Hanks vists “poor slobs” in White House press corps

March 12, 2010

Hollywood stars Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg paid a surprise visit to the White House press corps on Thursday after being hosted by President Barack Obama.

 Hanks was keen to check up on an espresso machine he gave the journalists years ago. USA-PACIFIC/

“You know, you’re supposed to clean this after every use,” Hanks chided after inspecting the machine, a much-loved and well-used article by reporters cooped up in the press center.

The Hollywood pair earlier attended a White House preview of HBO’s new World War Two series “The Pacific” and then nipped across to the West Wing to check out Hanks’ gift — something Spielberg said he had to see with his own eyes to believe.

“How is it holding up? Do you need another one?” Hanks asked the reporters. “I’m going to get you another espresso machine … Let me see what I can do for the poor slobs of the Fourth Estate here,” he said.

The machine, a Pony Espresso Model T, retails for $1,550.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed (Hanks and Spielberg in Washington)


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It’s going to take a hell of a lot of espresso to counteract the Thorazine the White House has been putting in the press corps water supply.

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Always knew the WH press corp was high on something, didn’t realize it was espresso though. Or maybe it’s espresso +

Posted by Sicario | Report as abusive

I love Tom Hanks but he should have stayed away. We don’t belong there. Can’t afford it


Posted by STORY-BURN | Report as abusive

Tom Hanks is amazing but i feel he should stick to show biz.


Posted by kelly0 | Report as abusive