Republican wants more Massa exposure but Democrat says it’s over

March 10, 2010

House Republican Eric Cantor thinks Congress should get to the bottom of Eric Massa’s bizarre tale of congressional nudity, satanic White House advisers, the groping of men (or not) and a congressional healthcare putsch by Democrats. But House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says the case is over. 

“I know that Steny joins me in hoping that the ethics committee in Congress looks into this adequately and can get to the bottom of all of this,” said Cantor, who appeared along with Hoyer on NBC’s Today show. “The best place for this to be resolved is in the ethics committee and let’s get to the bottom of it.”

Otherwise, the whole thing seems to make Cantor want to hold his nose. And he is not alone. “I’m a little taken aback and stunned,” the Virginia lawmaker confided. “I don’t know the facts of this at all. I know that the American people are sickened.”

FOLEYMassa’s descriptions of the events that led him to the exit door have become a spectator sport with more back-and-forth grunting than professional tennis. And with only one player.

He did, or didn’t, leave because of his health. Did or didn’t grope a male staffer. Did or didn’t jump ship to avoid an ethics probe into sexual harassment claims. Did have a close encounter with a naked Rahm Emanuel. Did decide that Emanuel’s a blood relative of Satan. Did get pushed from office by a White House infuriated over his refusal to back the Obama healthcare reform plan.

Or did he? Hoyer describes only one chain of events leading to Massa’s departure, and relatively speaking, his account sounds pretty realistic if only by virtue of its plainness.

Hoyer’s office learned of the harassment claims on Feb. 8 and strongly advised the young man in question to go to the ethics committee.  In fact, Hoyer may have applied some pressure. But not the kind Massa likes to talk about.

 “I said further: ‘If you don’t make the complaint, I will.’ And within the next 48 hours, I was told that, in fact, they had contacted the ethics committee,” Hoyer recalled.USA-CONGRESS/MASSA

“Within three weeks, as you know, the congressman decided that the charges that were pending, or the situation that existed, was serious enough that he was going to resign.”

Did Democrats try to oust Massa? “Absolutely not. Period.”

And what about the need for further investigation? “This was a situation that needed to be dealt with immediately. And it was, and action has been taken, and the member is now not in Congress.”

Photo Credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (House Ethics Committee room); Reuters/Official Handout (Eric Massa)

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Cantor just wants some dirt to cover up the dirt the GOP has to deal with from Foley, Craig, Sanford, Ensign, Vitter inter alia. He doesn’t care if it’s true or not as long as it generates headlines. What a douche.

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What a bunch of BS Boris.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Republicans live in glass houses. Hypocrites, one and all.

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Democrats live in the same glass houses.

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Larry Craig changed his plea and tried to worm his way out of his scandal. Sanford refused to resign and claimed he was being “railroaded”. Ensign refuses to resign and pretends his whole scandal (adultery, bribery) never happened. Vitter refused to resign and got a standing ovation from his Republican colleagues upon returning to the floor of Congress.
Scandal and corruption are not the exclusive domain of Republicans or Democrats. The difference is, Republicans have no shame about them.

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So what’s your point?

Politicians are slimy. John Edwards lied about his love child not being his. Bill Clinton said he did not have sex with “that” woman. Bill Clinton didn’t resign the presidency.
Barny Frank had a brothel running from his condo. Still in office. New Jersy Governor Jim McGreevey was having “anonymous” gay sex at truck stops. Now former congressman Massa and his “tickling” male staffers until they got sick. I can go on.

So, it doesn’t matter what party a politician belongs to. They are all slimy and both parties have their fair share of sex scandals.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

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Yellow105’s point is obvious to everyone but you, TC. John Edwards hasn’t served in public office in any capacity for six years, and yet every imaginable detail of his sex scandal continues to get an enormous amount of attention. Bill Clinton was hounded relentlessly by Republicans in and outside the government, including impeachment. The jokes about cigars are still a reflexive thing with conservatives. Barney Frank never “ran a brothel” from his condo.
Then consider the folks on the other side of the aisle. Ensign’s sex scandal, which appears to include possible criminal misconduct, hasn’t interfered with him remaining a Republican senator in good standing. David Vitter, another right-wing, “family-values” hypocrite, got caught with a prostitute. Not only did he stay in office, but he’s seeking re-election — and polls show him winning. Gov. Mark Sanford’s sex scandal got plenty of coverage, but note that he’s still the governor. Republican Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons found himself in a sex scandal, but like Vitter, he not only stayed in his job, but he’s running for another term, too. Former Sen. Larry Craig was caught up in an especially humiliating controversy, but he didn’t resign before the end of his term, either.
For decades, Republicans at every level have emphasized the GOP’s moral superiority on “family values.” If you want to protect the “sanctity” of marriage, the argument went, it’s incumbent on you to vote Republican. There’s a culture war underway, Americans have been told, and Democrats just aren’t as reliable on these issues as the GOP.
Republicans, in other words, have demanded higher moral standards of all of us, while failing to meet these standards themselves. That’s the difference.

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No, it doesn’t change that democrats AND republicans all are guilty of slimy and illicit behavior.

By using your logic, not espousing morality, means that when democrats are slimeballs, it is okay. But since republicans believe in family values, it isn’t okay.

Well, no. A slimeball is a slimeball.

Also, just because a slimeball want Americans to have family values, doesn’t make their message wrong. There are a whole lot of good republicans who espouse family values and are not sexually immoral. The message stays the same.

A slimeball is a slimeball and some people fall from grace, republican and democrat alike. i already proved that inconvenient fact.

Party and the values they hope for others is not relevant. A slimeball is a slimeball.

BTW, John Edwards ran for president so his lie was important because he may very well have become president.

Oh, and I didn’t even mention Elliot Spitzer who is trying to make a political comeback. He is a slimeball too.

The list is very long on both sides and that’s all that matters. None of them should be in office, republican and democrat alike.

Lastly, I never said Barney Frank ran the brothel. I said he had a brothel running from his condo. Aug 27, 1989, Washington Post:

“Frank, one of two openly gay members of Congress, confirmed Friday that he paid Gobie for sex, hired him with personal funds as an aide and wrote letters on congressional stationery on his behalf to Virginia probation officials, but Frank said he fired Gobie when he learned that clients were visiting the apartment.”

A slimeball. BTW, I thought prostitution was illegal.

So go ahead and blame the republicans about all things ill. Democrats prove they are just at good at being slimeballs.

I believe the family values message is the right message for Americans.

What I don’t like are slimeballs, democrat and republican alike.

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Here is a list of slimeballs from both parties:

1. Wayne Hays (1976): Affair with secretary (one of the first major sex scandals)
2. Allan Howe (1976): Solicited sex with two prostitutes (both of whom were undercover cops)
3. John Young (1976): Staffer alleged sexual harrassment
4. Fred Richmond (1978): Charged with soliciting sex from a 16-year-old boy.
5. Gerry Studds (1983): Reprimanded for having sex with a male teenage House page
6. Gary Hart (1988): Affair with model Donna Rice.
7. Barney Frank (1989): Affair with male prostitute, who also conducted business in Frank’s home.
8. Chuck Robb (1991): Admitted to receiving a nude massage from a former Miss Virginia.
9. Brock Adams (1992): Eight women accused him of sexual harassment, abuse, and rape.
10. Mel Reynolds (1994): Sexual relationship with 16-year-old campaign volunteer.
11. Bill Clinton (1998): Affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.
12. Gary Condit (2001): Affair with (murdered) intern Chandra Levy.
13. Paul Patton (2002): Affair with nursing home operator; when the affair ended the state of Kentucky filed numerous violations against her business.
14. Bob Wise (2003): Affair with a state government staffer
15. Jim McGreevey (2004): Resigned as NJ governor after admitting that he is “a gay American”
16. Neil Goldschmidt (2004): Admitted to having a relationship with a 14-year-old girl in the 1970s.
17. Roosevelt Dobbins (2005): Congressman form Arkansas, pleaded guilty to fondling a 16-year-old.
18. Gavin Newsom (2007): Affair with the wife of a top aide.
19. Antonio Villaraigosa (2007): Affair with a television reporter.
20. Tim Mahoney (2008): Admitted to multiple affairs.
21. Eliot Spitzer (2008): Involved in prostitution scandal.
22. Paul Morrison (2008): Affair with administrative staffer while Attorney General of Kansas, pressured her to reveal information about Kansas D.A.
23. Marc Dann (2008): Attorney General of Ohio, had an affair with a staffer.
24. David Paterson (2008): Admitted that both he and his wife had extramarital affairs
25. John Edwards (2008): Had an affair with a campaign employee while running for President.
26. Kwame Kilpatrick (2008): Text messaging sex scandal
27. Sam Adams (2009): Portland, OR mayor lied about relationship with 18-year-old male intern.

1. Tom Evans (1980): Along with other politicians, accused of being involved with lobbyist/former Playboy model Paula Parkinson.
2. Bob Bauman (1980): Solicited sex from a 16-year-old boy
3. Jon Hinson (1980): Caught attempting to have oral sex in a men’s House restroom.
4. John G. Schmitz (1982): Had an affair that led to an out-of-wedlock child.
5. Dan Crane (1983): Reprimanded for having sex with a teenage House page.
6. (Buz Lukens (1989): Spent time in jail after having sex with a 16-year-old girl.
7. Jon Grunseth (1990): Swam nude with group of 13-year-old girls; suspended gubernatorial run.
8. Ken Calvert (1993): Arrested while soliciting a prostitute.
9. Bob Packwood (1995): Resigned from Senate amid allegations of sexual harassment and abuse.
10. Bob Livingston (1998): Admitted to multiple extramarital affairs.
11. Helen Chenoweth-Hage (1998): Admitted to a six year affair with a married rancher in her home state of Idaho
12. Henry Hyde (1998): Admitted he’d had an affair many years prior
13. Rudy Giuliani (2002): Ex-wife Donna Hanover accused him of “notorious adultery”; he’s now married to Judith Nathan, his girlfriend at the time.
14. Steve LaTourette (2003): Accused of affair with staffer, who he later married.
15. Jack Ryan (2004): Former wife Jeri claimed he took her to sex clubs and pressured her to have sex in public.
16. James West (2005): Removed as mayor of Spokane, WA after an gay Internet sex scandal.
17. Don Sherwood (2006): Affair with 29-year-old woman while he was a PA congressman.
18. Mark Foley (2006): Involved in a texting scandal with male House pages
19. Bob Allen (2007): Solicited oral sex from a male undercover cop.
20. Newt Gingrich (2007):Acknowledged having an affair in the 1990s
21. Charles Boutin (2007): Resigned from MD Public Service Comission after email exchanges with a prostitute surfaced.
22. David Vitter (2007): Part of the DC Madam scandal
23. Larry Craig (2007): Bathroom sex solicitation scandal.
24. Vito Fossella (2008): Affair with a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel.
25. John Ensign (2009): Admitted to having an affair with a married staffer.
26. Mark Sanford (2009): Affair with a woman in Argentina.

Nothing matters more than they ALL violated the trust of the American people.

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Again the point is lost on you, TC. Republicans at every level have emphasized the GOP’s moral superiority on “family values.” No one else is so sanctimonious.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

No, I get the issues involved with people who look at bad the few do and the opportunists who look only at the message rather than the fact their actions are wrong.

The family values message remains the same and is “in my opinion” the best message for Americans. I get it. And as I said, it is not relevant to the poor choices by people.

I might not like what a republican does, but it doesn’t change the fact that person violated our trust. I don’t like it when a democrat does it, but regardless, he violated our trust.

So, I wonder what your point is regarding this issue. Are you saying that democrats should be forgiven because they don’t adhere to family values? I believe you are, and that is why you are an empty vessel. You have no soul.

I believe the republicans (as well as democrats) should not serve if they violated the trust of their family and the American people. I still applaud them for having a family values platform because it is the right message for Americans. However, people fail. In case you didn’t realize it, humans are flawed. We make mistakes. It doesn’t change the message.

I really don’t expect you to understand issues of the soul, because you don’t have one.

You would rather see the harshest penalties for republicans and ignore the sins of the democrats. I get that too. But you have proven over and over again, you are an old fashioned political hack who doesn’t have a soul.

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So, because democrats don’t talk about committing crimes, then they are not responsible for those crimes.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Fred Richmond (1978): Charged with soliciting sex from a 16-year-old boy.
Gerry Studds (1983): Reprimanded for having sex with a male teenage House page
Mel Reynolds (1994): Sexual relationship with 16-year-old campaign volunteer.
Neil Goldschmidt (2004): Admitted to having a relationship with a 14-year-old girl in the 1970s.
John Edwards (2008): Had an affair with a campaign employee while running for President.
Sam Adams (2009): Portland, OR mayor lied about relationship with 18-year-old male intern.

They might not have had the correct message of family values, but these democrats were predators and committed crimes. As I said, since they didn’t talk about committing crimes such as these as being wrong, that they must be okay to people like you who have a hard time understanding what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.

You make no sense with your partisan attack against the problems of a few people in the other party.

Unbelievable how morally bankrupt you and your ilk are.

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Once again, TyC can’t get the message.

The media covers Democratic scandals and ignores Republican scandals, much the same way TyC ignores the facts and repeats his false assertions.

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