Maddow to Brown: Wrong, “I’m not running”

March 26, 2010

Political commentator Rachel Maddow is used to having her say. This time she used a full-page ad in The Boston Globe.

The popular liberal TV host came out swinging on Friday against the new senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, who has suggested in a fund-raising letter that Maddow will run against him in 2012. SENATE/BROWN

“I’m not running against Scott Brown … It’s just not true. Honestly. I swear. No, really,” Maddow said in the ad.

Maddow, a Rhodes Scholar and the first openly gay anchor to host a prime-time news program in the United States, lives in Hampshire County in western Massachusetts.

“It’s standard now for conservatives to invent scary fake threats to run against,” Maddow said. “Senator Scott Brown’s only been in DC seven weeks, but he already seems to be fitting right in with how conservatives operate there.”

Maddow said the senator, who has declined to appear on her eponymous nightly show on MSNBC, did not try to verify rumors that she had been asked by the state Democratic Party to seek the seat held for almost 50 years by the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

“He sent the letter all around the country, to the out-of-state conservative activists who provided so much of the funding for his successful Senate campaign,” Maddow said.

“Maybe this will make him think twice the next time he wants to smear one of his constituents to raise money out of state.”

Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Brown after his ceremonial swearing-in Feb. 4)


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“It’s standard now for conservatives to invent scary fake threats to run against” Nothing like alienating a whole bunch of people while trying to attack a single individual. It’s just this sort of prejudicial idiocy which has tarnished the American political process, and brought us to the brink of civil unrest. I think MSNBC would do well to fire Maddow. She’s a liability.

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She’s a liability for conservatives, you mean. When fearless conservatives like Liz Cheney and Scott Brown are afraid to appear on her show, it should tell you something. b0&feature=player_embedded

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This is just Maddow and MSNBC trying to create news instead of reporting news. Maddow does not have a popular show based on ratings from independent polls. MSNBC has the poorest ratings of all the large televised media. Maddow would not have a chance of winning the election if she ran against Scott Brown, and she would only serve a select specialized interest. Mass, just like all the other states, needs to be cautious of media personalities and celebrities wanting to push single minded agendas and far left or far right views. JOBS should be the number one concern of everyone. The best thing any MEDIA or Celebrity could do for Americans would be to push the President and Congress to focus on jobs in America for American Citizens and legal immigrants. Money spent creating jobs will bring back the HOPE of the Nation, and create the CHANGE that was promised but seemingly forgotten. Maddow keep your evening job. It pays millions, yet it is just cheap talk. Your job involves no no physical labor, it allows you to say anything and do anything you desire, and you have a fan club. You don’t produce anything of value, you don’t help people, you don’t create anything. Famous for no reason other than you have an opinion, you are open about your sexuality, and you will do whatever it takes to keep your small fan base. If not, you won’t have a job. As to MSNBC, try using air time to help American workers find work, create jobs, bring back quality manufacturing, and finding ways to keep jobs here.

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a stunt by maddows to get a bump in her industry low ratings.

Posted by bullman120 | Report as abusive

Maddow is a liability? A stunt by Maddow to get a bump in her ratings?

What about Scott Brown running misleading ads to raise money?

GOP = Got 0 Principles

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