Kennedy is watching over healthcare week, Obama says

March 17, 2010


The late Senator Ted Kennedy, who was a long-time advocate for U.S. healthcare reform, is watching over Congress this week, President Barack Obama said, as it moves to take the last steps on legislation to  revamp the massive health industry.

“Today, of course, we all feel the heavy absence of one of our greatest Irish-Americans; a man who loved this day so much; a man who I believe is still watching this body closely, particularly this week — and that is our beloved Ted Kennedy,” Obama said.

The president remembered the famed Democratic politician at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Friends of Ireland Luncheon on Capitol Hill that was attended by Kennedy’s widow, Vicki, and son Patrick, a U.S. representative from Rhode Island.

Kennedy, who died in August, had called providing affordable healthcare coverage to all Americans “the cause of my life.” He spent decades laying the groundwork to overhaul the healthcare system, helped draft a preliminary bill, and had urged Obama to make it his top domestic priority.

Obama’s bid to overhaul healthcare was dealt a near-fatal blow in January when Republican Scott Brown scored a huge upset in a special election to fill the Senate seat that Kennedy had held for almost five decades.  Brown had campaigned relentlessly against the Democrat’s healthcare proposals.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Obama shares laugh with Kennedy April 21, 2009)


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Is there a more blatant use of a dead man than this?

Ted Kennedy did some good things for America (and some highly questionable things). But using him like this is distasteful.

It also speaks to the inability of this president to win on message regarding health care.

Posted by neoavatara | Report as abusive

I think the voters of Massachusetts have shown what they think of Kennedy and his push for national health care. Not only that, they elected a republican to the seat he once held.

The president just doesn’t realize how unpopular his agenda is, even in the most liberal state in the union.

Only a 45 percent job approval rating and acts like he is still over 60 percent. Nov 2010 can’t come soon enough.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

I wish Reuters would add an “ignore user” or a “mark as spam” feature like Google and Yahoo, because there is this one person who keeps posting the same stupid message about Obama on every frikkin thread. OK, TyC, we get that you hate the president, now get a life, will ya?

Posted by ChristyBaker | Report as abusive


I appreciate the feedback.

There are others on here to are relentless republican bashers, but no one appears, at least on the liberal Reuters, to care at all what they say.

It isn’t about hating the president, it is about the damage his agenda is doing to America and Americans. His interview with Brett Baier spoke volumes mostly about what his health care plan will do to seniors when he spoke around the question on Medicare. Plus when pressed on most questions he was losing his cool because finally an interviewer was trying to hold him accountable.

So, I am sorry you are upset, but this article did not represent what the majority of Americans think about the president and his agenda. Losing the seat Kennedy held to a republican speaks volumes to the lack of popularity this president has, even in the most liberal state in America.

But I do appreciate your feedback. Have a nice day.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive


Oh, so you thought that was feedback? I’ll give you some feedback. Your posts are boring repetitons of Fox News talking points. The same negative drivel over and over. If I want to hear republican talking points, I can turn on the TV and watch Fox. At least the other “bashers” as you call them, are writing stuff that is worth reading.


Posted by ChristyBaker | Report as abusive

Mary Jo Kopechne is watching over Kennedy.

Posted by Miltdog | Report as abusive

Ted Kennedy spent his life helping those less fortunate. Some say that is the essence of caring for others and being “religious.”
I wonder what you bashers of all that work have done to help others in your lives? Have you worked as had to help the less fortunate Americans in our Country?
He was imperfect, dedicated and a hero to many of us.
God bless Ted.

Posted by TrueBlue | Report as abusive


Well, you are predictable. You have no idea what you are talking about, but interject a progressive diatribe anyway. Baseless as it is.

Do you have something to contribute or are you just a basher of anyone who has an opinion. Please tell me can contribute to the article for this thread. Otherwise, you are a typical progressive who can’t stay on topic but veer off and attack because that’s all you have.

I don’t believe you when you say other’s who do not support this president and this congress have more interesting things to say. You are just a mean spirited progressive. Typical.

The best part of this is the president is a failure. He is losing support of the entire country bit by bit. Here are his approval ratings 45 percent Rasmussen. 46 percent Gallup. 47 percent 47 percent RealClearPolitics. Congress 18 percent approval.

The majority of Americans clearly agree with me about this president and this congress. You are in the clear minority and unfortunately, you know it because you go on a personal attack and can’t defend their failure with your own argument.

Sorry, the people are not with you.

But I thank you again for your feedback and have provided you with a ton of data. Can you do the same showing where the majority support this progressive bunch who want to fundamentally change America (the president’s own words).

It’s tough to know how poor a job they are doing. As Bill Clinton said, “I feel your pain.”

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

He’s more delusional than we thought

Posted by Story_Burn | Report as abusive


Thanks again for the feedback.

Just wondering though, do you actually have an opinion on the story associated with this thread or are you just an angry person who cannot stand someone who is not a progressive like yourself?

I would love to actually read what you have so say about attached story.

Seriously, have a nice day. I always appreciate the feedback.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Christy- Don’t get stuck in an exchange with this troll TyC. He is a paid basher who gets a few dollars a post and a few dollars per reply and will literally keep posting replies to you until you quit visiting this site.

Ignore him. Your idea about an ignore user button is a good one, by the way.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive