Obama ready to lend Rahm to Russia

March 26, 2010

OBAMA/President Barack Obama has a potent weapon in his arsenal if his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev has any concerns about selling a new nuclear arms reduction treaty to the¬†parliament in Moscow — his famously assertive White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

“Just as we have to go to our Congress, President Medvedev has to go to the Duma. And I think President Obama has said that he would send Rahm Emanuel to Moscow,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unexpectedly informed reporters during a White House briefing on the new treaty.

Emanuel’s muscular powers of persuasion are credited with holding U.S. lawmakers in line for the recent approval of the president’s historic healthcare reform, and he was also recently accused by a former colleague of picking an argument while stark-naked in a congressional shower.

“We all immediately endorsed that offer … if President Medvedev wants to take us up on it, we’re ready,” Clinton said, poking a little gentle fun at Obama’s enforcer-in-chief.

Photo credit:  Reuters/Jim Young (Rahm Emanuel)


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So Rahm Emanuel is a house slave that can be loaned out like a rake or a hedge trimmer. This is very interesting!!!

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Would they be able to keep him? We could use a rake or a broom more than we could a Chicago thug?

Posted by Cowboy1957 | Report as abusive