Will this be another 1994?

April 28, 2010

Democrats and Republicans have been fighting over just about everything. OBAMA-HEALTHCARE

They fought over healthcare reform, the Democrats won its passage.

Now they’re fighting over financial regulation reform in a skirmish being pitched as Wall Street versus Main Street. No winner yet.

All the battles have one thing in common — an underlying goal is to win the November congressional election.

But the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll suggests that regardless of who is winning the tussle of the moment, many voters just want the incumbents gone.

The poll indicates it is the most anti-incumbent electorate since 1994, with less than a third of voters surveyed saying they are inclined to support their representatives in Congress in the November election, the Post said.

Back then, voters gave many Democratic congressional incumbents the boot, ushering in the Republican Revolution. Will this November bring another revolution?

Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Opponents of healthcare bill in March)


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This may be what the poll found yet in the past people think all the OTHER congressmen are bad, theirs is fine.
My congressman does not live in the district and makes no bones about it. He readily admits his wife and children live in Maryland. He also doesn’t represent anything of value to his district. Now he pleads pressing business in DC so he can only conduct a telephone meeting. Unfortunately the Republican Party has never been active in Alameda County, CA so he doesn’t have competition.

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Republicans have a strategy to deal with some of their party’s underlying problems — specifically, that they failed miserably while in power, and have no credibility at all on the issues they claim to care about most. So, what’s the plan? Pretend that this Republican Party isn’t like that “other” Republican Party that was humiliated in 2006 and 2008.

The reasoning behind the argument certainly makes sense. For voters who remember the last several years, it’s awfully difficult to take the GOP seriously. The party that’s running on a platform of fiscal responsibility was fiscally irresponsible.

The party that’s running on a platform of shrinking the size and scope of government grew the size and scope of government.

The party that’s running on a platform of competence, maturity, and integrity was, and still is, incompetent, immature, and corrupt.

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As is usually the case, the party in power is the party that will be judged.

I really do hope American voters throw out everyone. That will shift the balance of power the “right” way.

We need divided government, because it keeps a bad agenda from becoming law. We have seen that happen the last “almost” year and a half. No wonder too. Obama 45 percent approval. Congress 18 percent approval. Pelosi 13 percent approval. Reid 10 percent approval. None of them speak for the American people. Anything is better than what we have now.

No, I did not like one party rule in the from 2000 to 2006 either. But I am fair minded and not a partisan hack like the troll who posted before me.

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We all know TyC will vote the straight Republican ticket.
He’s not fooling anyone.

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So what’s your point? You will vote anything with democrat in it. No secret there.

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The point is, as always, you are a hypocrite.

You say you hope the American voters throw out everyone, but what you mean is, everyone but John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the backwards, obstructionist GOP.

You say you did not like one party rule from 2000 to 2006, but I have never seen one criticism of the Bush administration from you, ever. To the contrary, you have defended them on everything from the 2000 election to their economic policies to their wars.

But your last line is the most hypocritical of all. You are neither fair minded nor non-partisan. And you follow Getplaning and me (and a few others) around on this blog like it’s your job.

At least people like myself and Getplaning up there are honest about our progressive positions. No secret there.

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Oh stop Yellow.

I said I do not like one party rule. It has nothing to do with who is president. It’s all the same to me either way.

You missed my point about the democrats are the ones who will be judged in the next election. Why? Because they are the ones in power and judging by the job approval polls, they are doing very poorly having one party rule. It’s a fact, the American people are not happy with them.

So, there is also the opinion by the American people that they would like to see everyone thrown out in the next election. Okay, that would be a good thing because it would certainly guarantee one party rule would not exist after the 2010 election.

I don’t believe that will happen, but I do believe the democrats will be the ones who are judged. Just stating my opinion. There is nothing wrong with that, is there? After all, it is still a free country.

You are mixing apples and oranges with this one party rule thing. It has nothing to do with Bush or Obama. I don’t care if the president is republican or democrat. I just would like to see the congress be of the opposing party. Too much damage is done with one party rule. I trust you are reasonable enough to see this simple fact.

I will say this Yellow. I do not follow you around. I really don’t care about what you have to say. You are the one who follows me around….always! You having nothing worthwhile for me to comment on when you are the first person to post. But make no mistake, I do not follow you around. You are nutty to think I do, because I do not.

Oh, make no mistake about it, I do know you are a progressive. I don’t get where you are coming from trying to pin me like I am hiding from being a conservative. Yes. I am clearly a conservative. And proud of it.

Oh BTW. You never criticize Obama. But the majority of Americans don’t like the job he is doing. He is hovering around 45 percent for a job approval rating.

You are clearly in the minority.

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