Healthcare bill signing: exuberance, exclamations, expletives

March 23, 2010

With all the giddiness over the signing of the hard-fought healthcare reform bill into law, Vice President Joe Biden might be forgiven for dropping the F-bomb in the ear of the President of the United States … on open mike.

Fox News caught it and now it’s on YouTube for all to hear.

You have to listen closely.

Right after Biden introduces President Barack Obama at the White House East Room bill signing event, when they’re shaking hands, Biden turns and whispers in Obama’s ear: “This is a big f—ing deal.” (Just to be clear, there’s a u, c, and k missing from the quote).

Slight laughter from Obama before saying “thank you everybody” and beginning his remarks to the Democrats gathered before him.

USA-HEALTHCARE/OBAMAAlthough some of  Biden’s past off-the-cuff comments have been seen by the White House as unwelcome gaffes, the enormity of getting healthcare reform into law was enough to give the Veep a pass this time around.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs even tweeted @PressSec “And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right…”

The united exuberance over today’s bill signing among the Democrats was in sharp contrast to the infighting seen just last week — lots of arm-twisting by House leadership to get votes for the bill. In the end Sunday night’s vote was close at 219-212, and 34 Democrats joined all the Republicans in opposing healthcare reform.

But that was last weekend. Today it was all exclamations about history being made and Americans being helped.

Obama did acknowledge the pain that Democrats on the Hill went through in getting to this point.

“It’s also a testament to the historic leadership -– and uncommon courage –- of the men and women of the United States Congress, who’ve taken their lumps during this difficult debate,” Obama said.

To which someone in the audience yelled: “Yes we did.”

Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Obama and Biden in East Room)


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It’s not as if you can’t hear it anywhere anytime, it’s not a big deal.

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Since he totally forgot what a big deal it should have been to keep the Clarence Thomas hearings he chaired on track, instead of letting the threadbare sexual harassment accusation completely eclipse Uncle Tom’s impeachment for lying to the tribunal under oath about the latter’s position on Roe v. Wade, it’s been a total waste of time paying any attention to anything Joe Biden feels obliged to say.

And I mean total. Even the unsubtle Israeli government understands this.

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I wonder how many cigarettes Obama smoked during the weekend

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Israel needs to wake up and tow the line. If it wasn’t for the US sending billions of dollars over there they wouldn’t exist.

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