Mitt Romney taking his new book to 49 cities

March 5, 2010

Mitt Romney is a man on the move these days. He’s written a new book and he wants to tell America all about it. USA-POLITICS/DEBATE

It’s called “No Apology-The Case for American Greatness” and he’s taking it to 49 cities. He is currently dodging the question of whether he will run again for the Republican presidential nomination, saying he will make up his mind at the end of the year, after helping Republican candidates in the November congressional elections.

But after listening to him at the National Press Club on Friday, it’s hard to see how the Republican Romney doesn’t run in 2012.

He’s reviewed President Barack Obama’s first year in office and has found it wanting. Obama, he said, has apologized for American actions around the world, placating the “blame America crowd,” and is pushing a liberal agenda that will lead to higher taxes and more deficit spending.

“I’m afraid that if we don’t change course, we could become America’s worst generation,” he said in regards to the deficits.

Romney also gave us a little info on his reading list — Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs and Steel” and “Wealth and Poverty of Nations” by David Landes.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton (Romney arriving at debate, October 2008)


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PR (personal responsibitly) Is what this country needs a good dose of. We can not rob the cookie jar and expect a cookie fairy to fill it up. We can not take our mother and fathers and shove them aside in a home or some other place to die and go about our lives as if it is the way it has to be because we are too busy. we can not eat drink or smoke like we have no accountablity for the future health disorders it will cause. Our country is sick. The generation that is currently running it like a drunken sailor heading for the cliff of a waterfall. We can not sustain this massive debt cycle Mr president you need to learn a couple of new words personal responsibility or the word no. It will hurt and yes any political party that makes the tough choice of cutting deep so that we bleed not red any more but green will gat blamed for ruining the country they love. But in fact they will be responsible for saving it and her peoples. most likely they will loose elections and see disfavor, but how will that compare to absolute caos and the collapse of this great nation which will result in splintering it and that politico’s that are in power at the time will be blamed any how by short sighted peoples. Make the tough call say no get off this path to ruin and have washington clean ups its act.

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ochoo, um . . . what did all of that rambling have to do with Mitt Romney’s book? My personal favorite is, “The generation that is currently running it like a drunken sailor heading for the cliff of a waterfall.” You might be the “American Greatness” that Romney is refering to. You know, greatness, as in a mass or heap (ie what you wrote was a heap of excrement).

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Let’s see what he does when he is in office.

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Romney is in a tough spot when it comes to health care reform. On the one hand, he seriously thinks he should be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2012, and needs as big a gap as possible between himself and President Obama.

On the other, Romney successfully passed health care reform in Massachusetts four years ago, and his plan is almost identical to what the President is proposing now.

If Republicans think they hate Obama’s plan, and Obama’s plan was Romney’s plan, they’re going to hate the crowning achievement of Romney’s limited, one-term political career. This is a serious problem for Romney, who already has a well deserved reputation for changing his positions at the drop of a hat. Hat meaning poll in this case.

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Romney is a proven leader who has a penchant for saving business and government from financial collapse.

Bain and Company (a management consultant firm, Boston). Saved it from financial collapse by returning it to profitability without layoffs or partner defections.

I think everyone knows he saved the 2002 winter olympics in Salt Lake from financial ruin and actually left it with a 100 million profit.

As Massachusetts Governor he took a potential 3 billion dollar financial shortfall and turned it around by cutting spending returning to a state surplus of 700 million and still cut taxes.

My point is that considering our massive deficit spending and massive government debt, he appears to be our best hope to fix the financial mess we find ourselves in today. Or course this is just my opinion and I am sure there is plenty of fodder against him, but no one can deny he is a proven business leader who gets positive results against all odds.

Again, this is just my opinion, but considering the lack of business experience of our current president, Romney could just be the person to turn aroiund the ruinous financial state we find ourselves in today.

Greece and Spain are showing what out of control spending can do to a nation. In this case, the European Union and the Euro. They are in a world of hurt and all we have to do is look to them to see that it just might happen to us too.

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Seems I’ve read that somewhere before…

It goes without saying that the situation in Ireland blows a hole in the talking point that austerity is the best way to head off a recession. The Irish implemented spending cuts long before Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain did. The result was the country even more deeply in debt and in need of a rescue. Oh, and guess what? Ireland has one of the world’s lowest corporate tax rates. So much for smaller government and less taxes being the solution to everything. The problems in the PIIG countries aren’t that simple, but simple minded people like simple answers. Out of control spending? On what? More than anything, this crisis shows that there are structural flaws in the Eurozone single currency that are probably impossible to resolve.

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