Drill, Obama, Drill – new mantra gushes from president’s oil decision

March 31, 2010

President Barack Obama buried the news.

OBAMA/It took him seven minutes of a 15-minute speech to get to the nub, after layers and layers of words about the environment. He was, after all, a Democrat pushing for expanding offshore oil drilling … helllooooo, that’s right, a Democrat expanding offshore oil drilling.

“So today we’re announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration, but in ways that balance the need to harness domestic energy resources and the need to protect America’s natural resources,” Obama said at Andrews Air Force Base standing in front of the “Green Hornet” fighter jet that uses a mix of biofuel.

Well not all the environment friendly organizations saw it quite that way.

“Is this President Obama’s clean energy plan or Palin’s drill baby drill campaign?”  Greenpeace Executive Director Phil Radford said, referring to the memorable slogan from Sarah Palin when she was running for vice president.

Palin responded to the offshore drilling news by tweeting “Drill, baby, drill.” And some posting opinions on the president’s announcement amended the Palin slogan to “Drill, Obama, Drill.”

“Expanding offshore drilling in areas that have been protected for decades threatens our oceans and the coastal communities that depend on them with devastating oil spills, more pollution and climate change,” Radford of Greenpeace said in a statement.

Republicans, who oppose anything O, decided now was not the time to break that trend.

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, who hails from Virginia, found a way to criticize Obama while acknowledging the potential benefits of the president’s decision to his own state. USA/

“I am encouraged that the administration has endorsed offshore energy exploration off our coast, which will not only help put Virginians back to work, but bring needed revenue to our state,” Cantor said with one breath.

“Unfortunately, the benefits that the administration’s decision will bring to Virginia will not be felt by many other states and regions, ” he said with the next.

Expanding offshore oil exploration has in the past been largely a Republican issue, think ex-oilman and former President George W. Bush and ex-governor of Alaska Sarah Palin. But now the top Democrat in the land has waded in.

Do you think Obama’s plans to expand offshore oil and gas drilling will help the United States or not?

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Obama looks at Green Hornet), Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi (oil platform in Gulf of Mexico)

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Am I wrong, I thought Obama was sending 2 billion dollars for Brazil to explore by drilling offshore for oil. True or not.

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