So how’s he doing now? New polls on Obama healthcare

March 24, 2010

The White House (whether its occupant is Obama or Bush) has a tendency to be dismissive of public opinion polls, shrugging them aside as inconsequential to the president’s decision-making and basically to be brushed off like dandruff on a shoulder.

That is unless the polls are going their way.

USA-HEALTHCAREWhite House spokesman Robert Gibbs, amid the glee of the healthcare bill signing Tuesday, tweeted @PressSec “In the polling obsessed town of Washington, DC this will give the nattering nabobs of negativity something to chew on” with a link to a story about the USA Today/Gallup poll that said 49 percent vs. 40 percent saw passage of  the bill as “a good thing.”

But while early post-healthcare polling data show a bump in President Barack Obama’s favorability ratings, it remains to be seen whether there’s a trend in the making.

A CBS News poll based on re-interviewing 649 adults after the Sunday House vote and comparing their responses to before the vote found a 6-point jump to 47 percent of those saying they approve of the job that Obama is doing on healthcare. But there were 48 percent who disapproved, offering a mixed result.

The Rasmussen Reports daily presidential tracking poll showed a 7-point gain from a week ago in the approval index rating on Obama’s performance as president. “The bounce comes entirely from increased enthusiasm among Democrats,” it said.

Political blogs the day after the bill signing were cautious on whether the tide was turning for Obama and how long it might last, see The Washington Post’s The Fix and NPR’s Political Junkie.

Indisputable is that the 2010 mid-term elections are nearly eight months away — which in political time is even longer than dog years and anything can (and often does) happen. OBAMA

That vote will determine whether Democrats and Republicans gain or lose seats in Congress and will be seen as THE gauge of public opinion on Obama’s leadership, even though the president himself is not up for election. And that’s one poll which will be difficult to dismiss by either side.

Has your opinion of Obama changed or stayed the same since the healthcare vote?

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Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama returns to Oval Office after rally on signing of healthcare bill), Reuters/Jason Reed (Obama family’s dog Bo)

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