No magic solution for oil spill, elbowing BP won’t do any good

May 24, 2010

The message from the White House podium today was loud and clear — there is no magic fix for the oil spill that looks like curdled chocolate milk flowing on top of the Gulf of Mexico. And there isn’t much that anyone can do that BP isn’t doing.

OIL-RIG/LEAKCan government push BP out of the way if it believes the company is not doing the job?

“Well, to push BP out of the way would raise a question — to replace them with what?” Admiral Thad Allen of the Coast Guard, the administration’s response chief for the disaster, asked back.

Was there any thought given to bringing in another oil company to fix the mess?

“When I have the CEO of a large petroleum company and oil drilling company tell me they would be following the same sequence of events, that tells me there wouldn’t be anything to be gained by doing that,” Allen said at the White House press briefing. (He wouldn’t identify the company).

“And what they (BP) are doing is largely in line with industry standards.  It’s just made immensely — exponentially more difficult at 5,000 feet,” Allen said.

“Given the operations as we understand them now and the lines of effort that are being accomplished by BP, there’s no reason to make a change,” he said, when pressed again.

“It is very difficult. It’s 5,000 feet below the surface, and it’s never been done before,” Allen said.

Some people are probably wondering why not ring up Exxon? They’ve got experience cleaning up oil spills. Well, my colleague who follows such issues points out that the Exxon Valdez spill was vastly different because it was a tanker, and oil was not spewing from 5,000 feet below the water surface.

(For comparison, the Empire State Building in New York is 1,250 feet tall, so that means the oil is gushing from a place that is the length of four Empire State Buildings below the surface.)

People have long memories and do mix up the spills.

“We may lose our pelicans as a result of Exxon — I’m sorry, not Exxon —  BP. I get my feelings on oil companies kind of co-mingled,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in a Senate floor speech castigating oil companies for spending little on safety and cleanup technology.

Photo credit: Reuters/Sean Gardner (ribbon of oil on surface of Gulf of Mexico)


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Bloody stupid people You guys are playing with our environment to much and this kind of carry on one disaster after another just is not good enough.

You must be able to vacum that up using a big hose. Looking at the pictures there is plenty of room around the leaky pip to do so. its unbelievable that you bloody idiots have been left with the worlds environment to nurture and you are destroying it in this way. Especially since the environment is all we have to survive. There are millions of years left in the planet but man kind is seeing to getting rid of it within a very short time.

Why Money and greed there is no other reason NONE.

On that note to all humans whom think they are bigger than life it self. You are going to die just like the rest of us. What you are teaching your children and have been taught by your greedy for fathers and piers is that you need lots of money and the way to do that is to promote consumerism.

Global warming is an issue easily solved. We need less moisture in the sky that means less water. You do that by growing more plants. Yes it is that easy. Do that and one other thing clean our environment of chemicals and petrochemical products. ITS TRULY THAT SIMPLE we can do that with computers work out how much moisture is in the air and how much should be there as a balance. Grow more plants.

i dare scientist and governments to take this approach

i will put every thing i have into helping a project that does just that.

The challenges are to get the controlled media to start talking a different language, as they are controlled by multinational companies.


come on people get real. Im from new zealand and we are still suffering down here from the poisons we made for you to fight the Vietnam war. That was all bull shit to. Your greed is to much. times are changing and you must also.

the only reason plants are not being used in stead of harmful made made chemicals is because you greedy bastards cant control profits from plants the world over.

Im pissed off at your ways.

Posted by kiwidave | Report as abusive

Here you will find one of the best mechanical ways to stop the OIL-SPILL:

auto-007 de

It is a flexible solution, with different ways out.
Changings in this arrangement is possible.
And the ROV:s also like it!
Yesterday I have got a E-Mail from BP. They have my solution and is going to look more at it! Good News!


Posted by Roland84 | Report as abusive

I cannot understand why BP just can’t put a hydraulic clamp around the 18 inch pipe along with a prefab rubber seal collar to either cap or attach new pipeline?????

I know there is a lot of pressure gushing upward but one can create a huge hydraulic clamp probably much less in size than the containment cap already tried and proven still not able to contain because there is no way to keep crystals out again a clamp with an open valve could get around that to be robotically shut once clamped on.

Tell me out there is this possible?

Posted by problemsolver | Report as abusive

Yes it is possible. You see it in my drawings.
Must be exactly like the drawings and the plans. I use a big screw and no hydraulic.

Posted by Roland84 | Report as abusive