Chavez’s space plans have Foggy Bottom in stitches

April 3, 2010

Russian PM Vladimir Putin flew all the way to Venezuela for a quick 12-hour visit to boost oil and military ties with President Hugo Chavez, the loudest basher of U.S. “imperialism” in Washington’s backyard. 

VENEZUELA-RUSSIA/TIESBesides guns, tanks, jet fighters and missiles, Chavez wants a Russian hand in developing nuclear energy to cope with chronic electricity shortages in his oil-producing country, and technology to start a space industry.

“We are not going to build the atomic bomb, but we will develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,” said the former paratrooper who has been in power for 11 years.

Chavez suggested Moscow might want to set up a satellite launch site in Venezuela, along with its “factory.”

The U.S. State Department scoffed at Chavez’s space plans. Spokesman P.J.Crowley pointed out that Venezuela was so short of electricity that the government had extended the Easter holiday for a full week as part of widespread efforts to save power, and could hardly contemplate “space travel.”

“Perhaps the focus should be more terrestrial than extraterrestrial,” Crowley said.

Do you think Chavez should be focusing on solving his country’s economic woes before looking towards the stars, or is a space program the way to go for his developing nation?

Who will have the last laugh?


Reuters photo by Jorge Silva (Putin arrives in Venezuela April 2, 2010)


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He needs to spend that money on the poor

Posted by love91 | Report as abusive

The soldier on the photo to the right of Putin holds an AK assault rifle without the magazine. Looks like Chavez doesn’t trust his own army, even the honor guard – and it’s after 11 years of purges.

Posted by An0nym0us | Report as abusive

Those Foggy Bottom geniuses snigger at men who have these visions but also actually invest in infrastructure, whereas our homegrown imperialists (no inverted commas) shut down schools and public buildings to offset the cost of establishing Vichy war governments in the Middle East.

Hyenas are more tuneful.

Posted by HBC | Report as abusive

If my offices were in Foggy Bottom, I’d think twice before laughing at anybody else.

Posted by HBC | Report as abusive

This idiot would do just about anything to irritate the U.S.; I think Putin would also. Look for a launch site there before 2012.

Posted by tnourie | Report as abusive

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