Obama a “hottie” in Buffalo, where they need “freakin” jobs

May 13, 2010

Perhaps that’s how they greet visitors in the region famous for spicy chicken wings.

“You’re a hottie with a smokin’ little body,” Luann Haley, 45, said to President Barack Obama when he stopped in at Duff’s Famous Wings during a visit to Buffalo, New York. OBAMA/

For that she got a big hug from the president who said his wife, Michelle, would be watching on television.

“That’s alright,” Haley said. “Hi Michelle, eat your heart out.”

(We’re thinking that the first lady, who is trying to eradicate obesity, would more likely be upset that her husband ordered 10 chicken wings – five regular, five extra spicy).

But the passions in the city near Niagara Falls clearly can run hot and cold.

A billboard in the economically troubled region stated “Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job. Period.”

Obama did not pass by the sign during his time in Buffalo, but his message was all about the economy.

“I won’t stand here and pretend that we’ve climbed all the way out of the hole.  There are too many folks right here in Buffalo and all across the country who are still hurting,” Obama said.

“But I want to just say to Buffalo — I want to say to all of you and I want to say to America, we can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, today we are headed in the right direction,” he said.

Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama pays for food order at Duff’s Famous Wings Restaurant in Buffalo, New York), Reuters/Gary Wiepert (men wearing chicken drumstick hats at chicken wing festival in Buffalo in 2008)


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The only way to create jobs is to eliminate all taxes on all American businesses and greatly increase taxes on imported goods. This will free up funds which can be used to expand American business and hire new workers. The higher import taxes will make American made goods more competitive in price and entice businesses that have gone overseas to return to America, thus creating millions of new job opportunities here for Americans. Taxes on business are really taxes on those who purchase the goods and services the businesses provide because the companies simply add taxes as part of the overhead for which they must charge in the price of the goods and services they sell. So, taxing business is really stupidly taxing ourselves in the final analysis. When we eliminate that loony tax on our foolish selves, there will be an abundance of employment opportunities available and lower prices on everything (except imports) as a result.
Congress alone can make those extremely beneficial changes to our tax system; however, Obama can and should strongly encourage them to do so. Republicans would applaud such legislation while Democrats would not be able to easily see the logic of such legislation because it is contrary to their economic worldview. Perhaps Obama can open their minds to economic sanity if he is capable of seeing it himself. I certainly hope so.

Posted by ColinCody1 | Report as abusive

All this is sounds very good, BUT what about the repercussions of alienating our foreign neighbors? The increased taxes only on imports to US will surely touch a nerve and cause some grief to us. I agree with your concept but just wondering about the repercussions. Some of our products come from imports so of course they will slam us with higher prices also, then it will be a price war of sorts. We’ll have more jobs but pay a higher price for it, EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE!

Posted by Chyrema | Report as abusive

Eliminate all taxes? Heavily increase Import taxes? I am sorry for talking down to your level, but this is incredibly stupid. This would greatly increase all prices for most goods we purchase (America has a huge trade deficit for a reason: we like high quantity, high quality, cheap stuff). Increase the import taxes and lop off the legs of the federal government by eliminating all taxes on income: the result would be a depression from the markets and foreign investors realizing that the US has finally gone insane with libertarianism AKA anarchy.

Think through something. Quite listening to Rush, Beck, O’Reilly and all those knee-jerk conservatives who have no reguard for facts.

Posted by MyLostReality | Report as abusive


“Quite listening to Rush, Beck, O’Reilly”

First of all, the others gave their opinion. No one mentioned these individuals, except you. If that is your argument for the truth, then you lost.

Second, if you don’t listen or watch Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, then how do you know what they say? Unless, you watch them….hmmm…..

You progressives are so “knee-jerk” and upset no one listens to your idols on MSNBC and CNN. Their ratings are flat lined against even the lowest rated conservative programs.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Add TyC to the list of knee-jerk conservatives who have no regard for facts. There are many conservatives with valuable arguments to make in regards to public policy. News entertainment personalities are not among them.

On the subject of tax policy, the Bush administration implemented huge corporate tax cuts, but the economic benefits they promised never materialized. Jobs and profits were moved offshore and CEO bonuses went into guilded age territory. The crash that followed was inevitable.

Knee-jerk conservatives think the economy will soar if we just return to those Bush-era policies and repeat the same mistakes they already made. MyLostReality is right, think through something instead of blindly following a failed ideology.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive


The Bush tax cuts were exactly what this country needed and they were successful. However, spending did not decrease as a result. Yes congress controls the spending.

I think you will find that after this administration and this congress are finished spending, we will be in worse shape as a nation than before they started.

Increasing taxes and increasing spending are a mixture for disaster. And it will be a disaster.

Go ahead and talk big now, because when it all comes tumbling down around you, I will sit back and say, “See, I told you so!”.

You follow me around like it is your job. Just remember, I do not follow you around. You have nothing to contribute so you harass me.

Unless I comment, you have nothing to say. As a matter of fact, you have nothing to say anyway.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Remember TyC, it was I who pointed out that you follow me around like it is your job. You can’t even come up with an original talking point, can you?

The Bush economic policies were a disaster. They were the first administration with a net job creation of ZERO during their first term, and only 1 million during their second.

In contrast, the current administration has already created a net 1.7 million jobs, more in a year and a half than in eight years under the “successful” Bush administration.

Why anyone would listen to people who think we can shrink our way out of a recession is laughable, but I’m sure the AM radio pundits can convince you of just about anything.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

You are both wrong. The Obama administration has not created 1.7 million jobs- yet. But at the current rate of recovery, 1.7 million might happen by the end of the year. That is still more in two years than Bush/Cheney could manage in eight.

Here’s a Bureau of Labor Statistics graphic that should end once and for all any debate over whether the Bush tax cuts were just what the country needed. It’s pretty stark.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/graphic/2010/01/01/GR2010010101478. html

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You pointed out a lie. I have never followed you around. You just aren’t that interesting. You have nothing to say.

But you sit back and wait until I respond to a story, then you pounce. Every single time.
You can say what you want, but history on here shows the truth. You follow me around. Fact.

Obama has not created jobs. That is absurd. He promised there would be no greater than 8 percent unemployment if the stimulus bill were passed. It was passed and the unemployment rate rose to over 10 percent and hasn’t moved much since then.

Created 1.7 million jobs? Tell that to the 10 percent who either lost their job or can’t find work.

When Bush left office the unemployment rate was 7.5 percent. President Obama has done nothing to create jobs. He is a failure, he is a disaster.

Oh, you listen to AM radio? You must, since you seem to know what they say. If you don’t, then you are just listening to Maddow, Olbermann, Mathhews, et al. who tell you what you want to hear. Oh, you are one of the handful who listen to their progressive diatribes against what the majority of Americans want. You shouldn’t listen to them, they are forcing you to put your head in the sand because they don’t want you to know the truth about what this president and this administration is doing to destroy this country.

Oh and that’s it for me on this thread. You simply are not that interesting. I expect you to follow me to the next thread when I comment on the story at hand. You on the other hand simply have nothing so say, so that is why you harass me.

I wish Reuters would do something about you stalking me.

Posted by TyC | Report as abusive

Thanks to the miracle of Google Advanced Search, we can see who is stalking whom. Enjoy.

Getplaning. I have to give you credit for being a master of deception.
Getplaning. You destroy the truth with half truths and lies.
Getplaning. Just because you say it is fact, doesn’t make it so.
Yellow. You are wrong on all counts.
Getplaning. Everything I have said has come true. You, on the other hand…are wrong again…
Getplaning. You are wrong about the mood of the country.
Getplaning. I am right, as usual, and you are wrong…as always….
Yellow. You have been wrong the whole way.
Yellow. Everything I have said has come true.
Yellow. You are wrong about everything,
but I don’t except anything else from a left wing political hack.
Getplaning. One thing that I have always known is that you are on the wrong side of everything.
Yellow. Americans clearly agree with everything I have said and last night was just another nail in the coffin of you left wingers.
Yellow. You have no credibility because you are wrong every single time.
Getplaning. You have no credibility, so you resort to your usual diatribes.
Yellow. It is very apparent you are angry at being wrong.
Yellow. You have proven yourself to have no credibility.
Yellow. I was totally right.
Getplaning. In the end, I was right and you were wrong.
Yellow. Actually, you are not correct.
Yellow. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.
Yellow. You are part of the minority.

This is less than half the search result. What I have been saying about you for months is obviously the truth. You follow us around like it’s your job.

Posted by Yellow105 | Report as abusive

As I said, you follow me around. It isn’t the other way around.

That was me answering your usual diatribe against something I said.

The part that makes you upset is that I am usually right and you are proven wrong. You proved that and continue to do so now.

All you did was prove me right. You follow me around. End of story.

I fully expect you to follow me on to the next thread. However, as usual, you have nothing to contribute so you don’t post your opinion on any story first. I don’t care either, you have nothing to say even if you do. You are an empty vessel.

Have a nice day.

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