Coffee Party USA takes on the Tea Party

March 3, 2010

America’s conservative Tea Party movement may be on the boil, but the left is brewing up its own version in The Coffee Party USA.

The movement has launched itself on the social networking site Facebook where it has acquired more than 50,000 fans over the past month. You can see some news reports and commentary about it here and here and here.


Under the battle cry “The Coffee Party USA: Wake Up and Stand Up” it is asking people to host a Coffee Party event on their March 13 “kick-off.”

“What’s your favorite spot for a cup of coffee or Sunday brunch? Enter it here along with what time on March 13th you plan to meet, and you are a Coffee Party coordinator! We are volunteers, working to restore our capacity as Americans to engage a civil and respectful conversation about public policy. As with any disagreement, the first step is sitting down to talk,” it says.

Like the Tea Party — a conservative movement opposed to big government and President Barack Obama’s agenda which takes its name from an 18th century American revolt against British colonial rule — the Coffee Party claims to be “100 percent grassroots.”

“No lobbyists here. No pundits. And no hyper-partisan strategists calling the shots in this movement. We are a spontaneous and collective expression of our desire to forge a culture of civic engagement that is solution-oriented, not blame-oriented,” it says.

And like the Tea Partiers it evokes America’s 18th century founders, with a feminist twist: “Our Founding Fathers and Mothers gave us an enduring gift — Democracy — and we must use it to meet the challenges that we face as a nation.”

“We are an alternative to the Tea Party,” says Coffee Party movement founder Annabel Park — identified as a “concerned citizen” — in her YouTube pitch, coffee in hand, which you can see here:

Conservative critics will no doubt find some red meat here: what could be more elitist and out of touch than the coffeehouse, latte and Starbucks crowd?

The Coffee Party also has some catching up to do. The Tea Party movement is diffuse but it has morphed from a protest movement marked last year by angry rallies and heated townhall meetings into a political machine that plans to make an impact in state primaries this year with an eye to the November congressional elections and ultimately the 2012 White House race. Essentially, it is working to get out the vote for (mostly Republican) candidates who subscribe to its view of limited government and low taxes and deficits.

Do you think the Coffee Party can mount a credible alternative from the liberal left?


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Annabel Park may not be a Presidents wife but she sure has found the path Dolly Madison used to get the early squabblers talking – Real Democracy

Posted by Deadeye | Report as abusive

But I thought the Tea Party were extremists that hate america. Why would the liberals want to copy that?

Posted by neoavatara | Report as abusive

They’re meeting in coffee houses to agree with each other about their political, social, and religious views?

It seems the only difference is that there’s a name for it.

Posted by drewbie | Report as abusive

We need a single payer reform for health care, all uninsured and members of coffee party should march to the capital to voice our demand and remind the president that he was voted for a change and this is the change we beleied in. the coffee party should arrange a big rally in this regards.

Posted by Ahmadani | Report as abusive

Are they carrying signs that have portraits of Obama with a little Hitler moustache, or “Bury Obamacare With Ted Kennedy”? Do they have anonymous corporate fundng and organizers tied to the oil, medical, insurance, and banking industries?

Then they aren’t extremists that hate America. Faux News won’t take long to try and paint them as such.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

Coffee party? Come and get your coffee enema, a colon cleanse, get all that red meat stuck to the lining of your guts rinsed off, that kind of party? Thought so.

Darn Democrats can’t even come up with something original or historical, just some perverted sexual stimulation party.

Posted by BHOShatOnUS | Report as abusive

What you casually refer to as “the liberal left” should be more properly termed “neoliberalism” which is the other pungent cheek on the same political buttocks as neoconservatism. And what all these closet bipartisan issue-dodgers sorely need is a massive dose of formaldehyde.

Posted by HBC | Report as abusive

If they are solution oriented then more power to them. I hope they do well. It would be nice to have more choices than the current two party system. If they’re in it for the public interest then I wish them all the best.

Posted by Benny_Acosta | Report as abusive

[…] Times. Even Reuters, while also omitting the founder’s past work for the Obama campaign in a blog entry on Tuesday, noted that the Coffee Party was a movement of the left. Roberts and Chetry didn’t even […]

Posted by CNN Omits ‘Coffee Party’ Founder’s Past as Obama Volunteer « | Report as abusive

I originally signed up for the Coffee Party, but then I found out that the people who started it are really far left liberals who are pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

They started this movement because they were angry that the Tea Parties were drowning out the liberal message, and wanted to try to get the attention off of the Tea Parties so that the media will pay attention to the liberal agenda and rally behind Obama.

I think it’s wrong that they are hiding behind the “civil discource” mantra in order to get together enough people to draw attention to their real agenda. One of the founders, Annabell Parker, was NOT civil about the Tea Parties before, cursing and calling them names.

People need to know what the true reason for starting the Coffee Party movement is – supporting Obama and a far left agenda.

Posted by akw1 | Report as abusive

[…] a volunteer for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign?  exacerbate maybe it was the Reuters acknowledgment that "America’s familiarly Tea carouse ado may exist almost the boil, batten the elsewhere is […]

Posted by TV Reporter: Coffee Party ‘Is Loosely Based on Smaller Government and Lower Taxes’ | Free News | Report as abusive

[…] worked as a volunteer for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign?  Or maybe it was the Reuters acknowledgment that "America’s conservative Tea Party movement may be on the boil, but the left is brewing […]

Posted by TV Reporter: Coffee Party ‘Is Loosely Based on Smaller Government and Lower Taxes’ :Natural Diabetes Treatment | Report as abusive

The coffee party will go nowhere because it is not genuine or composed of people who are committed to preventing our nation from going in a direction this president and this congress are taking us.

Coffee Party who?


Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

The coffee party will go nowhere because it is a goof on the tea party. The tea party will stay in the headlines because it has its own television network and the best corporate organization and financial sponsorship the Chamber of Commerce boys can muster. Plus, conservatives are not independent thinkers. They all do exactly what Rushbo tells them to do. I must admit I admire their ability to march in lock-step.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive