Obama may want to cover his eyes, poll numbers not good

July 21, 2010

A standard public line for presidents is that they don’t make policy based on opinion polls.

But we’re fairly certain no president likes to see his poll numbers drop. Well, President Barack Obama may want to cover his eyes for this one.

OBAMA/The latest Quinnipiac University National Poll found that Obama’s approval rating has dropped to a net low, with 44 percent saying they approve compared with 48 percent who disapprove of how he’s doing his job.

The poll also says independent voters have turned on him  — which other polls have also found. The survey of more than 2,000 voters found a majority of independents disapproved of Obama, 52 to 38 percent, and by 37 to 27 percent said they would vote for a Republican in the 2012 presidential election.

The kicker in the Quinnipiac poll is that more voters said they would pick an unnamed Republican over Obama in 2012, by 39 percent to 36 percent. If Obama faced Republican Sarah Palin, however, Obama comes out ahead.

In the November elections for the House of Representatives, 43 percent said they would vote for the Republican candidate in their district compared with 38 percent who said they would vote for the Democrat.

Those type of poll numbers are likely to unnerve Democrats already jittery about holding onto their majority in Congress in this year’s election. OIL-SPILL/OBAMA

A higher percentage of voters disapproved than approved of Obama’s handling of key issues: the economy, foreign policy, Gulf of Mexico oil spill, illegal immigration and the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.

“It was a year ago, during the summer of 2009, that America’s love affair with President Barack Obama began to wane,” Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, wrote.

“Today, his support among Democrats remains strong, but the disillusionment among independent voters … is what leads to his weakness overall when voters start thinking about 2012,” he said.

Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Obama speaks at music performance at White House),  Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama walks to Rose Garden to speak about BP oil spill)


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Obama may be polling poorly, but the opposition is polling much worse. Last week’s Washington Post-ABC survey revealed a staggering 73% have little or no confidence in Republicans’ ability to make the right decisions for the country’s future. And by a 42% to 34% margin, the public still trusts Democrats to do a better job handling the economy.

As far as presidents go, a recent Time poll showed Americans not only prefer President Obama over former President Bush by a twenty-point margin, but blame Bush for the economic disaster 61% to 27%. So before writing off Obama as an unpopular president, consider the context of his term.

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I sincerely doubt, and certainly pray that the majority of Americans (remember when there was actually a middle class), are not suffering from a collective case of amnesia!

It would appear the the neo-con members of the mostly wealthy GOP (and their Wall Street friends) are counting on it. Such blatantly dishonest propaganda they are floating is glaring proof positive that they don’t have anything else.

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