Americans.

You were saying the same thing last year about the agenda of this congress and this president. You were wrong then, you are wrong now.

Things are not okay now and won’t be with the policies of the progressives in power now.

America will not fail unless the progressives are thrown out of office.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

America “will” fail unless the progressives are thrown out of office.

I figure you will have something to say about that anyway…

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

TyC–The Fed has already begun the process which will lead to hyperinflation.

getplaning–What process, exactly, is that?

TyC–You never asked me a question, so stop with the revisionist history.

So who is revising the facts, again? As I said, it will be quite a challenge for conservatives to avoid looking like shameless political hacks. You fail.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

I am not the failed government making decisions. I haven’t failed at anything, just giving my opinion….just like you.

As for your prognosis. As I have said before, the American people are angry and don’t like the policy agenda this administration and this congress are trying to force down our throats. Virginia, NJ and MA are proof of this fact.

More to come in Nov 2010.

Nitpicking and cherry picking certain things doesn’t affect me one way or the other. I am having a debate on current policies, you are trying to play gotcha.

Fine, have fun playing that game with yourself. As usual, you are on the losing side and have nothing to contribute but destruction. I am bored with going over the same argument this year as you gave last year. It will become obvious you are on the losing side again. Just wait and see.

In the meantime, I am growing weary with your childish behavior. Grow up…

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Are you going to answer my question about what “process the Fed has already begun that will lead to hyperinflation”, or are you going to continue hiding behind old talking points? It is you who needs to grow up, my friend.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

No, it is your job to discuss the issue, not ask questions with no response.

I never care whether I am right or wrong and I won’t be bullied by someone who doesn’t even discuss the issue at hand.

But you are wrong so often about the mood of this country, that if you want this one you can have it. I still don’t know what your position is and I don’t care.

This is the last time on this thread for me. You are an empty vessel.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

So to recap-
I posted that conservatives will try to downplay the improving economy.

You posted that things were not improving and that the Fed was doing something to cause hyperinflation.

I asked you what that was.

You have written a blizzard of things but have yet to touch your original hyperinflation claim. Either you have an argument, or you don’t. My guess is you don’t.

I back up everything I write. One simple question and you cry like a baby. Do yourself a favor. Quit trying to outpost me every time I write something here. You lose every time, whether you admit it or not.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

He doesn’t

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive