Who doesn’t want to be seen with whom?

August 16, 2010

Congress is in recess and lawmakers are gearing up for midterm elections in November.

The Republican National Committee decided to liven up a slow mid-August Monday with a video taking aim at Democrats who might not want to stand too close to President Barack Obama and his sagging approval ratings. 

It was done as a take-off on the Steven Slater exit from his job as flight attendant — showing Democrats in hotly-contested races sliding down an emergency chute from a plane that has Obama on board.

The video was timed to coincide with Obama’s three-day trip criss-crossing the country to attend fundraisers in Wisconsin, California, Washington, Ohio and Florida.

Wisconsin Democrat Senator Russ Feingold, who is in a tight Senate race, greeted Obama at the airport in Milwaukee.  A White House press pool report says that when a reporter asked Feingold whether he was reluctant to stand with Obama, the senator said, “Absolutely none. I’m pleased to stand with this president anytime and anywhere and defend what we’ve done and what we’re doing.”

Real Clear Politics’ average of polls shows Feingold leading by 2 percentage points over Republican Ron Johnson.

Gallup said Obama’s job approval rating hit the lowest weekly average of his administration, dipping to 44 percent for the Aug. 9-15 week.

Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama speaking in Wisconsin)


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Forget about Obama – all they have to do is open their mouths and espouse their socialist agenda and Americans with half a brain will shun them immediately on their own merits! Raise taxes, apologize to the world, give the rest of the world aid while we can’t even pay our bills or provide for our own poor, tax us for breathing out carbon dioxide, tax us for driving a car and give the money to other countries, perpetrate proven lies about global warming and claim they’re not lies, devalue our money by sending the printing presses into OverDrive – without second thought or first thought – and blame Americans for the problems of the world. Yup – you won me over with that “We suck, it’s all our fault, so let’s commit financial suicide and bend over so the rest of the world can screw us at the UN” mentality! I just wish we could split the country into two – half for Democrats and the other half for Republicans so we can watch the Democrats implode on themselves and they wouldn’t take us down with them!

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BQRealityBites, the country is already divided in two.

Your 20%, and the rest of us who live in the real world.

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I love the thinking of both democrats and republicans….i identify as neither and back neither party just candidates that I think are worth my time….republicans are quick to blame all problems on our current president, but we quickly forget the country was headed down this road under our former president a so called “conservative” who enjoyed spending on frivolous wars left and right and turned a surplus under the Clinton administration into a huge deficit…how many times did we have to raise the debt ceiling under Bush’s (yes a republican) administration???? do i agree with everything in the Obama administration??? of course not everyone makes mistakes but at least he is trying to do something instead of sitting back and letting everything crumble….he may not have the right answers and what he may be doing will lead us into ruin but I do not hear any other suggestions besides everyone just saying no to his ideas. A debate is to put up various differing ideas against one another, not just belittle the other and do nothing. And as far as the taxes go, he is not raising taxes, just not renewing the tax cuts given under Bush that put us in a huge deficit. We were paying these amount of taxes under the Clinton administration and guess what….we had a surplus……cut funding for the military cut funding for schools cut funding for state and local police and hey you might not have to pay taxes…..but good luck getting your trash picked up….

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you’re right BQRealityBites, only the ones with half a brain will shun them as “socialist.” All the ones with a full brain are in touch with reality.

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