Obama outs mother-in-law as big fan of Las Vegas

February 19, 2010

USA-POLITICS/OBAMABy trying to soothe Las Vegas’ hurt feelings about some remarks he made recently, President Barack Obama outed his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, as a big fan of the gambling city.

“Now, before I go any further, let me set the record straight: I love Vegas,” Obama told a town hall meeting.

He had angered the mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, by saying in New Hamsphire recently that, “You don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.”

Goodman had been demanding an apology and said Obama needed to buy him a martini.

Campaigning for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Obama told a Las Vegas audience that his comment “doesn’t mean I don’t love Vegas.”

“It wasn’t meant to be a shot. I think everybody here would agree that the only place where people should spend their college savings is in college,” he said. OBAMA/

Doing his best imitation of a Las Vegas lounge comedian, Obama said he enjoys himself every time he goes to Vegas.

“In fact, just last night I drew a flush on the river and cut the budget deficit in half,” he said.

Somehow he wound his way around to his mother-in-law.

“I’m looking forward to coming back to Vegas. I think my mother-in-law’s going to get here first,” he said. “She comes quite frequently. Maybe shouldn’t say that in front of the press.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Steve Marcus (pedestrians on Las Vegas Strip watch TV coverage of Obama giving acceptance speech Nov. 4, 2008), Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Obama at town hall meeting in Henderson, near Las Vegas)


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The mayor of Las Vegas needs to stop being a whiny turd. He was angry over a common sense comment about not blowing your money (in Vegas) when you’re trying to save for college?

Grow up. The president’s statement was correct. And any reasonable person knows this. If the mayor is pissed then maybe he should attract other businesses besides casinos. Instead of an apology Obama should have told him to suck it up and stop being a child. Nothing is more off putting than a person who gets angry at the truth.

Posted by Benny_Acosta | Report as abusive

Mr. President. The American people don’t need you to tell them how and where to spend their hard earned money. You are the government, you are the problem.

If people want to spend their money in Las Vegas, that is their choice. Not yours. If they make a mistake, it is their problem, not yours. You are not our parent, no matter how much you want that role. Leave us alone.

Decrease taxes and cut spending and you will have a successful presidency. Otherwise, your policies will continue to fail and the American people are on to you.

Oh, and stop spending our money. We don’t like it!

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Nothing is more off putting than a person who gets angry at the truth. And there are some really angry people out there who don’t like hearing the truth. Well said, Benny!

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

For those of you who need the government to be your parent, then God Bless you.
Too bad you can’t live your own life without someone telling you what to do and when to do it.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Nothing is more off putting than a person who gets angry at the truth. And there are some really angry people out there who don’t like hearing the truth. Like my internet stalker, TC, who follows my every post with some little sniping comment. Whiny baby!

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

i completely agree with you getplanning (as i usually tend to). anger at the truth just seems to be a big waste of time.

btw, i often read you and TC bickering and, initially, its pretty entertaining, however that goes away as i realize he truly thinks he’s preaching gospel. oh well, if i’m lucky enough i usually get to see you shooting down his points…

Posted by bottlerocket | Report as abusive

So bottlerocket…

Tell me where he is right and I am always wrong?

I said all last year the American people were angry (regardless of this diatribes against what I said). Virginia, NJ and MA were slaughters for the progressives he supported.

The president has a miserable 45 percent job approval and congress has a miserable 18 percent approval rating. I was reporting this even when he said I was wrong about it. But in the end, I was right. Even the polls he supported are now saying the same thing.

When it comes to health care, I said not one republican was needed to pass the progressive congressional bills. I was right that the democrats couldn’t get their act together to push it through. Now, they need to go to reconciliation to force their plan on all of us, even though the majority of people do not want it.

I am not preaching gospel, just the facts and my facts are just that facts and current events show me to be right about it.

Your friend is a gifted writer, but he was very wrong about the past year and what it would bring.

Nov 2010 will show both of you that you are still wrong.

This country is in a world of hurt due to the huge spike in spending money we do not have.

I hope I am wrong, but so far I have been right about everything I just wrote.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Getplaning pwns. I don’t know which blog TyC has been following but Getplaning has been right all along. TyC spends all his energy telling everyone they are wrong but doesn’t back up any of his own statements. Ask TyC to explain something and he ducks and covers. Both bloggers are good, probably both are paid, but Get always comes armed with the facts. TyC comes armed with the talking points.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

Yellow. Now I know how the conservatives feel when a feeding frenzy is thrust upon them when the progressive liberal agenda doesn’t work out for them.

Rather than debate they turn to personal attacks.

It doesn’t change the fact I am right about what I outlined earlier.

Yellow, what would those facts you talk about be that our friend supposedly outlines?

He has opinions, but he usually ends up wrong. Everything I have said has come true.

November 2010 is going to be very bad for your failed friends in the progressive party.

Enough of this, I am here to debate. You can all have a love fest amongst yourselves.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Telling everyone they are wrong and you are right doesn’t qualify as debate, Tyc.
As for personal attacks, You are the guilty party, calling everyone who disagrees with you a partisan hack.
Everyone agrees that the majority has now turned against the healthcare bills. The difference is, Getplaning can explain WHY that is, and you can not.
Like I said, you don’t back up your statements. What has Getplaning been wrong about? What have you been right about?
In an earlier thread, you made a statement about the Federal Reserve. You never backed it up when Getplaning asked you about it. You just ducked and covered and called him a hack. That’s why you get no respect here.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

Yellow. Whatever…

The fact of the matter is this, you who support this president and this congress are losing badly. You have nothing left but personal attack, because you have been wrong about everything.

Even some liberals are beginning to admit this presidency wasted a year on health care when it should have worked on the economy. The word failure is beginning to be admitted even by them.

Sorry you are so upset over losing.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

There you go again.
What personal attack did I make?
What have I been wrong about?
Duck, cover, and make some sniping remark about losing.
Getplaning has you pegged.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

TC, i’m kind of glad you brought up the point about the specific states. now, while i cannot speak for the other states, i DO live in NJ and at least the average opinion during the election was not in support of Christie, people just wanted Corzine out (myself included). it has a LOT less to do with political affiliation and more to do with the candidates themselves.

i agree with the fact that we need to curb spending in certain areas but blocking all bills proposed in an effort to stablize the economy isnt the answer. there are many other areas we can cut back on (first thing that comes to mind is the billions of tax dollars spent on an impossible-to-win war on drugs).

btw, i never said that you’re always wrong and Getplanning it always right, i simply meant that he is FAR more convincing in his arguements and you seem to be willing to say anything necessary to state your opinion as fact. you have made a few points in the past that i’d gladly agree with, however you just seem to be pushing a blindly conservative POV.

Posted by bottlerocket | Report as abusive

Bottlerocket. Thanks for your reasonable response. I appreciate it.

I am not trying to say the republicans are better than the democrats. I have always looked at it as a conservative. I try to leave the strict party argument to others on here, you know who they are.

With that being said, I agree with you about NJ rejecting Corzine was because of your dislike of him. However, since the progressive democrats are the ones in power, they are the ones who are going to be judged. So, Virginia, NJ and MA showed this to be true. I think (my opinion) Nov 2010 will be a rude awakening for progressives. Yes, the president will lose seats as all presidents do with their own party.

My hope is that strong conservatives come in and stop the insane spending and lower taxes to fix the mess created and worsened in the past two years.

I have always said Getplaning is a gifted writer, but I am convince he has access to data the rest of us don’t. I happen to work for a living and don’t have time to do instant research of all things. I just know what I believe and what I believe has been consistent and most of the time right particularly when it comes to what has happened to the approval of the president and congress as well as the outcomes in the last elections.

My point is just to state what I believe, not to play gotcha.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

thank you for your respectful reply and also stating and clearly labeling your opinion (not sarcasm, it honestly is much appreciated) i must admit that as opposed to the majority of frequent posters you at least try to clarify yourself in most cases. and while i disagree with a lot of things you say at least your not an irrational debater.

Posted by bottlerocket | Report as abusive


If you and I agreed with everything, then there wouldn’t be a debate.

Also, if I wanted to only hear the opinions of those who think the same as I, then I would frequent those blogs where everyone feeds off one another. To me that is boring.

What I don’t appreciate is anyone being so full of themselves that when they are challenged, they fall back on name calling and ridicule. A well written blog post doesn’t always equate to being right. Often, if you read closely, you can see there is an agenda laced commentary in which the information is twisted leaving the reader with a less than factual analysis.

For those who want to have an honest dialog, I will never fault those who want that honest and open debate. For those who don’t, well, they probably don’t respect anyone anyway.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive