General Kayani steals the spotlight at Pakistani embassy party

March 24, 2010


Pakistan’s foreign minister heads his country’s delegation to Washington this week for high-level talks, but there was no mistaking who was the star at a reception at the Pakistani Embassy on Tuesday night: Army General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

Guests crowded around Kayani at the annual Pakistani National Day party at the embassy, posing for photos and jostling for the military leader’s ear. Pakistani Foreign Minister  Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, also drew those eager for photographic souvenirs of the occasion, but not such a feeding frenzy as that around Kayani.

U.S. senators and Obama administration officials lined up to speak to the slim and dapper general, who Pakistani media say rules the roost back home but is also central to U.S. relations with Islamabad.

Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani, who has had his own tensions with the military in the past, heaped praise on Kayani during his introductory remarks for Qureshi.

“He (Kayani) embodies the conviction of the Pakistani armed forces, not just to defend the frontiers of Pakistan but also to ensure the continuity of constitutional democratic rule in accordance with the aspirations of our people of Pakistan,” said Haqqani before Qureshi took the podium.

Since he has been in the United States, Kayani has had a busy schedule, meeting U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General David Petraeus, head of the U.S. Central Command, and other senior U.S. military officials.

Pakistan returned to full civilian rule with the 2008 resignation of President Pervez Musharraf, but the army has not given up its dominance of key security issues.

That showed on Tuesday night, when all eyes were on Kayani.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood (Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani, Islamabad, September 20, 2008)


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This is really sad to see. It clearly shows that the US is conducting an eye wash in the Af-Pak region. Installing a namesake democracy in Pakistan and then belly dancing with their military general, the US is showing that it still has very narrow minded objectives that it wants to accomplish at any cost. Let us hope that they do not go overboard and start triggering the next round of chaos in the region.

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who is to blame:
USA or Pakistan politicians or public for who is representing their country.

Nuts! USA and Pakistan both.

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Men at their best, Pakistan Army!

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Compare Gen. Kayani to Gen. Deepak Kapoor and Indian Army chief looks a clown. I am sure he thinks like a clown too. Can’t even handle an Army 7 times smaller.

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In America, even beggars get treated good.

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But as a side note, theres no denying that the man has personality. As did all your generals. But not only were they useless commanders in war, they were atrocious leaders that have brought your country down to its current state.

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Hey, my previous post got deleted

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The next James Bond movie is going to be based on the Af-Pak scenario. I read somewhere that Kayani might be the next Bond girl.

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I didn’t understand the meaning of your post. Are you implying that since the IA is 7 times larger than PA, we should decimate you? Or are you saying that in the PA had the strength of the IA, it would have decimated us?

Understand one thing my friend, your hate-filled ideology of drum beating and warmongering has failed. India has not just won every single unnecessary battle thrust on us but have won the war for good. Our flourishing democracy and economy are testament to that. Not once in our entire history have we had to pull out the begging bowl since we chose to stand on our own feet since the first day.

The outcome of these talks will be really interesting. It definitely won’t be a success but will not be a total failure since america still needs you. Pakistan is the clot on the tumor holding it back from metastasis and america has its own selfish interests in mind at all times. Realize one thing, when the wealthy lose their wealth, the first ones affected are the beggars who leech off them.

Everywhere in the sane (read non-islamically radicalized) world it is a known and accepted fact that Pakistan is the source of all the problems. Even the common man on the street knows this. What makes it worse for a brown man like me, is that I am often mistaken as a Pakistani. Upon clarification of nationality, the tone immediately changes. Is this really necessary for people who are essentially the same?

Before you retort with your hate-filled rhetoric of nuclear weapons and the like, realize one thing, the reason you are in the mess you are is because of this flawed ideology of hate. We won our independence based on love, not hate, irrespective of what your text-books have taught you. Gandhi’s love and non-violence evoked the basic human sympathy and gave our common cause its dignity, Jinnah’s hate tore us apart right after. Look at the paths we have walked from there on. India with its ideology of love and non-aggression remains virtually intact except for crumbs stolen by beggars and petty thieves. Pakistan’s ideology of hate tore it in two in 1971 and it is again on the same precipice. Love unites, my friend, hate divides.

Kashmir is a non-cause brought on by this divisive mentality of hate. India doesn’t want to settle it and won’t settle it. We just have to stand around and wait, because when you teach someone to hate, its a matter of time, he starts to hate you as well. Your propaganda machines may claim the hands of the RAW or the Indian embassies on the border for all that is happening to your country, but all they are doing is covering up for past errors. It doesn’t take that much common sense to figure this out.

When America’s objectives are satisfied, and the charity stops because of the loss of wealth, the beggars will begin to starve. Realization will dawn that the blame game achieved nothing and hate destroyed it all. The seeds of revolution will be sown. We are the same people only separated by a line drawn in the sand and in ideology. Yet one reaches for the stars and one goes back to the stone-age. Was it worth it?

Realize and revolt. Its about time.

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(This was supposed to be here)
But as a side note, theres no denying that the man has personality. As did all your generals. But not only were they useless commanders in war, they were atrocious leaders that have brought your country down to its current state.

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Pakistan’s political Government is nothing short of a joke. It’s the only parliamentary democracy in the world where the President (Mr. 10%) has more powers than the PM (Mr. Clueless) and the Generals can hang/imprison/exile both of them on any given day & twice on fridays. ROFL!

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@ “Can’t even handle an Army 7 times smaller”

It seems you suffer from selective amnesia, my friend. Let me refresh your memory……1948, 1965, 1999 & of course yours & most Pakistani’s favorite 1971.

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Umairpk: “Can’t even handle an Army 7 times smaller”

Yes. India has had a hard time with LeT, JuD and the other Islamic militant groups that are much smaller and sponsored by the Pak military. Because these groups are “non state actors” and do not fight like real soldiers, it is definitely difficult hunting them down. But Pak military is relatively easy to handle. The four wars that have happened are proof of that. If you recall, there is a picture of one Niazi signing the document of surrender in Dacca in 1971. I think he was a Pakistani general if I am not mistaken. Pak military has figured out that it is easier to fight in disguise than in real soldier’s uniform. Half the Taliban with black turban was Pak military soldiers. And they had to be airlifted from Kunduz as a bargain deal that Mushy Pervez Riffraff made with the Americans. Please stop tickling us like this. I cannot laugh any more.

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You appear quite smitten with the General, the way you described his physical make up, it almost appears like a school girl crush. I hope for his own good, the good General Kayani quits chain smoking, it does keep one slim, yes it does, but, it does all kinds of horrible damage to one’s looks among other things…..I will leave that to your imagination.


Your love affair with the PA, at times seems almost hxmxerxtic, I apologize for insulting gxys here, but I am definitely sure that is not quite the case.

But, you Pakistani’s need to realize one thing, that you are merely another tool for America. You may be just the flavor of the week. They really do not need you to achieve their objectives, but are asking for your help, just to make things a little cleaner and tidier for them, given that they are spread a little thin these days.

Don’t be under any false notions that an Indian Army 7x the size of PA is in any way intimidated by the PA. You Paks are outclassed, outgunned and outnumbered in every possible way, on every level when it comes to the military.

In a conventional confrontation, after loses on both sides, your country would surrender within a week or two and that is why Pakistan and India will never goto war, due to the nuclear scenario, so quit making baseless lies and assertions about India not being able to handled your puny army, we schooled your little army 4x in the past and still walked away, after slapping you down hard, we still chose to let you survive and thrive, after making you quit each assault on us, after all, you are all really and truly Indians, you are our family, despite partition, we did feel sorry for you.

The constantly exaggerated threat of a larger India, by Pakistani’s is a necessary lie to keep the money coffers flowing in Pindi and Islamabad, after all the Rats in Uniform at the top need roti too, don’t they?

On every war was started by the PA and lost by the PA, India could have made large military thrusts into Punjab, if we chose to, but felt sorry for Pakistan and its people, after all, all Pakistani’s are Indians, and no resistance would have been offered by the Paks at the time and it was not in India’s interests to decapitate your country, because that is not the Indian philosophy, that would have not gained India anything, by cripling your feeble Army and country, heck we even gave back your 90,000 POW, unharmed and they were even fed and treated with proper human respect, much to General Niazi’s embarrassment and miscalculation. Time again has showed, that God is always on the side of the righteous and the meek and given the treacherous history and nature of Pakistan regarding India, you can ask any neutral person with thinking abilities, outside the muslim world, and they will tell you that the Indians are the meek and the righteous, relatively speaking WRT Pakistan.

Your loud mouth is only backed up by a nuke, that is the bottom line. Your overblown ego and big mouth are just a show for the battered national ego Pakistan has, losing every war against India. Well, there are no winners in war, you people are so hate filled and empty, unable to come to terms with your past, that you need every opportunity to display your cunning ability to destroy and kill.

Oh..BTW…I don’t mind MR.10%, he had the bxlls to call Kashmiri separatists terrorists and also said that India is not the enemy…and your PM, well let’s just say his Urdu is miles above his command of English, so don’t send him anymore to address westerners, unless they are speaking Urdu.

It seems that Pakistani’s keep itching for another war with India at any cost, as I said earlier, both sides will lose considerably, it is therefore in the better interest of the PA and Pakistani’s to put the soldiers to work in farming and growing food and civilian works. All that money for the Army is just a plane ole waste of the Pakistani treasury, which is already almost empty.

Godbless the one of the truly sane Pakistani’s capable and courageous enough of speaking the truth…Nadeem Paracha. Umair, you should read some of Nadeem’s work, it may open your mind one day.

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It is my sincerest hope one day that Pakistan and India can reconcile, after all Pakistani’s ARE Indians.

This enmity is counterproductive and a huge waste of money and making only the Pakistani Army rich and keeping them employed.

I do believe one day Pakistanis will have an awakening of mass proportions and they will realize that they have been lied to by Pakistani power brokers and cheated and their resentment and need for justice against those who lied to them will be uncontainable and need for revolution will be unstoppable, that process cannot be stopped and will see itself to completion at a time of its own choosing, albeit in a very peaceful manner, with a message of non-violence and non-hate. All things will be discussed openly and challenged, no truth will lie unearthed.

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It’s quite shallow, stupid & immature to compare 2 generals over their looks cuz after all they are generals & not models. Now I don’t know what Gen Kapoor looks like but if you ask me, your boy Kayani doesn’t look any better than a pot-headed bum. Any sane person would rather be a self-sufficient clown than a subservient beggar & it isn’t really a secret that Kayani’s designation at this time, in Washington DC, is that of a ‘glorified beggar-in-chief’.

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Does anyone remmber how the media went ga ga a few years ago over Musharraf? This is merely history repeating itself.

Kayani is cleverer than Mush, he has all the authority and has left total responsibility on the shoulders of the elected pawns. No legal hassles, no proving his credentials, yet he is the undisputed bossman. The Americans will fawn over him, just as they did over his predecessor, and they are doing it because they need him. Why is everyone getting into a tizzy?

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The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.
Pakistan Air Force conducting ‘High Mark 2010′ war games in near realistic tactical environment along with the Army and Navy. All PAF airbases taking part in the exercises, conducting mid-air refueling, simulated attacks and dog fights etc. ar/28281-coas-flies-f-16-takes-part-oper ation.html
For the first time in the history of the country, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani flies F-16 and targeted militants’ hideouts.

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“Pakistan Air Force conducting ‘High Mark 2010′ war games in near realistic tactical environment along with the Army and Navy. All PAF airbases taking part in the exercises, conducting mid-air refueling, simulated attacks and dog fights etc.”

–Umar wrote

Whats the use of a mighty airforce, when you cant shoot a US Drone.

Why don’t you make the Amreecan drone your “National Bird” and then you dont have to worry about shooting the drone or drone shooting you.

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He may have ‘stolen the spotlight’ from other Pakistani leaders at the Pakistani embassy party but at the end of the day, Kayani’s designation in Washington DC is that of Pakistan’s ‘glorified beggar-in-chief’ & nothing more.

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Umairpk: “For the first time in the history of the country, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani flies F-16 and targeted militants’ hideouts.”

Please tell him to be careful. He should not be holding on to the fighter plane’s wing like that. What if he gets dropped off into the laps of waiting Al Qaeda members? They have been wanting Kayani for a long time. They know how he’d look in a bikini :-)

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Pakistan’s game of high stakes
By James Lamont in New Delhi

Published: March 25 2010 17:28 | Last updated: March 25 2010 17:28 11df-8420-00144feabdc0.html

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Nice article. Its heartening to see that you are actually aware of your country’s position in the world’s eyes. But begs to question, which side are you on. The one where Pakistani’s possess delusional grandeur of its might, or the real situation of an almost failed state. All your comments have seemed to point to the former. Hence its strange to see you have posted something like this which actually points out Pak for what it is.

Posted by khuidude | Report as abusive

@ khuidude: “@Umair: Nice article. Its heartening to see that you are actually aware of your country’s position in the world’s eyes. But begs to question, which side are you on”

You may not be aware but our friend Umair has a funny habit of posting links to articles without reading them just because he finds their titles intriguing.

Posted by Mortal1 | Report as abusive

Hear what these air marshals, historians, and politicians from Pakistan have to say: sw&NR=1

Are these fellows on payroll of RAW too, particularly at this juncture of their lives?

The thing is that modern-day jingoistic people will also one day sober up and see the things the way they have been. Umair could be one of them, but then, will there be no feeling of shame and lowliness at that time?`

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India is great coutry with over one billion population.It is the worlds biggest democracy.Its economy is growing at a rapid pace.It might become the worlds third biggest economy in a decade.
Pakistan is a country whose very creation is a controvercy.More than three fourth of the world powers and countries are against it.she is mired in a economical,security and social problems.Her leaders are more loyal to the west than to her people.Every party and leader hasn’t left a stone unturned in harming her in every way and yet Pakistan exists.The reason is that Allah has destined its people to take part in Gazwai Hind.Those who believe in Quran and Haadith cannot deny this fact.
I am proud to be a Pakistani Muslim and would still feel lucky to be Pakistani if all Indians becomes owners of houses made of gold.

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Needless to say, you must be a die-hard fan of one red hat wearing nut job! Anyways, you say that you are proud to be a Pakistani but can you elaborate on some of the accomplishments of your great country which make you so proud OR are you proud just because Pakistan continues to exist? If that’s the case then I must say that you have extremely low expectations. So, congratulations for existing & enjoy your time waiting for the Gazwai Hind. ROFL!

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Mortal1 wrote:
“You may not be aware but our friend Umair has a funny habit of posting links to articles without reading them just because he finds their titles intriguing.”

-ok, i have high proficiency in English and can comprehend very nicely, besides I have a high speed DSL connection. So surely whatever links i share here I do read them absolutely and understand them in depth. And I do read a lot of other material as well which is relevant and fully aware of the situation in Pakistan and what future hold for us.
One more thing, you do not need a reason to be a proud Pakistani. Being a Pakistani is enough for ME to be proud. I just can’t describe it to you, you need to be a Pakistani to understand that. And we have nothing against India, if you guys show us you can be our friends we will go out of our way to be friends with you. Just remember there is a history behind us, centuries old, then partition and wars.

Posted by Umairpk | Report as abusive

I know its kind of cheap but…

“what future hold for us”
should be
“what future holds for us”.

but then, when did arrogance listen to itself?

Posted by Seth | Report as abusive

LOL @ your comments, but sarcasm is never appreciated by a pointless nation of fanatical bigots. Pride is a very dicey issue. Its like having a slow child, you can’t help but be proud of him/her, because its your child. If someone comes and points out to you that your kid is dumb or stupid or slow, you will react angrily and violently even though you know its the truth. Its kind of the same thing with national pride.

Umair does have a point, there are no reasons whatsoever to be a proud Pakistani, but that is for us who are fortunate not to be Pakistanis. But if you are a Pakistani and have no other option; irrespective of the fact that your country is down in the dumps, ideologically fanaticized, self-imploding machine of hate, hell bent on chaos and mindless destruction based on a warped perspective of religion; do tell me what would you do. The odds are, you will be proud of your filth because it is your filth and you have no other option but to be proud of it.

I’m really trying to make this leap out to your sensible side and every single step I seem to make forward, you seem to take 10 backwards. What do you mean by “we have nothing against India”. A simple google search shows who has what against whom. You go on to say “if you guys show us you can be our friends we will go out of our way to be friends with you”. Really man?? Do I even need to berate you on this completely nonsensical statement. History has been rehashed on this blog on a daily basis, facts have been splashed across your face and yet, this, this statement.

But let us consider India is evil just for your benefit and every war that has happened, is because we want to destroy Muslims and want to take over your land. All wars, were started by Hindus who only want to destroy the noble Muslim race who are peace loving, free-spirited souls in search of Allah and whom Allah has blessed with the strength of 5 Hindus each to hold back the stone worshiping barbarians. This is a synopsis of your entire warped education. All guided by a book of just laws into which fairy tales have been conveniently woven in and which somehow miraculously predicts the future once it has already happened.

Now tell me, what about America? All they have done is feed you every time you beg. Billions of dollars of charity have poured into your country with the promise of billions more to come. All was stolen by the people in power. Weapons were given to fight just good wars keeping yours and their own (I’m not saying they aren’t selfish) best interests in mind. What did you do, turn it against India and start pointless wars each of which you have miserably lost. So whom do you hate in the end? Wait. Wait. Let’s hear this. Its America, isn’t it? Your dear generals and glorious army are the saints who have kept the evil Hindus away. Are you even capable of friendship? Do you know what it means?

But you ended it nicely with “Just remember there is a history behind us, centuries old, then partition and wars”. Thats a line that is pulled out from one of these long sermons us peace-loving folk here seem to keep giving you time and over again. Quite clearly, it has fallen on deaf ears and has been thrown back in our face in a highly illogical act of condescension. For your sake please go through this article on Wikipedia – ( stan_conflict). I’m sure its not as authentic a source of information as what was fed to you in your madrassah, but by the rest of the world’s standards, we have pretty much come to accept it, since it has been put up there by users like you and me and can be modified by anyone provided they have sufficient proof.

In any case peace be with you my friend, even though i know I can never be your friend. Try and understand and see the light. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your country. In fact I would despise if you weren’t. Just learn to accept the flaws and try to do something about it. Your blind hate will get you nowhere. Make Pakistan a country worth being proud of. People would actually respect you for it and this long tirade could be avoided.

(P.S. Forgive me for the ample amounts of sarcasm I have spewed. I’m sure you wont understand it. But I hope you do someday.)

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If only Pakistani themselves were not ruled by the same British, my previous comment re: someone’s proficiency in English would be immediately attributed to my heritage from 200 years of English dominion. Alas, freedom of speech (pride and vanity for some) rocks! But so does the culture of my motherland that assimilates everything that is good and useful without discriminating whether it came from her benefactors or oppressors.

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@ Umair: “-ok, i have high proficiency in English and can comprehend very nicely, besides I have a high speed DSL connection”

Don’t get offended buddy. I did not imply that you’re dumb or illiterate. You’re obviously quite proficient in english, well-read & the speed of your DSL is faster than that of light, So just relax.

@ “Being a Pakistani is enough for ME to be proud”

I have absolutely no doubt about that.

@ “if you guys show us you can be our friends we will go out of our way to be friends with you. Just remember there is a history behind us”

How can you expect any Indian to trust you when you keep sending over your ‘non-state actors’ to blow up or spray bullets over innocent & unarmed Indian women, children & men?
How can you be trusted when Indian leaders send friendly overtures towards your country & get back ‘operation gibraltar’ & ‘operation badr’ (kargil) in return?
How can friendship be offered to someone, who has nothing but hatred for you?
We can all move beyond the history, animosity & the wars but before that happens, you & your generals need to realize you will gain absolutely nothing from India by adopting violence & terrorism as means of intimidation. You can no longer mask your vengeance & hatred behind the facades of ‘kashmiri freedom struggle’ or ‘non-state actors’ because you’re fooling no one. In your blind ambition to bleed India, you guys have literally bled yourselves to death. For God’s sake, open your eyes & learn from your mistakes, give up your belligerence & act like a civilized nation. Once you do that, all disputes can be resolved peacefully & amicably and friendship can certainly follow.

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@Mortal1, Khuidude,

Quit wasting your precious brain power trying to reach psychologically warped and disturbed bloggers like UmairPk.

Umair’s opinions shift on the drop of a coin, as soon as the Pak Army’s stances change on anything. Or let me rephrase, as soon as the USA bends the PA over the barrel and makes them fight the Taliban, then Umair jumps on the band wagon, “rah rah…PA…Men at their best, indeed”.

Pakistani’s most of them are still delusional, they think partition washed away thousands of years of identity and genetic kinship.

Let me remind you Umair, Pakistanis ARE Indians. Feel free to celebrate your fictitious identity, the one some of you Pakistanis have used so many times to hurt India.

Unfortunately, the politics of Islam have perverted the ways of the Indian muslims who are descendentss of those Indian muslims who migrated during partition.

I am sure that Paks will keep trying to hurt India, using one excuse or another, but mother India will always know how to handle the brats in Pakistan.

At the end of the day, Pakistanis are Indians, just 60 years behind.

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To All indies,

Let me clear you all fools specially “khuidude” (so called paid indian scholar) whose poisonous lecture is the same as we are listening from day 1 since the birth of pakistan. For God sake stop this bloody propaganda that “I am Muslim or I m Pakistani and believe that india is far superior than Pakistan……. and India is peace loving…. blah blah blah”; every one knows the bloody hindu mentality and condition of Muslims in India and how they are treated there. As far as democracy is concerened “Why the hell you dont give democratic right to Kashmir? (so called democracy)”, Now lets see your 7 times Army, In 1948 Pak Army defeated you and occupied major areas of Kashmir, when nehru had to run for help to UN and promised that he will give right of self decision to Kashmiris; then in 1965 when hindu “soormas” attaceked Pakistan they were beaten back by a far less equipped and far less in number Pak Army and Indian PM had to beg Ayub Khan to end the war; Yes in 1971 indian Army was able to defeat Pak Army but the only reason for it was the unstable internal conditions of bangladesh where people refused to support Pak Army and thats why Pak Army had to surrender in Bengal, had the bengalis been more supportive in 1971, Miss Gandhi must be the next to beg “War End”

Posted by pakis | Report as abusive