Palin to take on Obama on energy in New Orleans

March 31, 2010

Sarah Palin, who made “drill baby drill” a 2008 campaign slogan, isn’t too pleased with President Obama’s new energy plan as laid out today.

Palin, the former governor of Alaska and Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008, said on her Twitter page that she agreed with House Republican leader John Boehner that Obama’s plan is aimed at getting his “job-killing, energy-depleting, burdensome” cap and trade legislation through Congress.

A source who is close to Palin said Palin believes Obama is trying to use his drilling plan as a sweetener to get some Republicans to support cap and trade as part of comprehensive energy legislation, and that meanwhile, the review process for getting new drilling operations approved would be lengthy.

“It’s not so much drill baby drill, but stall baby stall,” the source said.

Photo credit: Reuters/Joshua Lott (Palin)

Palin, whose home state would see some coastal areas off limits to energy exploration out of concern for the environment, plans to address Obama’s energy plan directly in a speech April 9 at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

“She will specifically respond to the president’s proposal,” the source said.


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Exactly what has Sarah Palin done that earns her any credibility? Her education is lacking and her track record as a governor in the least populated state in America (Mesa, Az has almost as much population as Alaska) is not exactly the high point of her resume. But I believe her husband is an oil field worker, so that makes her an expert in energy? She does come up with witty slogans. But so does Alfred E. Newman. Had McCain not plucked her out of the thorn patch many of us would probably not even know who she is. We need to find serious people to fix this country’s problems. Palin isn’t one of them.

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Gee, they must really be worried about 2012 if they’re campaigning so early. Sarah Palin tweeting; how apropos.

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By the way…why are the oil companies reducing the number of refineries in this country? (demand is down) How does off shore drilling for more oil solve any problem? (it doesn’t,, do you have any idea how long it will be before any of that oil reaches the market if they started building the oil rigs today?) Why not address the Big Banks and investment houses that are driving the price of oil higher (speculation) when we are flooded with oil right now? (inventories are at all time highs).

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Hmmm what has Palin done to earn her any credibility justanotherjoe? Well she was cheif regulator of Alaskas oil and gas commision for a few years.Then as GOV of her state she renegotiated big oils tax structure in her state.Then she negotiated with big oil an 1800 mile cng pipeline deal.I think your watching to much MSNBC.Your in a very lonely crowd.Perhaps you and that networks other 3 viewers should watch what is going on outside your liberal box.Have a look out here every now and then,you will see she has plenty of solutions.Even Obama visits her FB page no doubt.It seems he responds to her speaches and posts within a day or 2,by announcing things like this not long afterwards.

Posted by Hanker | Report as abusive

Hanker..then why did the constituents of the state of Alaska practically run her out of office if she did such a wonderful job?

Posted by justanotherjoe | Report as abusive

Palin didn’t complete 1 term as governor of the state.

Posted by justanotherjoe | Report as abusive

Hanker..Obama visits her FB. LMAO. You live in neverland my friend. Or as Nilsson once said, “You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear”. I’m not a liberal, but that seems to be a label guys like you pin on someone you disagree with. Do use all a favor. Stop voting!

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Don’t bother with justanotherjoke. If Palin wasn’t a threat, people like him wouldn’t even bother spending so much time with diatribes against her.

But she is a threat to people like him. Since he can’t justify the horrible job his progressive president and progressive friends are doing, he will go on the attack.

It’s textbook.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

TyC, what is the problem with weaning us off oil? Why continue with a resource that is going to run out? Why risk ruining the environment when some day we’ll have no more oil anyway? What’s wrong with developing alternatives now instead of waiting until we face a real oil shortage? And how are you by the way?

Posted by emh | Report as abusive

I would think that the republicans would be happy that we are considering drilling for oil.
Guess anything the democrats propose is always going to be road blocked.

I am disappointed that we are looking into oil rather then pursue new and various techniques out there, but that seems to be where the democratic party is heading.
Take a republican idea, spin it that it comes out as their own, and then basically leave you own supporters hanging. I thought we voted for change?

Posted by osito3 | Report as abusive


Fine as always.

I expect that after you provided your questions filled post that you will disappear again, as always.

I really don’t understand why you are asking me all those oil questions. Here is the thing, you know I am not “necessarily” a Sarah Palin advocate. Here is where my rub came on here.

Where you at least have usually have a valid opinion, the person I was talking to does not. It is the usual progressive diatribe that has nothing to do with anything but to talk dirty about her. Puleeze…Spare us all. He/she did not provide any rational dialog at all. That was my only point.

I have no problem when we, as a nation, are responsible stewards of the land. I have told you this many times and am actually quite surprised you must have forgotten I have said so…to you!

Look, I am also surprised that you are asking such questions. I invite you to write President Obama and ask why he has decided to drill for oil. I understand he is doing it for purely political purposes, but he will be drilling if he gets his way.

But as for Sarah Palin, she is a threat and all you progressives can do is to attack her personally. I find that childish.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Hanker, JAJ is not in too lonely a crowd. While being one of the deceive and be deceived bigoted Republican ranks, it is easy to forget that the election was lost, in real votes as well as in electoral votes, by McCain and the one he picked to run with him as a political gambit. In other words Hanker, the majority of the American voters did not vote for your heroine. Perhaps too many voters did not believe she was, or is, qualified to by in a position of being a “heart beat” away from the U.S. presidency. Simply put, thank God she is not. As for her being a threat, yes, it would be a threat to the United States of America for her to be president or in congress. As for worrying about that, I don’t believe many people are terribly worried as to that happening. Though there are a great number of non-thinkers in this country that see her as being one of them, and she is, fortunately there are more people who look past her cheeky pseudointellectualism, and typical Republican religious hypocrisy, to the reality of her shallowness. Your recital of her job description as an oil industry bureaucrat, complete with numerous misspellings and Republican-like attempts to make something appear as truth that is not truth (“Your in a very lonely crowd”, with misspelled “you’re”), show that your thinking and knowledge is indeed on the same level as Palin’s: mediocre at best, and contained in a narrow scope.

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Drill unless the Dems want to, then say something is more important and it’s not a good idea. Great strategy. Hope that works out for ya. It’s quite apparent that whatever this administration proposes will be met with resistance from Repubs. Too bad.

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[…] Reuters: Sarah Palin, who made “drill baby drill” a 2008 campaign slogan, isn’t too pleased […]

Posted by Sarah Palin Schools Obama On Sound Energy Policy, Promises Major Address To The Nation « Sarah Palin Information Blog | Report as abusive

I asked the questions because i remember you being an advocate of more drilling and not to hot on the idea of alternatives.
As for Palin, not one word in my post about her.
I do disappear from time to time because the debate here has become stale and repetitive and I’ve been snowboarding all winter.

Posted by emh | Report as abusive


Well, the whole oil drilling by this president after harshly criticizing McCain is just another say one thing to get elected and do the opposite once elected. Oh well, that’s politics.

No, you are wrong, I have always said I have no problem with being responsible stewards of our resources and I have no problem exploring alternative/renewable energy sources. I particularly remember talking about solar. So, your memory is poor. You are wrong.

As for oil drilling. I am also for it. No reason why we shouldn’t drill for oil. We haven’t found any alternatives or technology to take the place of oil, so we need to continue to use it for not only transportation. I will stop there for now. There, now you have something to remember.

Eric, please read what I write okay? I didn’t say you said one word about Palin (this time…). I was explaining my issue with another person in particular who can’t add anything to a rational discussion but to disparage her just to do so. My goodness, you haven’t changed a bit. Always trying to justify your existence.

Oh, so the only truthful thing you wrote at the end was that you have been snowboarding. I hope you take care of yourself, because at your age, you may not qualify for healthcare if you hurt yourself. Don’t be stupid with your health. Oh well, you won’t see the problem because they are soaking taxes from us for 4 years before it even starts. But I am sure you are happy with this travesty that was forced upon us.

There I am sure I have given you plenty to go after me on.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive


Well, you must have taken too many spills on your head snowboarding. I will just be blunt and say you are wrong.

Although it is true I am a proponent of drilling, I have always said I am also a proponent of being responsible stewards of our natural resources and support developing alternative energy sources. I particularly said many times…to you…I like wind and solar development. So, you wasted a lot of energy asking all those questions, when in reality you have a poor memory.

Defensive as always. I didn’t say you mentioned Sarah Palin. Go back and look, I was explaining my issue with another individual who emitted emotion about her, but no rational thoughts whatsoever.

Well, when you have a losing argument, I don’t blame you for disappearing. It is hard for you to defend your position. The approval ratings of your idols are down in the dumps. They are forcing their crazy agenda…which you support…on the majority of Americans who don’t want anything to do with what they have to offer. President…45 percent…congress 18 percent…Pelosi 11 percent…Reid 8 percent. None of them speak for the American people.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive


I tried to answer your post and it was appropriate based on our discussion and the article attached.

However, Reuters won’t post either one.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Yeah, now Reuters publishes my posts after I complain…Wonderful…

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

All you ever DO is complain, why is that so surprising?

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