Pelosi cracks whip for healthcare votes

March 16, 2010

USA-HEALTHCARE/PELOSI“I never stop whipping,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday.

She was, of course, talking about the virtually non-stop quest for healthcare votes.  (Sorry were you thinking something else?)

“There’s no beginning, there’s no middle and there’s no end. My life is a constant whip operation,” she said to laughter at yet another event to promote healthcare reform on Capitol Hill.

People not familiar with the process for getting votes on Capitol Hill often think of arm-twisting, when in formality it is a whip operation with someone who actually gets the title “Whip.”

House Democratic Whip James Clyburn, the chief vote counter for the majority in that chamber, told Fox News on Tuesday that Democrats still don’t have the 216 votes needed for passage, but he was confident of getting there.

Democratic leaders are doing everything they can to whip their members into shape so they will vote for healthcare reform.

It was  unclear how many lashes have been dealt so far to those most reluctant… (OUCH!)

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jose Luis Magaua (Pelosi speaks about healthcare reform)

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Did I miss something? When I was a kid and School House Rock came on the TV on Saturday morning with the cute little Bill who explained how he became a Law, I don’t remember seeing the part about “I’m just a Deem. Yes, I’m only a Deem…” How can the Dems (henceforth to be called the Deemocrats) change the Constitution like this? Every school kid who saw School House Rock knows how a Bill becomes Law, so why don’t the Deemocrats? 10/03/16/im-just-a-deem-yes-im-only-a-de em/

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