Palin using her star power against selected House Democrats

March 24, 2010


Sarah Palin really has the 2010 congressional elections in her cross hairs now.

As President Barack Obama signed healthcare reform into law, the potential 2012 Republican White House wannabe was out on Facebook with her own campaign to unseat 20 House Democrats who voted for the legislation. The page identifies targeted congressional districts via a map of the United States dotted by white and red cross hairs.

“We’re going to fire them and send them back to the private sector, which has been shrinking thanks to their destructive government-growing policies,” she says in a rallying note to supporters that also seeks donations for her political action committee, SarahPAC.

Palin’s aim is to go after House Democrats who voted for Obamacare and represent districts that she and John McCain carried in the 2008 presidential race.  USA-HEALTHCARE

It’s also an opportunity for Palin to demonstrate some of the political nous and muscle she’ll need in two years, if the former Alaska governor intends to make a credible run for president.  Since the 2008 election, her biggest rise as been as a media celebrity with a best-selling book, a TV gig as Fox News analyst and a possible reality TV show deal. She has made campaign appearances on behalf of Republican candidates up to now. But her new initiative would be her highest profile effort yet.

Weighing in on the 2010 elections also poses risks for Palin, who could lose credibility if the candidates she backs fail. A USA Today/Gallup poll suggests that 49 percent of Americans think the healthcare reform bill’s passage was a good thing, vs. 40 percent who see it as bad. Forty-eight percent called the legislation “a good first step” that needs to be followed up by more action.

USA-POLITICS/TEAPARTYBut Palin has real star power when it comes to conservative grass-roots activists including Tea Party members whose voter turnout could tip a close-fought election into the Republican camp.

Even if Congress remains under Democratic control, Republican victories in November could shift the national dialogue about Obama to the right — and the outright bizarre. A new Harris poll shows that two-thirds of Republicans think Obama is a socialist while 57 percent see him as a Muslim.

And 24 percent — let’s call it an even one in four — say he could be the proverbial Antichrist, that diabolical rabble rouser of biblical prophecy and Hollywood fiction whose rule heralds The End of the World.

Now that really would be a big f#%!ing deal.

Photo credits: Reuters/Joe Skipper (Palin at the Daytona 500); Reuters/Jim Young (Obama’s healthcare reform signing); Reuters/Phil McCarten (Tea Party activists in California)

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Sarah Palin is a joke, should take care of her family and stop telling others how to live.
Good example she is having an unwed daughter having a child out of wedlock, and yet she thinks she has some validity to tell others how to live, please!

Posted by osito3 | Report as abusive

[…] Reuters […]

Posted by MARCH 24, 2010 | Standing With Sarah | Report as abusive

What a shameful farce! Sara Palin, an illiterate and highly arrogant parody for politician HAS BEEN MADE A NATIONAL HERO. A very low grade for contemporary America!

Posted by Heretic1 | Report as abusive

if sarah pulin is the repubs rep between now and nov,
repubs will suffer the worst loss in the parties history.
the women’s not even functionally literate!
who will lead the republicans?
what will their platform be? – we will do nothing, we stand for nothing but obstruction, we don’t have a single idea, we don’t have a single suggestion.
tea party will help them out i’m sure, there’s a bunch for you.

sounds like a winning strategy to me.

Posted by brea | Report as abusive

My my, the dislike of Sarah Palin never ceases to amaze me. I’ve always found the woman to be charming and telegenic and, above all, interesting. A real squareshooter, as they used to say. Clearly she has a lot to learn but Sarah Palin isn’t stupid. She’ll learn. And all these Democrats who sneer at her: Have you forgotten ‘JC can save America”? Arguably the worst president of the postwar era, and you’re pointing fingers at the GOP. Please.

Posted by Gotthardbahn | Report as abusive

You’re right I don’t like her, she is ignorant and using her new found fame for no good.

I don’t have kids, and quite frankly aren’t too fond of them.

Posted by osito3 | Report as abusive

Who says she has star power??? She is an over-hyped idiot. I have many women in my neighborhood better qualified for political leadership than her. Why does anyone give her a listen at all??

Posted by waveonshore | Report as abusive

She is the leader of a movement that openly uses the N-Word and Spits on Legislators with absolutely no condemnation from the press nor Republican party. Half of America is fighting to save this country for their children, the other half is fighting to destroy it for Religion. Unless we all condemn these fringe groups, the American Experiment will fail.

Posted by Streetfighter | Report as abusive

If Sarah Palin really wants star power, her best bet would be releasing a sex tape and a ritual apology, cross-channeling Paris Hilton and Tiger Woods.

Actually, skip the apology. She’s better at playing the unrepentant fool.

Posted by HBC | Report as abusive

Let’s try it this way osito3 – this works too (replacing BHO with Sarah Palin):

Barack Obama is a joke, should take care of her family and stop telling others how to live. Good example he is an admitted cocaine and marijuana user – and OMG a smoker too, and yet he thinks she has some validity to tell others how to live, please!

Sarah Palin doesn’t try to tell anyone how to live – you either agree with her views, policies and opinions or you don’t. I think if Obama had adopted her policies (domestic sourcing and drilling for energy, continuing the Bush tax cuts, reducing government spending, and on), this country would be on the fast track to recovery now. PLEASE when you cite her ignorance and stupidity, please also cite some examples of it. C’mon go ahead! And don’t try dropping the “I can see Russia from my house” quote: That’s Tina Fey’s script.

And hey “Streetfighter” She is a leader of a movement of independence loving Americans that embrace those policies. The media likes to paint the movement by showcasing the rare radicals that may say something derogatory. Perhaps we should say that the self-acknowledged radical bombers Bill Ayers and his wife represent the Democratic party since they are Democrats.

Conservatives believe in free speech for everyone – Liberals believe in free speech for Liberals.

Best wishes to you in November 2010.

Posted by ken234 | Report as abusive

My dear Ken 234, Sara Palin’s views and idea are just stupid, grossly archaic, and completely out of touch with the modern world which she knows virtually nothing about. Sure she is entitled to spell them as loudly as she can. The real problem is that too many Americans seem to idolize this provincial housewife with the intellect of an incect.

Posted by Heretic1 | Report as abusive

She needs to sit down and be quite… She is the one that is a big joke… Give the President a chance, my God he has not been in office long enough for all the mess that was done over years and years, I think President Obama is doing a great job, seeing all the mess that is going on and has been going on for over twenty to thirty years ago. Give him a break, he can’t fix up the mess that took years to mess up……….

Posted by jsjubilee | Report as abusive


Please provide evidence of who used the N-word or spit. By all accounts, no one can prove this actually happened by people who actually oppose this horrible law.

70 percent of Americans are unhappy with the policies of our government.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Tea Party movement is supported by big insurance companies. Now health care bill is passed.

Let us wait to see the fate of of the movement

Posted by outlookone | Report as abusive


You describe Sarah Palin as ‘illiterate’ and ‘low-grade’… I hope you are qualified to judge her with these words. You must therefore be ‘intelligent’ and ‘high-grade’.

So why don’t you run for mayor of your town, then be governor of your state, and as governor, fight big oil and provide every citizen of your state a yearly dividend (royalties from big oil) of almost $4000! This challenge is for every poster who thinks they are so much better people than Sarah Palin.

Posted by Justcurious | Report as abusive

I don’t think the term “star power” is the correct description. Sarah Palin should be on of the 31 or so million Americans that have no health coverage and she may be singing a different tune. After years of Medicare in Canada, our system is not perfect but it is a good plan in spreading medical costs to all taxpayers, so there is collective security. This kind of socialism I can live with. It is interesting how episodes of Extreme Home Makeover are the result of medical difficulities and the extreme cost borne by these individuals resulting in hardship cases.

Posted by oldmanriverrat | Report as abusive

Well Heretic1,

Unfortunately it appears our votes will cancel each other out in 2012.

You may have read my post, but maybe my main point eluded you as you chided me in your post.

Your vapid, ad hominem talking points simply don’t address the policy issues or cite examples of her ‘stupidity’. And, by the way, there’s nothing wrong with being a housewife – unless you’re a member of NOW. But, I’ll give you some examples of what I mean using some of Obama’s pearls of wisdom:
“I’ve been to almost all 57 states”
“I don’t want my daughters punished with a baby”
“The nation that invented the automobile [USA]…”
“Cinco de Cuatro”
“I bowl like I’m in the special Olympics”
“My grandmother, a typical white person…”
“I don’t know what the term is in Austrian [language]”
“Insurance premiums will drop by 3000%”
“They [Cambridge police] acted stupidly…”
And so on….

Who has the intellect of an incect(sic)?

Posted by ken234 | Report as abusive

At least someone is stepping up to the plate to challenge the decisions that are made by those who do not live in our reality based world. Our time here is coming to the foretold end with ALL the signs coming in place (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, plagues, etc., etc.,). She certainly could do no worse than Obama who lacks any form of intelligence, which is far more than obvious. So… Go Sarah!

Posted by Revelations1 | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is perhaps the most polarizing individual in America. Nobody is lukewarm about her

Posted by Story_Burn | Report as abusive


Watch out. If you try to push your conservative values too hard on this web site, there are a few out there out to “attempt” to destroy you.

I happen to agree with you and the majority of other Americans out there.

Keep telling the truth, they have nothing to offer but lies and personal attacks.

Notice, they offer nothing but personal attacks against Sarah Palin? They are so desparate….Can’t even talk about the benefits of their progressive friends because of their radical agenda they are forcing on all Americans….

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Well golly and gosh dang darn it Ken, I guess the last administration had nothing to do with the mess we are in now?
You betchya by golly wow!
Come on, where are we Mayberry?
She’s laughing all the way to the bank, and I betchya she don’t even beileive in the crap she spews.
It’ alwasy do as I say not as I do with all you people.

Posted by osito3 | Report as abusive

The thing that she put out on her Face book was mind boggling. Crosshairs? Forget the personal attacks on her and whatever is going on in her life. When she ran for VP her intellect and command of the issues was not impressive. I am so weary of the misinformation/lies that has been spouted by the Republicans. The health care system that we currently have in place is going to bankrupt the United States. Does Sarah Palin know what an actuary table is? My guess is that she doesn’t have a clue. Forget conservative/liberal agendas. We need to come to grips with the reality that our current system is not sustainable. Personally I would like to have a public option. The insurance and drug companies have monopolies. Quit letting Sarah Palin rile you up. She is just not worth it.

Posted by yougg | Report as abusive

Almost everone posting here is so progressive!!! Thats’s the joke, that you all think you’re so intelligent and above the system that has worked for over 200 yrs. All books and no common sense. Palin for 2012 might save America and I wouldn’t take her so lightly and make her the butt of your jokes. Wait untill you start working and paying your taxs (especially you spoiled little girls who like to eat out and go to tanning salons. I hope you at least chip in on the policies your parents will be forced to pay for you untill the age of 26 and please don’t get pregnant so the blood money won’t be on our hands.

Posted by mfirebrand1 | Report as abusive

Well gosh dang dontcha know Osito3 you make it almost too easy to illustrate my point – again with the ad hominems and “the last 8 years” cnn talking point mantra of the typical progressive.

Firstly, Obama made quite a few millions from his TWO autobiographies – especially during the campaign. I personally didn’t see him laugh all the way to the bank – but I think he DOES believe all of the “crap he spews” (to use your words).

Secondly, you likely won’t read all of this – so to summarize…

Remember the dems took congress on Jan 2007, voting right along with Bush on his stimulus, and war, and social programs, spending. So your last eight years includes 2 years of Dems in Congress. Plus Bush “inherited” an economic downturn from Clinton and “inherited” the worst terrorist attack on US soil (although Bush never complained about “inheriting” his problems like Barack Hussein Obama does every single day).

So, we’ll go back 11 years to play it fair and I’ll even credit Clinton with the budget surplus up to…
1999: Budget surplus (a mix of the new booming industry, welfare/economic reforms – under a republican congress)
2000: Clinton admin: economy plateaus and bubble burst, subsequent economic downturn. Bush elected.
2001: Bush admin (and repub. congress): pass broad tax cuts to induce economic growth. Most Dems. vote against.
2001 – 2002: Further hit to the economy and stock market plunge to 7,000 (dow) with Sept. 11 attacks. Many Dems vote with Repubs to oust Taliban from Afghanistan – and then Saddam from Iraq (after many UN sanctions and Iraq’s repeated defiance of UN resolutions)
2002 – 2007: Economy stabilizes, then positive growth, stocks surge to highest in 2007 (14,000+ dow).
2007: Housing bubble begins to burst, economy teetering and gas hits record highs and drives recession. Dems. take congress majority on Jan 3.
2008: Dems in congress and also vote along with Bush’s economic stimulus ($600 refunds) and bailout, Medicare Prescription and other excessive spending packages. Economy continues downturn from overinflated housing market and over extended credit/home equity borrowing. Obama elected.
2009-2010: Dems still in congress and hyperdrive spending with another $800B + $110B on ARRA and jobs bill, $700B TARP, re-spend returned TARP on more stimulus, + 950B on healthcare packages and more to come. Highest deficits in history.
And here we are.

So you’re right – the last admin had a hand in the economic situation as well – but democrats (or progressives) had nothing to do with anything, according to you. Thank goodness they came in to save us from ourselves now just in time. Yikes.

Posted by ken234 | Report as abusive

mfirebrand1, I agree 100%

We all want our free healthcare – it is my right to have it – right this minute.
It is my unborn child’s right to have free pre-natal care too – unless I decide that it is not an unborn child but just a fetus (depending on my situation) and then I want my free ‘pregnancy termination’ services. I don’t know who is responsible for providing this right to me (the debt of future generations?) but I don’t care. Oh and I’m also big and fat and lazy and I smoke a lot but I don’t want to pay any more than someone who is thin and active and healthy for insurance. It’s my right. Not my responsibility.

Posted by ken234 | Report as abusive

Oops, I think I am on the wrong page. On the one hand, this person wants immediate and free abortion and on the other tells us that Sarah is ignorant, etc. (by the way, shey didn’t have one (abottion, that is.) But, after all is said an done, just who is in charge??? Dems or what? Aren’t they just a bunch of whiners about the mess we are in? And don’t they just want to blame the Repubs for everything? Just so absentminded about the last 2 years. They asked for what they wanted and now they don’t want what they asked for. What a mess! Let’s start over and dump the bumbs!

Posted by ohwhat | Report as abusive