Republicans want ideas, but stick to Republican tenets

May 25, 2010

Republicans looking to regain control of Congress say they want to listen to the ideas of Americans to come up with a plan for the country. And so they developed a new web forum to harness those ideas.

But they did make clear that any ideas accepted will have to adhere to basic Republican principles of smaller government and no tax increases. FINANCIAL-BAILOUT/HOUSE-VOTE

So it’s possible that the proposal to legalize marijuana and other drugs and tax them won’t get serious consideration despite the fact that more people gave it a thumbs up than a thumbs down.

Another poster wants to eliminate taxes on people making more than $200,000. That idea didn’t get so many votes, but a number of people like the idea of eliminating the Internal Revenue Service altogether.

And one poster grumped about  the Republican web forum being funded with taxpayer money.

“This project, America Speaking Out, is about trying to enlist the voices and help of the American people so we can begin by listening and turning around the equation in this town to produce an economy and an America that meets with the approval of the American people,” House Republican Whip Eric Cantor explained.

Photo credit: Reuters/Michael Dalder (light bulbs), Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Republican congressmen Eric Cantor (r) and John Boehner (l))


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I voted Republican for over 30-years — but the situation has changed in the 21st century — the best I can tell, the Republican party now stands war, austerity, polution, and commoditization. why would I or anyone else sign up for that deal…?

Let me be clear:

I am not interested in war, austerity, polution, and commoditization…

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When is the next Oswald coming out?

Posted by rglasgow | Report as abusive