Palin serves up plenty of red meat at Boston Tea Party

April 14, 2010

Conservative darling Sarah Palin had no trouble stirring up Tea Partiers at a rally in Boston, not far from the site where colonists staged the original Tea Party revolt centuries ago.

USA/The problems in the United States are “nothing a good old fashioned election can’t fix,” she told the crowd of several thousand on the Boston Common. “The first test will be at the ballot box in November.”

The former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate, who wore a red leather jacket, brought plenty of red meat rhetoric to the anti-tax Tea Party.

Speculation persists that she may be weighing a White House run in 2012, but for the moment she was focused on the 2010 congressional elections in which Republicans are hoping to unseat Democrats from the majority.

“It is time to remind (elected officials) that government should be working for us, we should not have to work for the government. That’s why there are more and more patriots every day standing up and speaking out,” she said.

As Palin gave a speech deploring the “intrusive reach of government” and declaring that America must “stall the spending spree we’ve been on,” supporters carried anti-government placards and flags with the slogan “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Palin critics turned up as well. “Stop hating. It hurts our country,” said Mary Francis, a retired teacher. USA/

At the original Boston Tea Party in 1773, unhappy colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor to protest taxation by the British government.

“The alternative to paying taxes is anarchy. I’m a punk rocker; I know all about anarchy and it doesn’t work,” said Dave Tree, 42, a silk-screen artist and musician from Boston.

But there was something missing from the rally — almost all of the state’s Republican Party leadership. U.S. Senator Scott Brown, who rode a wave of Tea Party support in his upset win for the seat long held by Democrat Edward Kennedy, also did not attend.

Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (Palin at Tea Party rally in Boston, Palin supporter in sweatshirt at rally)

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Ask your cardiologist; red meat is bad for the heart.

Posted by borisjimbo | Report as abusive

This is rich coming from a woman who supposedly worked for us, and now is getting very wealthy off of us.

Posted by osito3 | Report as abusive

Wonder, the next of first Woman USA President

Posted by Ismailtaimur | Report as abusive

A 42 year old “punk rocker” thinks he knows all about anarchy? That’s actually pretty funny to me.

I think the only reason people keep Palin around, well at least the male supporters anyway, is that deep deep down they hope she does a spread for Playboy. I would actually be willing to wager on that.

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

So Sarah Palin has made $12 million since abandoning her job as governor of Alaska in July 2009.

Hey Sarah, how’s that “Country First” thing workin’ out for ya?

Country? What country?

Posted by Liberaltarian | Report as abusive

It’s not certain whether all female members of the tea party can whistle the theme song from HeeHaw through their, um, membership but if anyone can pull it off it’s gotta be Sarah Palin.

I also really love what she did for John McCain.

Posted by HBC | Report as abusive

$12 Million for a sack of hammers??

Posted by MarvinAndroid | Report as abusive

Laura Ingraham interviews Sarah Palin- XMrGWk0rI/AAAAAAAAEbM/epNKSfMooa4/s1600/ sarah+cheerleader+2.jpg

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

I was right next to Sarah Palin for the event (stage right) and took some great photos. Here they are: n-tea-party-2010-palin-speaks-to-thousan ds-of-patriots-on-boston-commons/


Posted by nathanjessup | Report as abusive

I wonder if Sarah is going to give some of that $12 million to the Alaska Juvenile Justice Dept? 010/03/law-willow-and-wicked-witch-of-wa silla.html

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

That we give Palin a platform where she can pretend to be a knowledgeable, educated political candidate says a lot for the stupidity of the average person in our country! We currently have a brilliant, thoughtful person with a total grasp of the big picture in the White House for the first time in a decade and what do we do… complain and seek out someone less capable but more like ourselves… silly huh?

Posted by waveonshore | Report as abusive

Would the original Boston Tea Party even happen today? Persuading people that the freedom to charge drinkers a penny a pound MORE for contraband tea of dubious origin than for the fully taxed real thing was worth fighting for may have had a romantic ring to it in the 18th century… but you can imagine how the consumer would react today.

Posted by Ian_Kemmish | Report as abusive