Senator Coburn cites Thomson Reuters at healthcare summit

February 25, 2010

USA-HEALTHCARE/Republican Senator Tom Coburn is obviously a big fan of Thomson Reuters. He cited Thomson Reuters reports throughout his presentation at the White House healthcare summit.

Coburn, an Oklahoma physician who opposes the sweeping Democratic healthcare overhaul, said lawmakers should focus first on reducing hundreds of billions of dollars of wasteful spending in the U.S. healthcare system. He cited recent studies by Thomson Reuters showing wasteful spending and how patients are postponing medical care due to cost.

They can be found here, here and here.

Coburn often cited these reports during Senate debate on healthcare reform. He wants to bring down costs by tackling waste, fraud and abuse, and limiting medical malpractice lawsuits. And like most doctors, he wants us to live healthy lifestyles and avoid junk food. He also wants to change some popular government programs that he said are contributing to unhealthy eating habits.

“We actually create more diabetes through the food stamp program and the school lunch program than probably any other thing,” Coburn said.

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Photo credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed (U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius does an arm-bump greeting to avoid catching U.S. Senator Tom Coburn’s cold at U.S. healthcare summit, February 25, 2010.)


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The Thomson Reuters reports are among the most comprehensive. There was a reason Coburn used them. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter…because for the Democrats, this is not a rational argument, but a moral one.

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Obama keeps saying ‘those who want to keep their present health insurance can do so’ is NOT true. First Insurance companies will increase premiums or deductibles, secondly, employers will not offer health insurance. The end result is everyone will be in the Govt program. THAT is exactly what Obama wants = Single Payer system = Socialized Medicine.

Posted by lorenzorichards | Report as abusive

The big insurance companies and private health care providers have done a good job of putting Coburn in there pocket.
These compannies are throughing all kinds of Big Money at spreading mis-information and protecting their turf and Coburns cited reports actually make a better case for Obama than for private health care. It just shows how you can twist facts any way you want.

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