Gingrich chides Obama for acting like a teenager with credit card

July 20, 2010

Extending unemployment benefits is this week’s battleground for Democrats versus Republicans. USA/NRA

Democrats look set to push the legislation through the Senate with the help of newcomer Carte Goodwin of West Virginia. They hope to show voters in an election year that they are the party responding to the plight of the unemployed.

Republicans had blocked the measure, demanding cuts elsewhere to pay for the $34 billion price tag and prevent it from adding to the U.S. budget deficit. They want to show voters that they are the party of fiscal restraint.

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich had a dig for President Barack Obama.

“The second biggest concern of the American people after jobs is deficit spending and the fact that this president has been like a teenager with a credit card …  if he serves eight years under current plans he will double the national debt. He’ll borrow more than every previous president combined,” Gingrich said on NBC’s “Today” show.

(Democrats will quickly point out that deficits were on the rise during the former administration of President George W. Bush).

Gingrich, who has been mentioned as a possible candidate in the 2012 presidential election, put the chance of Democrats losing control of both the House and Senate in this November’s midterm elections at “about 50-50.” OBAMA/

“The president’s very shallow politics assuming the American people are dumb enough to follow the latest headline and don’t realize the real problem with unemployment is this is a job killing administration and a job killing Democratic Congress and that’s why those people are unemployed,” Gingrich said.

So there’s the response to Obama, who on Monday accused Republicans of playing election-year politics with the jobless. “It’s time to stop holding workers laid off in this recession hostage to Washington politics,” Obama said.

Which argument is going to win on Nov. 2?

Photo credit: Reuters/Chris Keane (Gringrich speaks at NRA annual meeting May 15), Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama speaks about economy July 19)


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Democrats are not content with fleecing the honest citizens of this country but are now targeting the unborn like never before. How smart. The unborn (that survive pro-choice) can’t protest when politicians buy votes and pay off their friends with their money.

Republicans aren’t blameless but at least they’re making an effort to reign in the spending.

Posted by NilsPils | Report as abusive

Hey NilsPils, where were you from the period 2001-2009 when the GOP was putting $1 trillion of “emergency” war funding on the nation’s credit card? Republicans aren’t blameless? That’s an understatement. As for neutered Newtie, so are you cheating on wife #3 with future wife #4 yet like you did with all the others? Some “family values” guy you are.

Posted by borisjimbo | Report as abusive

Since when have Republicans ever tried to reign in spending? Budgets and deficits have exploded under every Republican administration since Eisenhower. Republicans only want to reign in spending that helps people. Borrowing and spending that enriches big business and the super-rich is fine by them.

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